AquaSource Shower Faucet Temperature Adjustment

Perhaps you recently invested in an AquaSource shower faucet to upgrade from your dated shower faucet with water pressure issues. However, after installing the tap, you climbed in for a nice, toasty shower to rinse off the day’s grime, only to find the water doesn’t get nearly hot enough. 

While the factory preset might be perfect for some folks, it’s likely too low for those who like a nearly scalding shower. Luckily, adjusting this limiter valve is a fairly straightforward process that most homeowners can handle without a hitch. Here’s how to adjust the valve for the perfect water temperature. 

What Is The Limiter Valve On An AquaSource Shower Faucet?

Modern showers come with a limiter valve within the assembly which is designed to prevent the water from getting too hot. Without this mechanism, you might accidentally scald yourself when you hop in the shower, so the valve is simply a safety mechanism. 

The valve is usually preset to stop the shower handle at a certain point, thus preventing the water from getting too hot. However, in some cases, the limiter valve might be set far too low, preventing the water from getting to a comfortably toasty temperature. So, you’ll need to adjust the valve. 

The limiter valve in an AquaSource shower faucet hides in the faucet assembly tucked into the wall. It’s covered by a stop ring, which you’ll find once you remove the handle and escutcheon.

How Do You Adjust The Water Temperature On A Single-Handle Shower?

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Adjusting the water temperature on a single-handle shower faucet is relatively simple. Most of the time, there’s a set screw holding the handle in place. Once you remove the handle screw, you can pull the handle off the assembly, which exposes the escutcheon. After removing the escutcheon, you have a clear view of the assembly. 

Every shower is slightly different, so the process from this point on varies. But, for the most part, it’s as simple as removing the stop ring and adjusting the limiter to meet your preferences. 

If you still have the installation instructions that came with your faucet, you can find the exact instructions for that particular model in the little booklet. These instructions may fluctuate based on the specific model. Generally, you’ll find them close to the end of the booklet. However, since you might not have the instructions on hand, here’s how to adjust the water temperature on an AquaSource shower faucet:

Before you start, gather your materials:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Towel

Cover the shower or bathtub drain with a towel to prevent any loose parts from escaping into the plumbing. 

Remove The Handle And Escutcheon

First, you need to remove the handle and escutcheon so you have access to the assembly within the wall. To remove the handle, unscrew the set screw underneath the handle. Next, simply grasp the base and turn counterclockwise. Once it loosens, pull it straight back to remove it from the escutcheon. 

With the handle out of the way, remove the escutcheon from the wall. Set all pieces aside for later. 

Remove The Inverter And Stop Ring

Once you remove the handle and escutcheon, you’ll see the inside of the faucet. At the end of the protruding piece, you’ll find a screw. Unthread the screw and set it aside. With the screw out of the way, you can remove the inverter by pulling it straight back.

Now, you’ll see the stop ring. This piece is a small circular disk around the base of the inverter. Remove it from the assembly and set it aside. 

Adjust The Temperature

Now, you can adjust the water temperature to your liking. This process might take a few tries, as you might need to make a minor adjustment, reassemble the faucet to test the temperature, and disassemble it to make the necessary changes. 

To adjust the water temperature, slowly turn the cartridge stem. If you want to increase the temperature, rotate the cartridge stem counterclockwise. To decrease the temperature, turn the cartridge stem clockwise. 

Reassemble The Faucet

Once you adjust the faucet as necessary, you can reassemble the faucet. First, reinstall the stop ring and align the engagement position of the teeth. This will prevent the stem from rotating beyond the adjusted point. 

If you want to allow the water temperature to reach its maximum, you can remove the stop ring altogether. This will allow the stem to rotate completely, allowing the maximum amount of hot water to flow. Removing the stop ring will not affect the overall performance of the valve. 

Next, reinstall the inverter by sliding it back into place, then secure it with the screw. Replace the escutcheon, then fit the handle assembly back onto the valve body. Secure the handle with the set screw, but don’t overtighten it, as this could damage the handle and escutcheon. 

Check Your Handiwork

Last but not least, it’s time to check your work. After reassembling the faucet, turn the water on and test the temperature. You might need to make a few minor adjustments to achieve the perfect temperature, which will involve disassembling and reassembling the faucet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Temperature Limiter Valve Affect The Shower’s Water Pressure?

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Many single-handle showers have a mixing valve within the faucet that controls the amount of hot and cold water flowing to the showerhead. When this valve becomes worn out, it can lead to water pressure issues. So, if your water pressure has gradually dropped, you might want to check the mixing valve for signs of wear and tear.

Can You Raise Or Lower The Temperature In A Shower?

Yes, most showers come with a temperature control option in the form of a limiter valve tucked into the shower’s assembly hidden in the wall. Every brand has slightly different technology for temperature adjustments, so some instructions might not work for your particular model. 

If you’re unsure how to adjust your shower temperature, check in the owner’s manual or instructions booklet that came with your faucet. Generally, you can find temperature adjustment instructions specific to your model closer to the back of the booklet.

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