Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet Review

If you’re searching for a premium kitchen faucet for your home or commercial property, the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet is one of the industry’s most popular choices. It might be more expensive than other faucets on the market, but it includes a range of modern features that you won’t find in competing designs.

Moen produces the 7594ESRS model in an Ohio-based kitchen accessory plant with a longstanding reputation in the industry. With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, it’s clear why so many property owners choose these quality products.

Moen offers excellent customer service and long-term warranties, too.

In our review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this unique Moen faucet product. We’ll also explore the advantages, disadvantages, warranty, and other key features.


The Moen Arbor MotionSense Faucet is not just any kitchen accessory—users of this faucet benefit from a hands-free motion sensor and sleek exterior design. The faucet is also straightforward to set up, which means you don’t need any plumbing experience to install it.

You can extend the spray head from the body of the faucet for custom cleaning capabilities. With more than 60 inches of hose at your disposal, it’s simple to clean large dishes and hard-to-reach areas of your sink.

When you’re finished using the spray head, the hose will retract into the body of the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS with no effort on your part.

Homeowners may choose between four popular finishes: matte black, spot resist stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome. Each finish offers aesthetic benefits and excellent protection from spots and stains.

Features & Benefits

Let’s explore the key features included in this Moen Arbor 7594ESRS:

  • Spray and Stream Modes: You can choose between two modes on the spray head–spray and stream. The spray setting provides impressive washing power for stubborn dirt.
  • Extendable Spray Head: Pull the spray head out of the faucet and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the 68-inch hose.
  • Four Finishes: You can access options in matte black, stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome, so there is sure to be a perfect match for every existing kitchen design.
  • Two Motion Sensors: There are two motion sensors affixed to the faucet. One turns the tap on and off when you wave your hand across it. The other sensor is designed to turn on the tap when you place a cup or bowl at the faucet base.
  • Recoil Benefits: You don’t have to worry about your spray head hanging or stretching after you use it. The automatic recoil function ensures it returns to the base of the faucet and lasts for years.


As with any purchase, it’s critical to assess a faucet’s advantages before you make a purchase.

Below, let’s explore the benefits of this Moen 7594ESRS in more detail:

  • Enjoy a germ-free user experience with the MotionSense capabilities included in the faucet.
  • Benefit from a sleek, modern design that can complement modern kitchen designs.
  • Access a movable spray-head that can wash dishes and other kitchen elements from multiple angles.
  • Benefit from reliable water flow rates – this faucet can achieve up to 2.0 GPM.
  • There is a 68-inch hose that allows you to pull the spray head far from the faucet base.
  • You can access a lengthy warranty for both mechanical and electrical components of the faucet (which has been extended for residential purchasers).


While it’s challenging to find undesirable aspects of this faucet, there are a few disadvantages to consider:

  • It is one of the most expensive products on the market, so you need to be certain you can take advantage of its features.
  • It can be a hassle to replace the batteries that power the hands-free motion detector in the faucet, and you need six AAA batteries to power the motion sensor.
  • The motion sensor can be annoying if your children have access to your faucet.

Value & Price

The Moen Arbor MotionSense faucet is undoubtedly on the higher end of the industry’s price scale. If you want to access this premium faucet, you’ll need to have a sizable budget.

The hands-free technology and quality of the product is the primary driving force behind its hefty price tag, however.

While this Moen faucet’s price has decreased slightly since its inception, there haven’t been any notable discounts available to consumers. We expect this model’s price to remain constant for the foreseeable future.


If you’re going to invest a significant amount of money into your home or office faucets, you need to purchase products with an impressive warranty policy.

Moen offers excellent warranty coverage with its MotionSense products. The type of coverage will depend on who you are – original homeowners and purchasers receive more warranty coverage than commercial purchasers, for example.

Original purchasers of this Moen faucet receive a lifetime warranty against drips and leaks. It is only applicable to residential customers.

  • Original commercial purchasers receive a five-year warranty for drips and leaks.

Other product components include a five-year warranty for original residential purchasers and a one-year warranty for initial commercial purchasers.

Moen makes it extremely easy to make a warranty claim on its products, however. You can call the warranty hotline to begin the claims process.

If you’d like more information about the Moen MotionSense faucet warranty, you can find all the details on the company website.

Why You Should Consider Buying This Faucet

It’s easy to see why the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS is an excellent choice for homeowners and commercial property owners who want more from their kitchen accessories.

The hands-free capability of this faucet makes it an attractive option for homeowners, but it’s also an excellent product for commercial use. By using a motion-activated tap in your commercial property, you can provide a clean and hassle-free faucet experience to tenants, staff, or clients. It can drastically reduce germ exposure in high-occupancy properties, too.

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