Delta Allentown Tempsense Not Working

Perhaps you recently purchased the Delta Allentown faucet with the Tempsense feature. Although this product is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, it’s not working as well as it should. Unfortunately, the Tempsense feature tapped out shortly after you started using the unit. While it might not be a significant issue, the feature is fairly handy.

So, now what?

Luckily, the issue might not be as major as you might think. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as fully opening the supply lines. Of course, there are a few scenarios where the fix is more involved, but try these methods before you throw in the towel.

What Is The Tempsense Feature On Delta Faucets?

Delta introduced a handy feature that gives an indication of the water temperature. The technology, known as Tempsense, does this by displaying color on the small display at the base of the faucet.

If the water is lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the display appears blue. The color lightens to magenta when the temperature falls between 80 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then red when the temperature exceeds 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Tempsense feature appears on several of Delta’s kitchen and bathroom faucets. Although it seems like a techy feature, it appears on several basic taps. Of course, this feature appears on several Touch20 and Touch20.xt faucets, too.

Why Isn’t The Tempsense Feature Working On My Delta Faucet?

Delta Allentown Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

When the Tempsense feature on your Delta faucet goes on strike, a few things could be causing it. Here are a few of the most common culprits that cause a malfunctioning Tempsense feature:

Low Water Pressure

According to some reviews that mention Tempsense issues, low water pressure can cause malfunctions with this feature. So, if your Tempsense feature isn’t working and the faucets throughout your home are experiencing low water pressure, verify the water pressure in your home is within range.

If you recently installed the faucet and low water pressure is immediately an issue, try flushing the supply lines. In some cases, there can be debris inside the supply lines (even if they’re new), which can lead to low water pressure. So, turn off the water, drain the pipes by opening the faucet handle, then remove the supply lines. Flush both lines using another faucet or a bucket of water, reinstall them and turn the water back on.

Check for restored water pressure and verify that the Tempsense feature is working correctly.

Water Heater Issues

Many reviews mentioning Tempsense issues discussed the light remaining one color. Some reviews said the light remained blue, regardless of water temperature, while others said theirs was stuck on red or orange.

If yours stays blue, make sure your faucet is actually receiving hot water. In some cases, the issue could present itself as a malfunctioning Tempsense feature, but the problem stems from the water heater. Of course, the issue will be widespread if the culprit is the water heater.

Check the other faucets throughout your home, such as your shower, bathroom, and laundry room faucet. If these faucets aren’t receiving hot water, the problem is likely your water heater. Once you remedy this problem, check the Tempsense feature on your kitchen faucet to ensure it’s working again.

If it’s still on strike, the heater isn’t the problem, so continue with the following methods.

Water Supply Shut-Off

Many faucets in the kitchen and bathroom feature their own shut-off valves. This makes it easy to complete repairs on one tap, as it prevents you from having to turn off the water supply to the whole house. Instead, you can shut off the water at the valve and work on that faucet without affecting the rest of the house.

If you recently installed or repaired the faucet, one of the supply valves may be all or partially closed. While it might seem like a no-brainer, it’s relatively easy to forget to open both supply valves (or leave them partially closed).

Delta Allentown Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

So, if you recently completed a repair (or shut off the water for another reason), verify both supply valves are fully open. If the hot water valve is only partially open, it might lead to your Tempsense feature turning magenta/orange instead of red, as the water might not get hot enough to turn the display red.

On the other hand, if the cold water side is partially closed, it might prevent the display from turning blue since the water isn’t getting cold enough. So, check both of the shut-off valves to ensure they’re both fully open.

If one is partially closed, open it fully and check the Tempsense feature for proper function.

Power Issues

Although the Tempsense feature doesn’t require batteries or outlets to display the correct color, this isn’t true for all Delta faucets. If you have a Delta Touch20 or Touch20.xt faucet, the problems could stem from power issues.

However, if this is the case, the faucet will likely exhibit several other symptoms, like a malfunctioning sensor, intermittent function, or no sensor function at all. If your faucet has these issues in addition to the Tempsense malfunction, it could stem from power issues.

So, verify the system has power. Ensure the batteries are fresh – if it’s been a while since you changed them, refresh them with a new set of batteries. Ensure the connections are tight in their connection points and the wires aren’t crossed. If your faucet plugs into an outlet, ensure the breaker isn’t tripped.

Defective Parts

Unfortunately, the problem may fall to defective parts in the faucet or a faulty faucet altogether. In our research, we saw multiple complaints of broken Tempsense features, so it seems to be a common issue. However, on each complaint, Delta’s customer service team replied with a number to contact for assistance.

So, if nothing works for remedying the problem, it might be time to contact Delta for assistance. You can reach the company via phone, email, social media, or online chat. When you contact the customer service team, be sure to include your issue, model number, and proof of purchase if you have it.

Does Delta’s Warranty Cover Tempsense Repairs?

Although Delta’s warranty excludes electronic parts from its limited lifetime warranty, these components still receive a 5-year warranty. Of course, this feature isn’t technically an electronic part (except on Touch20/.xt faucets), so it should fall under the primary umbrella.

Since the company warrants all parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship, the Tempsense feature should be protected under warranty. Of course, each case is different, so the solution Delta offers may vary from one scenario to the next.

To open a warranty claim, you’ll need to supply the model number of your faucet and proof of purchase (original sales receipt). You can send the warranty claim via mail, email, or phone.

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