Is Mirabelle A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

When it comes to luxury kitchen and bath fixtures, Mirabelle gets it right. The brand is dedicated to creating sophisticated and stylish fixtures, including kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Mirabelle is sold by Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. – the largest plumbing wholesaler in North America and the main distributor of fixtures such as bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Mirabelle’s commitment to home comfort is what makes them a brand you can trust to revamp your living areas.

Best Places To Buy Mirabelle Kitchen and Bath Products

Mirabelle Faucets

Mirabelle’s collection of kitchen faucets varies in style, materials, and design, but all faucets are very high quality.

Mirabelle’s main features include:

  • Pull-out faucet: Most of Mirabelle’s faucets come with a pull-out spray feature to maximize ease-of-use. These models are available in multiple material options: stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel. All their pull-out faucet models have one handle.  The models that offer the pull-out spray feature range from old to new in style to fit any interior or personal taste – residential or commercial: ‘contemporary’, ‘industrial’, ‘traditional’ and ‘farmhouse modern’. All styles have the distinctive high arcs.
  • Bar faucet: Bar faucets are typically smaller in size – and modern in style – and are ideal for small jobs like washing vegetables. Because of their size, you can install one separate to the main sink, away from the dirty dishes – perhaps on the kitchen island – and this adds a sense of luxury and practicality to the kitchen. They give off a small and steady stream, so are ideal for installing a cold water dispenser.

Value and Price

Mirabelle’s kitchen bar faucets range in price from $300 to $400, depending on material and size, and the pull-out faucets range from $300 to $800 – again, dependent on style, material, and shape.  Which is comparable with other highly rated products.

Mirabelle Warranty

Mirabelle offers a lifetime warranty on its kitchen faucets, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. However, this warranty only covers the original consumer purchaser and if the faucet has remained in its original residential installation.

The warranty is not liable to cover fixtures that have been damaged or improperly cared for. As long as the faucet in question is kept in good condition, has not been moved and is still owned by the original purchaser, it is covered for life.

Pros of Mirabelle Faucets

Mirabelle’s credibility and reputation has risen dramatically over recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The main pros of investing in a brand like Mirabelle are as follows:

  • Sold by a trusted national retailer: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. is a well-known and trusted distributor of bath and kitchen products, so the fact they sell Mirabelle should be reassuring to potential customers.
  • ADA Compliant: Mirabelle’s faucets are suitable for users with a disability or limited mobility.

Are Mirabelle Faucets for you?

Mirabelle excels in all areas, from their commitment to innovation and luxury design to their glowing reviews and excellent customer service reputation.

If you’re looking to install a faucet that will revolutionize your kitchen and transform its look, you should consider Mirabelle.

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