Is Vigo a Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Vigo Industries’ mission statement is ‘to enhance living by providing the most creative products and customer experience’ – which they accomplish with style. They aim to bring modern sophistication to all customers and market themselves as being industry leaders with that little something extra.

Vigo’s website design is entirely black and white and features playful greyscale portraits of people enjoying their products; portraying tradition and superior quality while also being modern and fun.

Vigo faucets continue the monochrome theme: you won’t find gold or bronze taps here. They present their products in matte black and silver chrome, sometimes combining both for a truly unique addition to your home.

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Best Vigo Faucets

Best Vigo Sinks

VIGO Concreto Stone Over the Counter Freestanding Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink in Gray
VIGO Concreto Stone Over the Counter Freestanding Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink in Gray
EASY TO INSTALL: simple instructions are included to assist in seamless DIY installation; QUICK DRAIN TM: sink is handcrafted for fast, seamless, and complete water drainage
VIGO Golden 22.25 inch L x 14.5 inch W Over the Counter Freestanding Glass Rectangular Vessel...
VIGO Golden 22.25 inch L x 14.5 inch W Over the Counter Freestanding Glass Rectangular Vessel...
SOLID TEMPERED GLASS: Safe and durable, glass resists dangerous breakage and shards; SILENT DROP TM: solid core construction mutes sound for a quieter bathroom experience

Vigo Style

Vigo faucets have been designed to cater to the most specific of tastes. Looking for a Vigo stainless steel 1-handle pull-out kitchen faucet? For these requirements, they have 9 products for you to choose from; in their Alexander, Branson, and Avondale collections, which are all very different but equally beautiful.

As we said, Vigo’s trademark theme is silver and black. Their style stands out from all other brands for their unique two-tone color combinations. We love the Vigo Branson silver tap with matte black accents, or the Edison pull-down commercial-style maneuverable faucet in stunning midnight black with silver spring coils.

For distinctive kitchen fixtures that you won’t find anywhere else, Vigo is the brand you’ve been looking for.

Pull-Out or Pull-Down – What’s the Difference?

  • Pull-Out: these faucets are generally more compact (like the ones normally seen in your average kitchen or bathroom). When you pull out their hoses, they extend much further than pull-down models and move in any direction; so are more flexible than their pull-down counterparts. You can usually extend the hose length beyond the sink. For a Vigo pullout spray kitchen faucet, look for their Avondale and Alexander styles.
  • Pull-Down: this kind is usually bigger (e.g., commercial-kitchen style heavy-duty taps with springs and lots of levers). They ‘pull-down’ because the hose can be extended downwards but generally not very far. This helps you concentrate the water flow in the place it’s most needed. The hose stays within the sink area. Vigo supplies over 10 styles of pull-down for customers to choose from.

Why Choose Vigo Faucets?

We hope our Vigo faucets reviews have helped you to decide on a stunning new faucet and centerpiece for your kitchen!

We recommend Vigo faucets because they stand out from the crowd with striking color schemes – this is a brand which is one step ahead of design trends as well as fulfilling heavy-duty functionality, as shown by their focus on pull-down commercial-style faucets. Vigo faucets usually include:

  • Matching soap dispensers
  • 360-degree swiveling spouts
  • Premium corrosion-resistant finish
  • Easy-to-clean limescale-repellant spouts
  • Aerated stream option

There is a function available to suit any family, and a style to satisfy the unique tastes.

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