Is Miseno A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Miseno is a lesser-known faucet brand, so if you come across it in your search for the perfect fixture, you might not know much about it. Since faucets aren’t particularly cheap and often come with a price tag of over $100, most folks want a bit of a backstory on the product. Is it a good brand? Where is it made? What do other customers have to say?

While these are all essential questions, looking each one up individually might send you on a wild goose chase through various sites on the internet. So, to simplify your search, we gathered the geese in one central location (you’re welcome!). If you’re interested in a Miseno faucet and want to learn more, you’re in the right place!

About Miseno

Most folks are familiar with big names in the plumbing industry, like Kraus, Kohler, Moen, and Delta. However, these four brands only make up a few of the many brands producing products within this industry. Miseno is one of the lesser-known brands offering its products through various websites and stores.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s start with a little about the company. Miseno offers a range of products for kitchens and bathrooms, including faucets. The company is a subsidiary of Ferguson Enterprises, a substantial company that owns other brands like Mirabelle and ProFlo.

You’ll see Miseno faucets (and other faucets from its sister brands) available from and other Ferguson-owned sites, like The web of faucet brands and faucet sites operates under the same parent company.

What Does Miseno Offer?

Faucets aren’t the only product in Miseno’s lineup. The company covers a wide range of products, including kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, hardware, lighting, flooring, tile, and ventilation.

Each category includes various products. For example, Miseno offers cabinet, door, and barn door hardware to add finishing touches throughout your home. The flooring and tile category includes various products, such as mosaic tiles, hardwood flooring, and underlayment. The ventilation category includes range hoods, bathroom fans, and island-style hoods.

Where Are Miseno Faucets Manufactured?

Miseno MNO281SS Miseno MK281A Professional Series Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet with Multi-Flow Spray Head - Includes Optional Deck Plate

Like most faucet brands today, Miseno doesn’t manufacture its products within the United States. Instead, the company manufactures its faucets (and other products) in China, Taiwan, and Israel. Once the company imports the products, customers can purchase them from various websites and stores.

Where Can You Buy Miseno Faucets?

Although Miseno faucets are primarily available on, these products are also available at various stores and online sites. In our research, we found listings for Miseno faucets on multiple online sites, including Lowe’s,, Walmart, and

You may be able to find stock in-store at Lowe’s and Walmart, although offerings may be limited compared to online availability.

Are Miseno Faucets Good?

Miseno faucets are solid quality products at an affordable price. Many of the designs in Miseno’s faucet lineup are available from other brands, although they often come with steeper prices.

For the most part, customer reviews on Miseno’s faucets are positive. Most products have a 4 out of 5-star review or higher, although there are a few exceptions. Customers who have purchased various models mention sturdiness, beautiful designs, and usability.

Some of the negative reviews mention some hiccups with craftsmanship, although these customers updated their reviews, saying the company offered a replacement product. Any complaints about the products are addressed by the Miseno Customer Satisfaction team, which reflects well on the company’s services.

Although these faucets aren’t the most inexpensive options on the market, they have widely positive reviews, so you get what you pay for.

Do Miseno Faucets Have A Good Warranty?

Miseno MNO191LCG Miseno MK191 Mia Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Multi-Flow Spray Head - Includes Optional Deck Plate

Like many industry leaders, Miseno offers a solid warranty on its products. The company warrants its products to be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship under normal use.

For faucets, this warranty extends with limited lifetime coverage. However, the warranty coverage is solely applicable to residential faucet installations. Any commercial or business installations receive a different warranty, usually shorter than the residential warranty due to heavier use.

If you purchase a faucet that matches these stipulations, the company will repair or replace the defective product at its option.

The warranty excludes labor expenses associated with repairing or replacing defective products, so if you need to hire a professional to handle this aspect, you will have to foot the bill. In addition, the warranty doesn’t cover “misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of God, or improper installation.”

Note: The warranty may vary from one product to the next, so be sure to pay attention to the warranty information before you buy a product. If you’re shopping on, you can find the warranty information under the “Additional Miseno Links” section. Alternatively, check the sidebar for extra warranty and product information.

Popular Miseno Faucets

Miseno faucets are a solid choice for any kitchen or bathroom. They come in multiple finishes and a range of styles and feature sturdy components, making them suitable for even the busiest households. Some faucets feature high, elegant spouts with an impressive silhouette and pull-down sprayers, while others pack technology features into a compact design for smaller spaces.

So, if you’re sold on a Miseno faucet but aren’t sure which one to choose, consider the following models. These models have solid customer reviews.

Kitchen Faucets

If you’re searching for a beautiful kitchen faucet, whether you need a bar faucet or a main kitchen sink faucet, here are a few highly-rated models to consider:

  • Miseno Mk381pb Donya 1.8 GPM Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Miseno Bar And Prep Faucet
  • Miseno Mk281a Professional Series Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

Bathroom Faucets

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to complete your bathroom’s flow, here are a few models with excellent customer reviews:

  • Miseno ML1343 Mia Widespread Bathroom Faucet
  • Miseno MI361 Contemporary Widespread Bathroom Faucet
  • Miseno MI531 Remi 1.2/2.2 GPM Single Hole Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

So, Are They Worth It?

With the above information in mind, we think Miseno faucets are a solid pick. While they might not be the most budget-friendly option or the brand with the most authority in the space, Miseno offers a solid lineup of kitchen and bathroom products. Paired with the positive reviews from dozens of customers, Miseno products seem to be a worthy choice for many homeowners.

However, the choice is yours (it’s your home!). So, if you’re looking for the best warranties or luxury products, Miseno might not be the best choice. But if you’re looking for a decent, reasonably-priced faucet with a beautiful design, these products might be the perfect fit. It’s up to you!

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