Is Casainc A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

With well over a dozen faucet brands to choose from, picking a new faucet can be overwhelming. As you sift through your options, you might come across brands you’re less familiar with (or entirely unfamiliar with), like Casainc.

But maybe you found a Casainc faucet design that you love, so you decide to do a bit of research to familiarize yourself with the brand.

Key Points:

  • Casainc is an international home improvement and decor platform that sells a variety of plumbing fixtures and furniture pieces.
  • The brand’s faucets are widely available online as well as in some local stores.
  • Although it’s not clear who manufactures the faucets, they offer good quality design, reasonable pricing, technology features, warranties, and good reviews from customers.

Sounds about right? You’re in the right place.

This article reviews Casainc faucets, including who makes them, where they’re made, and if they’re a good fit, so continue reading to learn more!

About Casainc

Casainc Logo

Best known for its furniture lineup, Casinac is a familiar international home improvement and decor platform. The brand offers its wares to millions of consumers worldwide, including those in the U.S. and Canada. Casainc boasts its commitment to using high-quality materials to create beautiful, modern designs across several product lines, including plumbing fixtures.

Casainc Product Lineup

Like many faucet brands, Casainc offers a wide range of products beyond its faucets. In addition to its kitchen faucets, the company sells various kitchen sinks and appliances. Aside from its bathroom faucets, Casainc offers multiple accessories, vanities, and fixtures.

On top of its plumbing products, Casainc also offers home decor, including desks, chairs, couches, bookcases, and tables, and patio furniture, including heating, cooking, lounge, umbrellas, power equipment, and gardening tools.

Where Can You Buy Casainc Faucets?

Casainc has its own website where customers can browse for and purchase its wares. However, in addition to its website, customers can find Casainc products on sites like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Lowe’s, and Overstock.

Casainc’s products might be available in-store at local locations, but it hinges on the product you want and your local store.

Here are some bestsellers on Amazon:

Who Makes Casainc Faucets?

Unfortunately, Casainc isn’t transparent about the manufacturer of its faucets. It’s unlikely the products are made in the U.S., as the brand labels itself as an international online home improvement and decor platform.

The company probably outsources the manufacturing process to an overseas company, as this is fairly standard for many faucet brands offering products on the market today. Sometimes, the companies have contracted manufacturing facilities in countries such as Indonesia, China, and Taiwan that produce their products.

Once the products arrive in the U.S., the company ships them across the country to various distributors for sale.

Alternatively, some faucet brands proudly boast that they assemble their products domestically. However, in many cases, the brand still outsources manufacturing to other countries and simply assembles the prepared products in the U.S.

In other cases, faucet brands purchase pre-made faucets from various overseas manufacturing facilities. Some of these faucets already boast a brand name, but once the imported products arrive, the brand rebrands the products as its own for sale.

It’s tricky to say which option Casainc uses, but it’s likely that the company has one or more facilities overseas producing its products.

Where Are Casainc Faucets Made?

As mentioned, many faucet brands outsource the manufacturing process to manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Since Casainc isn’t transparent about where it sources its products and who makes them, we can only assume it follows standard practices in the industry and sources its products from manufacturers overseas.

Are Casainc Faucets Any Good?

CASAINC Shower Faucet Set with Handheld Shower Head, Mordern Bathtub Faucet Set Shower Valve Kit High Flow Rate Wide Waterfall Spout, CUPC Certified (Matte Black)

Before you purchase a Casainc faucet, you might wonder whether the brand is known for good products. To answer this question and help you decide, we divided our input into several sections: quality, design, pricing, technology, warranties, customer reviews, and customer service.


Without testing the faucets ourselves, it’s tricky to confirm or deny the quality of these faucets. However, as we sifted through customer reviews, many happy customers reported satisfaction with the overall quality of the product.

Product descriptions on Casainc’s faucets didn’t report the base material, so it’s tough to gauge the quality and durability. Most higher-quality faucets feature a durable base material, usually brass, although it depends on the manufacturer.

However, some product descriptions mention using Wanhai ceramic valve cores, which are made by the world’s largest global manufacturer of ceramic cartridges.


Casainc doesn’t disappoint in the design category. The brand’s lineup is packed with sleek, modern designs, complete with features like touch-on, touchless, and pull-down spouts for ultimate usability and convenience.

The brand is up-to-date on design trends, with several of its faucets boasting high-arc spouts, single-hole installations, spring-spout silhouettes, and pull-down spray head designs. In addition, there are a few models that emanate more traditional staples, such as the bridge faucets with gently curved spouts.

Casainc faucets and fittings are available in various metal finishes, including matte black, brushed nickel, brushed gold, white, and oil-rubbed bronze, so there’s something to meet almost any aesthetic preference.


Compared to many industry-leading brands, like Moen, Kohler, and Delta, Casainc’s faucet pricing is approachable. Most of its kitchen faucets cost less than $200, although a few models tip the scales over the 200-dollar mark.

Many of Casainc’s bathroom faucets are around $150, although several models climb to $200 or higher. The prices are pretty typical for a mid-range brand, so they’re reasonable for the design and apparent quality.


We found a few touch and touchless models as we sifted through Casainc’s faucet lineup. The company uses infrared induction and sensors to facilitate the touch and touchless features, making it convenient to easily activate and deactivate the water flow.

However, we didn’t see any voice-activated faucets, which is a fancy newer offering from industry-leading brands like Moen and Delta. That said, Casainc faucets might be the perfect choice for customers seeking a classy touch or touchless kitchen faucet.


CASAINC Kitchen Sink Faucet Brushed Gold, 2-Mode Sprayer 1.8 gpm Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet with Detachable Towel Rack, Lead-Free Copper Touch Kitchen Kitchen Faucet for Kitchen Sink

When it comes to the warranty on Casinac faucets, the brand falls short. Most brands, especially industry leaders like Kohler and Moen, offer lengthy warranties, some as long as a lifetime. However, if you purchase a Casinac faucet, the warranty ranges from three months to a year.

Compared to the lifetime warranty standard on many of the industry’s top brands, Casainc’s faucet warranty is disappointing. However, the company states it will cover any cost that occurs due to item quality issues, so customers can take advantage of this if a problem arises.

Customer Reviews

Casainc’s faucets boast mixed reviews, with some receiving incredibly positive feedback and others with not-so-satisfied feedback. Dissatisfied reviewers report issues with leaky hoses, customer service, and damage upon arrival.

Positive reviews applaud the affordable pricing, beautiful designs, and overall quality. Since customer feedback varies drastically based on the product in question, we recommend reviewing customer reviews on the product you’re interested in before purchasing it.

Customer Service

As we sifted through customer reviews, we found a few reporting feedback on Casainc’s customer service. One reviewer mentioned issues with the customer service team’s response times, expressing frustration regarding the brand’s slow turnaround times.

We noticed the company’s customer service team responded to nearly every negative review, offering a solution and contact information for more assistance. This is fairly standard for many brands, as most brands have an in-house customer service team that handles complaints like these.

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