Are All Moen Shower Cartridges The Same?

Moen is a household name known for its kitchen and bathroom products. The company is an industry leader in innovation and design, as they create functional, user-friendly, and beautiful fixtures for your home. If you’re considering a Moen bathroom product, you’re probably already familiar with this company’s excellence in temperature and pressure control. 

However, once you buy the showerhead, you’ll need to figure out the plumbing side of things, which includes purchasing the correct Moen cartridge to match your setup. Since Moen offers a few variations of shower cartridges and valves, this part of the process can be tricky. Here’s what you’ll need to know. 

How Many Shower Cartridges Does Moen Make?

Not all Moen shower cartridges and valves are the same, so you need to ensure you buy the right one for your shower setup. Moen manufactures a few different valves under specific names, which we discuss later in this article. As far as shower valve cartridges go, Moen offers four options:

  • 1200 
  • 1222
  • 1225
  • 1255

These cartridges allow you to regulate water flow from your faucet. For example, the Moen 1225 cartridge gives you control over the volume of water coming out of your showerhead or tub spout. 

Do All Moen Showers Use The Same Valve?

Moen uses a few different valves in its showers, so its products are usually compatible with one of these three valves. Moen has three main options: Standard, Posi-Temp, and Moentrol. These valves are similar in appearance yet aren’t necessarily interchangeable. 

So, if you purchase one particular valve with appropriate trim, make sure upgrades in the future are compatible with the valve you have. You can retrofit certain Moen valves to fit the other, but this isn’t true for all. For example, you can retrofit specific round Moentrol trim to standard valves.

How Do I Know Which Moen Shower Cartridge I Need?

Although the process of determining the correct shower cartridge for your new setup can seem daunting, it’s not as tricky as you might think. There are a few quick and easy ways to determine the proper cartridge for your shower, including the following methods.

Check The Paperwork

Perhaps you just bought the new shower faucet to seal the deal on your bathroom remodel. However, when it comes time to install the showerhead, you discover you need a cartridge and don’t know which one you need. 

If you still have the paperwork for the faucet, simply look through the pages to find the recommended cartridge for that particular faucet. However, if you already threw away the packaging (we get it), this option won’t work. So, move on to the next option. 

Look Online

If the packaging has long since been thrown away, you can always look up the model online. As long as you know what type of shower faucet you have, you can look up the correct cartridge for that model online. 

Use The Serial Number

Sometimes, the exact name of the model might elude your memory. So, looking up the model by name isn’t an option if that’s the case. However, you can use the serial number on the product to find the correct cartridge valve. 

On the bottom of your shower faucet, you’ll find a serial number stamped into the product. If you can’t find this number, check on the decorative escutcheon ring included with the faucet. Using the serial number, look up the details of your model online to see which cartridge works best for your faucet. 

How To Replace A Moen Shower Cartridge

While you can always hire a professional to replace your old shower cartridge, it can get expensive quickly. So, you might decide to tackle the project by yourself. It’s a doable process, but it’ll take time and a few specialized tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Scraper
  • Moen extractor tool (specialized cartridge puller)
  • Replacement cartridge
  • Caulk 
  • Soft cloth
  • Towel 

First, turn off the water to your shower. In some cases, there might be a control panel in a nearby closet that controls water to your bathroom. If not, you might need to turn off the water to your entire home. 

Once the water is off, cover the drain with a towel to prevent any loose parts from disappearing into the plumbing. Next, use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the handle screw and remove it entirely. Set it aside for later. 

With the handle out of the way, begin cleaning the caulk from the shower wall. Use a scraper to gently lift the old caulk from the shower, ensuring you take care not to damage the finish. Clean off the caulk and the spacer sleeve (as needed). 

Next, gently remove the retaining clip and set it aside. Be sure you keep all of these parts in one spot, as you’ll need them later for the reassembly process. With the retaining clip off, you can remove the cartridge. 

For this part of the process, you’ll need Moen’s extractor tool, which is essentially a specialized cartridge puller. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from Moen’s website (costs around $30 plus shipping). Remove the cartridge with the tool and set it aside.

Replace the old cartridge with the new one, using the retaining clip to secure it. Generally, these cartridges have instructions that come with them, so pay attention to them as you install the replacement.

Now, you can reinstall your shower faucet handle by retracing your steps. Secure the handle into place with the handle screw, ensuring you don’t overtighten it. Lastly, seal the shower faucet with a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the trim (as necessary).

Let the caulk dry completely before using your shower.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does It Cost For Professional Shower Cartridge Replacement?

Replacing a shower cartridge is a doable task for many homeowners, but it can take a while and make quite the mess in your bathroom. So, if you’re not thrilled about the task, consider hiring a licensed plumber to handle the replacement for you. 

Generally, labor costs for a project of this size cost between $100 and $250. A plumber can complete the task much quicker than most folks, but there are parts of the process you can’t rush. The parts usually cost anywhere from  $50 to $100, but these may fluctuate based on what is necessary to complete the job. 

All in all, you can expect to pay around $150 on the low end and $350 on the expensive end for professional shower cartridge replacement. 

Do Moen Shower Cartridges Have A Warranty?

Most of Moen’s products purchased for a residential setting come with a limited lifetime warranty. These warranties usually exclude damage due to misuse or improper installations, but they generally cover products with defects in manufacturing workmanship or material during the coverage duration. 

So, if your Moen shower cartridge isn’t working due to a reason covered by the warranty and the product is still within the warranty coverage period, reach out to Moen’s customer support for assistance.Are All Moen Shower Cartridges The Same?

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