Eco-friendly Cooking: 5 Tips For An Efficient Kitchen Makeover


According to the US Department of Energy, the kitchen accounts for roughly 15% of the average American household’s energy consumption. The fridge, food prep and cooking, and dishwashing all require power. And as the cost of utilities rises ever higher, it becomes more crucial than ever to be energy efficient.  But don’t assume that having … Read more

What is the Kitchen Sink’s Standard Height?

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Most standard kitchen sinks heights are 36 inches above the floor. However, these measurements can vary from around 32 inches to 36 inches based on the setting and homeowner preferences. For the most part, countertops rest approximately 36 inches above the floor. The sink’s rim rests on top of the countertop (or is in line … Read more

What Is The Thing Next To The Kitchen Faucet?

Kitchen Sink

Next to your faucet, there’s a small, cylindrical metal tube. It doesn’t have any apparent use, nor does it make noise, spurt water, or anything of the sort. So, what is it? What does it do? Does it even have a purpose? That random little metal tube is an air gap for your dishwasher. It … Read more

Do You Need Tiles Behind A Kitchen Sink?

Modern Kitchen and Backsplash

When renovating or designing a kitchen, many homeowners wonder if it’s necessary to place tiles behind the kitchen sink. This area, known as the backsplash, is an important element to consider in your kitchen design. It serves a practical purpose, protecting the walls from water and food splatters while also adding an aesthetic appeal to … Read more

Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet Battery Replacement: Simple Tips

Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet

Modern technology has merged with kitchen faucets, thus creating touchless faucets. They are convenient to use, simply requiring motion in front of the sensor to trigger the water flow. They make everything from rinsing dirty hands to scrubbing grimy dishes much easier. If your touchless faucet needs a battery replacement to continue doing its job, … Read more

How Does A Touchless Faucet Work?

Touchless Faucet

In recent years, touchless faucets have gained popularity, providing a modern and practical solution to traditional faucet designs As technology progresses, these innovative faucets are becoming synonymous with sustainability and convenience in homes and public spaces alike. Quick Answer: A touchless faucet operates using sensors, typically infrared, that detect motion. When hands are placed near … Read more

Polished Chrome vs. Polished Nickel: What’s the Difference?

Polished Chrome Faucet

Polished chrome and polished nickel – they’re the same, right? After all, they’re both polished finishes, so how different can they be? In actuality, these two finishes are strikingly different, despite the common brass base hiding beneath the finish. While both feature a glossy surface, polished chrome oozes cool, bluish undertones, whereas polished nickel emanates … Read more

Overmount vs. Undermount Sink: What’s the Difference?

Undermount Sink

As you construct plans to revamp your kitchen or bathroom, the sink mount type might not even be a thought in the planning process. However, this factor plays a vital role in the aesthetics and functionality of the space, so it’s a critical consideration. While you have a handful of options, most homeowners turn to … Read more

Polished Nickel vs. Brushed Nickel: What is the Difference?

Nickel Kitchen Faucet

There can’t be that much of a difference between polished nickel and brushed nickel, right? After all, they’re both made with nickel, so how different can they actually be? Surprisingly enough, polished nickel is starkly different from brushed nickel. While polished nickel features a beautiful, glossy shine, brushed nickel boasts a subtle, semi-satin finish with … Read more

Apron vs. Farmhouse Sink: What Is The Difference?

Farmhouse Sink

If you enjoy flipping through home and garden or home improvement magazines, you’ve probably seen apron and farmhouse sinks. These sinks have stolen the spotlight in recent years, becoming all the rage in modern kitchens and traditional-styled kitchens alike. But what is the difference between the two? Why can a farmhouse sink be an apron … Read more

What Is The Difference Between An InSinkErator And A Garbage Disposal?

insinkerator logo

In many modern kitchens, garbage disposals are a staple. You’ll see them in countless homes throughout the nation, acting as the powerhouse of the kitchen and effortlessly disposing of food scraps you generate from daily life. Quick Answer: InSinkErator is a brand of garbage disposal systems, while garbage disposal refers to the general appliance category. … Read more

What Is A Faucet Deck Plate?

Kitchen Faucet

A faucet deck plate, also known as an escutcheon, is a crucial component of many kitchen and bathroom sink setups. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, making it an essential part of a well-designed sink area. Quick Answer: A faucet deck plate, or escutcheon, is a decorative component used to cover unused holes in … Read more

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is an important space for keeping your family nourished. But it is also a sensitive space because it needs to be kept free from viruses, bacteria, and dangerous contaminants. Thus, a clogged sink is not only a nuisance. Because standing water can quickly become stale and … Read more

How to Hook Up a Portable Dishwasher to Pull Out a Faucet

Pull Out Faucet

A portable dishwasher can be a lifesaver for those with limited kitchen space or without the luxury of a built-in dishwasher. However, connecting it to a pull-out faucet might seem like a daunting task. Fret not, this article aims to guide you through the process in a simple and easy-to-follow style. Quick Steps: Remember to … Read more

How to Remove Smell from Kitchen Sink: Simple Hacks!

Kitchen Sink with Lemon and Spray Bottle

A lingering smell in your kitchen sink can become quite a nuisance. Foul odors often arise from food particles and other debris that build up in the drains. Let’s explore a few simple solutions to get rid of the stink! To help remove odor-causing residue from your sink, you’ll want to begin by identifying the … Read more

How to Bypass or Disable Touch Feature on a Kitchen Faucet

How To Bypass Or Disable Touch Feature On A Kitchen Faucet

Technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the convenience of modern technology has merged with kitchen fixtures, such as faucets. Many top brands develop kitchen faucets with a touch feature to make the process of accessing water flow much easier. While faucets with bells and whistles are excellent in some situations, they … Read more

Water Coming Back Up Kitchen Sink? Try This!

What to Do if Water Keeps Coming Back Up The Kitchen Sink

Have you ever had water unexpectedly come back up your kitchen sink? It’s a frustrating and potentially alarming situation. This common plumbing issue can result from various causes, and understanding them is crucial for preventing further problems and effectively addressing the issue at hand. Quick Answer: Water backing up in your kitchen sink is often … Read more

Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink: Which Is Better For You?

Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen with a beautiful and functional sink? Two popular styles to consider are the apron sink and the farmhouse sink. Both have unique features that can become the focal point of your kitchen while serving practical purposes. Apron sinks, also known as front apron sinks, typically have a broad … Read more