Are Pegasus Faucets Any Good? Read Our Comprehensive Review

The Pegasus brand operates under Home Depot, the massive home improvement chain with thousands of locations scattered nationwide. Unfortunately, the brand has nearly disappeared from the company’s website in recent years, fading into the past like it never existed.

But were these faucets any good? Let’s find out.

About Pegasus

Pegasus is one of Home Depot’s in-house brands, alongside well-known budget plumbing brand Glacier Bay. This brand is considered one of Home Depot’s luxury brands, so products within its lineup are priced accordingly.

However, it appears the Pegasus lineup is on its way out. While faucets under this brand name used to be widely available, they’re no longer readily available online or in many in-store locations. A select range of products under the Pegasus umbrella still remain, but for the most part, the brand is a thing of the past.

Product Lineup

The Pegasus lineup is rapidly disappearing, ebbing into the past product by product. The lineup used to include all sorts of plumbing products, from tub fillers and showerheads to bathroom faucets and vanities.

However, at the time of writing, a quick search on Home Depot’s website for a Pegasus faucet turns up no results. A handful of vanities and plumbing products, including pop-up drains, are still available, but the company appears to be cycling this brand out.

Where Can You Buy Pegasus Faucets?

Since Pegasus faucets are no longer widely available through Home Depot, finding them is trickier. You can find a select few models on sites that list second-hand products, including eBay and Amazon. However, finding the full lineup is quite a hassle, as Home Depot has phased this brand out.

Where Are Pegasus Faucets Made?

Once upon a time, Pegasus faucets originated in Italy. At this point, these faucets were widely available and reined as Home Depot’s luxury faucet brand. However, in the years that followed, the manufacturing location sailed away from Italy, docking in countries with lower labor costs.

The exact origin of these faucets varied drastically based on the model and period in which you bought them. Home Depot is known to source its taps from various countries, including China, Taiwan, and Turkey, so it’s possible that your Pegasus faucet may have come from any of these locations.

This practice is widely accepted in the industry, as many brands have turned to overseas manufacturing facilities to produce their product lineup. Labor costs tend to be considerably cheaper overseas, hence the switch.

Who Makes Pegasus Faucets?

The maker of Pegasus faucets, like the origin, varies based on the time and model. In the early days, when these faucets were made in Italy, Paini made them. However, in the following years, Home Depot sourced its taps from a collection of manufacturers throughout China, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Because of this, it’s tricky to say which manufacturer in Home Depot’s lineup actually made each Pegasus faucet. However, it’s likely these faucets eventually became part of the mass-produced faucet industry, providing nothing unique and mimicking popular design trends.

Some brands offering faucets today don’t have anything to do with the design phases. Instead, they simply pluck faucets from the manufacturer’s catalog and rebrand them for sale. It’s possible these faucets were nothing more than the mass-produced models widely available, but it’s tricky to say, as they have all but disappeared from the market.

Are Pegasus Faucets Any Good?

Although Pegasus faucets are no longer available directly from parent company Home Depot, you can find a few for sale through sites like Amazon and eBay. So, are they any good? Let’s take a look.


Evaluating the quality of a faucet without hands-on testing is tricky. We usually consult the product listing and sift through customer reviews to determine whether a faucet is built with quality materials.

However, since the brand has nearly disappeared from Home Depot’s site and taken the reviews with it, we are unable to evaluate the quality of these faucets thoroughly.


From the limited array of faucets listed online, we can surmise that Pegasus was in-line with modern design trends in its heyday. Several listings feature sleek silhouettes, including the highly-popular high-arc kitchen faucet with a pull-down spout.

Some of its bathroom faucets featured boxy looks, while others emanated the rounded shape that mirrors design trends of years gone by.


Since these faucets are no longer available through Home Depot, we can’t say for sure how these faucets were priced. However, since they were considered a luxury brand, we can only imagine that they started at an equally luxurious price.

Considering many high-end faucets start at several hundred dollars or more, we guess that these faucets fell in somewhere around there. The faucets currently listed online as pre-owned models are priced very affordably at less than $100.


Pegasus faucets met a premature death, so they may never have featured the fancy tech additions of modern faucets. Today, many mid to high-end faucets feature convenient additions like touch-on sensors, touchless sensors, and voice activation.

However, from the limited faucets still available online, it doesn’t appear Pegasus faucets ever made it that far. Instead, every faucet we came across featured manual operation.


Although Pegasus faucets aren’t for sale anymore, we were able to find an old warranty page. According to this page, Pegasus faucets came with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty followed many of the same lines as standard faucet warranties, like solely being available to the original purchaser consumer and offering a leak and drip-free guarantee under normal domestic use.

Under this warranty, the company would replace parts that met warranty requirements. For example, if the cartridge fails and causes leaks or drips, the company would likely cover it.

Since Pegasus has since disappeared, we’re unsure whether Home Depot will continue to honor this warranty or not. It’s important to note that the warranty is only available to the original purchaser. So, if you purchase one of these faucets second-hand, you won’t receive this coverage (if it still exists).

Customer Reviews

Given the disappearance of these faucets from Home Depot’s website, we weren’t surprised by the apparent lack of customer reviews. A couple of reviews are available on select sites, but feedback varies drastically based on the model. For example, some models have five-star reviews from a single customer, whereas others have scathing one-star reviews from another customer.

Since feedback is limited and these faucets are few and far between, it can be a gamble for customers when purchasing one. We recommend reviewing the feedback (if any), as it can be a helpful resource.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, customer service on these faucets isn’t well-regarded. Customers have experienced many issues with Home Depot’s customer service for its in-house brands, citing problems with return policies. For example, many customers have been turned away with their defective products simply because the store no longer stocks that item.

Given the negative feedback surrounding Home Depot’s customer service on its in-house brands, we recommend proceeding with caution. However, even if you do buy a Pegasus faucet, you’re unlikely to receive support from Home Depot, as the company is unlikely to honor policies on faucets purchased through Amazon or second-hand on eBay.

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