Are Sani Sticks Safe For A Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are an excellent way to minimize food waste, allowing you to grind the scraps instead of tossing them in your garbage bin. However, considering their job, these devices can begin to give off an unpleasant odor that lingers in your kitchen. 

So, to avoid the pungent scents, you may reach for a chemical deodorizer, like Sani Sticks or Green Gobbler strips. But before you get ahead of yourself and dump its contents down the drain, is it safe for the disposal? This article answers these questions, specifically relating to Sani sticks, so continue reading to learn more. 

What Do Sani Sticks Do?

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Sani sticks are a type of cleaner used for drains and pipes. They’re small, cylindrical sticks that work as a deodorizer and reduce and prevent clogs of organic material, including grease and hair. The contents in the stick include a mixture of powerful enzymes that target organic residue in drains. 

Can You Put Sani Sticks In The Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are finicky devices. You have to be extremely careful what you whisk down the drain, as certain cleaners and food scraps can ruin the disposal. 

There’s a lengthy list of dos and don’ts regarding what’s safe for garbage disposals. Among the various food items, you’ll find several cleaners, Sani sticks being one. These handy little sticks specifically help target foul odors wafting from drains and pipes. 

So, to answer the question, are Sani sticks safe for the garbage disposal? Yes, you can put these sticks in the garbage disposal. They’re designed to fit within the garbage disposal and are safe for all kinds of septic and plumbing fixtures. 

Do Sani Sticks Work In A Garbage Disposal?

Okay, so Sani sticks can go in the garbage disposal. But do they work? Yes, they do work. However, like most things, there are some limits to their capabilities. 

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For example, just because you use Sani sticks doesn’t mean you can send just anything down your garbage disposal. You should still abide by the same guidelines surrounding garbage disposal care regardless of whether you use them.

Sani sticks are easy to use and last about a month. You simply drop one down the drain, then allow it to do its thing. Over the month, it will help break down things like grease, hair, soaps, and other types of buildup that can clog your drains. 

Not only do the sticks help prevent and avoid tough clogs in the disposal, but they also help mitigate unpleasant odors food scraps may emit. So, it’s a win-win!

Are Sani Sticks Safe For Pipes?

Yes, Sani Sticks are safe for drains, plumbing, and septic tanks. They won’t disrupt the finite balance in your septic tank, nor will they cause issues in the drains. 

Although the intense cleaning power of the stick seems to indicate the presence of harsh chemicals, the contents of the stick are all-natural and biodegradable. So, there’s no need to worry about whether the stick or its contents will damage the plumbing in your home. 

How Do Sani Sticks Work?

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Sani sticks work in a reasonably straightforward manner. The contents activate in the presence of water. Once activated, they work rapidly to move along the drain and dissolve organic matter lingering in the disposal, drain, or pipes. 

The sticks work on clogs while they rest in the drain, disrupting the blockage and allowing everything to move through as it should. At the end of the month, there shouldn’t be any remnants of the stick in the drainage pipe. 

However, if you remove the stick from the drain sometime before it has had time to dissolve, it will likely be messy. Usually, it’s best to let it do its thing. The rate at which it dissolves may be affected by the type of organic material that goes down your drain. 

Pros And Cons Of Sani Sticks

Like most things, Sani Sticks come with a unique set of accompanying pros and cons. A few of the advantages of Sani Sticks include:

  • Affordable: Generally, Sani sticks come in large packs, giving you plenty of clog-tackling power. They’re pretty inexpensive and last for a while. In addition, they can help cut back on maintenance and plumbing costs associated with stubborn clogs. 
  • Safe for garbage disposals: The biodegradable nature of Sani sticks makes them a safe but effective choice for tackling clogs in your garbage disposal. 

They contain safe and biodegradable enzymes that are environmentally friendly. So, these are a great alternative to other harsh drain cleaners on the market for the environmentally conscious. 

  • Multiple options: Sani sticks are available in several scents, including lavender, lemon, orange, and rose. If you have a preference for how you would like your kitchen to smell, go with that scent.
  • Long-lasting: A single Sani stick lasts for an entire month. So, considering the number of sticks per package, you could potentially have enough to clean your pipes and garbage disposal for a few years!
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Despite the abundant benefits of Sani sticks, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. A few notable things to consider include:

  • Fragile: Sani sticks may break easily during handling due to the thin construction. They’re about the size of a pipe cleaner. You need to be extremely careful during handling, so you don’t break it. 
  • Design flaws: In some cases, the design of Sani sticks may not work for the pipes or garbage disposal in your home. Make sure you choose a length that works well for your drain, or you may run into issues during use.

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