Why Does My Bathtub Faucet Drip?

Bathtub Spout Removal

A dripping bathtub faucet might seem like just a nuisance, but it can actually be a symptom of a greater problem. Over time, the constant trickle of water can result in water damage and increased water bills. Quick Answer: A dripping bathtub faucet usually signifies a worn-out or damaged washer, seal, or cartridge inside the … Read more

My Toilet Bubbles When Flushed, But It’s Not Clogged!

Bubbles in Toilet Water

Toilet bubbling can be a baffling issue, and it may cause some concern when it happens without an apparent clog. Surprisingly, there are various reasons for toilet bubbles, and understanding the underlying causes can help alleviate those concerns and inform you on how to handle the situation. Quick Answer: Toilet bubbles often occur due to … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Toilet Removed?

Toilet Removed

Home renovations often involve bathroom upgrades, and one common aspect is the temporary removal of a toilet. For homeowners and contractors alike, knowing the acceptable duration for a toilet to be removed is crucial to ensure both the integrity of the plumbing system and the convenience for those living in the house. Quick Answer: While … Read more

Why Is My Toilet Water Yellow?

Bathroom Toilet

Have you ever noticed your toilet water turning yellow? If so, you’re not alone, and it’s a concern many people have faced. The color of your toilet water can say a lot about the quality of the water supply or issues within the plumbing system. Quick Answer: Yellow toilet water can be due to rust … Read more

How to Remove a Toilet

Plumbing Tools on Toilet

Taking on a DIY plumbing project may seem daunting, but with the proper tools and a bit of patience, anyone can tackle the task of removing a toilet. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or you need to replace a faulty unit, learning how to remove a toilet can save you time and money. Before you … Read more

How to Fix a Broken Shower Handle Stem

Shower Handle Stem

A broken shower handle stem is not an uncommon problem to face, but it can be quite a nuisance when you need to have a shower. Thankfully, fixing this issue is often a relatively simple process that requires minimal tools and expertise. The process typically involves the removal of the handle and the subsequent replacement … Read more

Can You Flush the Toilet with No Power?

Toilet Flushing

When it comes to toilets, the good news is that they rely on water pressure and gravity to work rather than electricity. This means that, in most cases, you will still be able to flush your toilet even without power. However, it’s essential to be mindful of how you use your toilet during a power … Read more

Do Bathtubs Need a Vent Pipe?

Rough-In Bathtub Install

Venting a bathtub is a crucial aspect of any bathroom plumbing system. You might be wondering whether it’s necessary to install a vent for the bathtub in your home. Without a proper vent, you may face issues with water flow and drainage, as well as unpleasant odors. So yes, to keep your bathtub functioning optimally, … Read more

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet: Which Is Better?

White Toilet

When it comes to selecting a new toilet for your home, the choices can be overwhelming. Two popular options from the well-known manufacturer Kohler are the Highline and the Cimarron. Both models offer some great features, but they also have their differences, but which is the better choice for your home? Taking into consideration aspects … Read more

American Standard Titan Toilet Problems: 7 Issues & Solutions

Modern White Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom essentials, the American Standard Titan toilet can be a reliable choice for many homeowners. This durable and modern-looking toilet is designed to bring functionality and comfort to your daily routine. Most of the issues you may encounter with your Titan toilet can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting and … Read more

3” or 4” Sewer Line Drain for Toilet: Which Do I Need?

Plumbing Plan

Choosing the right sewer line drain size for a toilet is an essential aspect of any residential or commercial plumbing project. The sewer line drain plays a crucial role in efficiently carrying wastewater away from the toilet and into the main sewer system. Typically, sewer line drains come in two sizes: 3 inches and 4 … Read more

What Is The Standard Shower Height?

What Is The Standard Shower Height

Selecting the perfect height for a showerhead is a critical part of the design process. If it’s too short, the taller folks in your household will look down on the showerhead and need to crouch for a thorough rinse. On the flip side, the shorter folks in your home will be in a long-distance relationship … Read more

Can You Use Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner On A Bathtub?

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom can be a daunting task, and by the time to get around to scrubbing the bathtub, you might be looking for a faster alternative. So, after doing a bit of browsing for easy bathtub cleaning hacks, you come across a suggestion to use toilet bowl cleaner. While it seems legit, is it … Read more

How To Remove A Flow Restrictor From A Shower Head

Remove A Flow Restrictor From A Shower Head

Flow restrictors are helpful, especially when it comes to saving water. But for some folks, they’re more of a hindrance than a help. So, you might decide to remove the flow restrictor from your showerhead. But how do you go about removing the flow restrictor if you have no idea what to look for? Key … Read more

How To Clean Shower Head Holes Without Vinegar

Shower Head Holes

Perhaps you just hopped out of the shower, but you noticed the shower head was pretty grubby while in there. Some of the tiny holes in the face of the fixture are blocked, restricting the water flow and making the stream inconsistent, and there’s gunk on the front of the shower head, making it look … Read more

Can I Flush My Toilet If My Pipes Are Frozen?

Can I Flush My Toilet If My Pipes Are Frozen

Having toilet pipes freeze during the year’s cold months can be aggravating, to say the least. Not to mention, it can be pretty terrifying if one day you wake up and your toilet isn’t working the way you’d like it to. We’ll take a look at how to tell and what to do if your … Read more

Why Is My Shower Making A Loud Vibrating Noise?

Why Is My Shower Making A Loud Vibrating Noise

A loud shower is a frustrating problem, to say the least. The good news is that it’s completely fixable. Age, piping, and a clogged showerhead will all give you a shower you aren’t necessarily prepared for or looking forward to. Believe it or not, the strange noise your shower makes is very common and easily … Read more

Can You Shower With A Broken Water Heater?

Can You Shower With A Broken Water Heater

We’ve all learned to love a nice hot shower after a long day. It relaxes our muscles and begins the nightly routine we’ve had the luxury of developing. But what happens when that lovely warm shower turns cold? A bad feeling, that’s for sure. We’ll discuss all the basics of a water heater, what to … Read more