Grohe vs Hansgrohe – Brand Comparison

If you’re sifting through dozens of brands in your search for a kitchen or bathroom fixture, chances are you’ve come across Grohe and Hansgrohe. You may be wondering if the two are derivatives of the same company or if either brand is any good. If that’s the case, continue reading, as we’ll discuss each brand in comparison to the other.

Are Grohe And Hansgrohe The Same Company?

Many people are confused by the similarity of these companies’ names, which leads them to ask if they’re the same company. The answer is no. While the names are similar, considering Grohe is part of both names, and they are both German companies, they are two entirely different companies.

So, what’s the difference between Grohe and Hansgrohe? Before we get started, let’s look at a brief history of each company, which will help address this question.


Hansgrohe Logo

We’ll start with Hansgrohe, founded in 1901 by none other than Hans Grohe (hence the name). The company began in a metal pressing plant in Schiltach, Germany. Since then, the company has branched out, though its headquarters remain in Schiltach.

The company has production operations worldwide, with locations in Germany, China, France, and the USA. Hansgrohe offers a variety of premium kitchen and bathroom products to its customers. About 80% of its product turnover is generated abroad.



Grohe’s roots date back to 1936 when the company was initially founded. In the years that followed, the company acquired various additions, each helping refine the skills and experience of Grohe. Since its inception, Grohe has built a reputation as a faucet maker.

Grohe emerged after Hansgrohe’s inception. When Hansgrohe started its international expansion, Friedrich Grohe left the company. Upon his leaving, he took over a sanitary products factory in Westphalia. From there, they started the production of bathroom fixtures, and hence, Grohe was born.

So, while the companies aren’t technically the same, the same family has ties in each. While there are some reports of bad blood causing the separation, that’s a different story. We’re here to talk about the brands in a head-to-head comparison, not someone’s family drama. So, without further ado, let’s look at the differences between the two.

Grohe vs. Hansgrohe

We broke down our findings into sections that place the two brands head to head for ease of comparison.


When it comes to the warranty, there is a clear winner. While Grohe and Hansgrohe both offer solid warranty policies, Grohe surges ahead. Grohe products come with a 5-year to a lifetime warranty, depending on the product and application. This means that they’ll back their products anytime, regardless of how long it’s been since you bought them.

Now, on the other hand, Hansgrohe products feature 5-year or 15-year warranties. It’s not bad in the grand scheme of things, but it pales in comparison to the lifetime warranty of Grohe products.

Grohe 32665DC3 Concetto Dual Spray Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, SuperSteel Infinity Finish

If you’re going to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a kitchen faucet or bathroom fixture, you probably want a solid warranty to back it. Nobody likes purchasing an expensive faucet then having to throw the whole thing out three years later since the manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty (we don’t, anyway).


Neither of these two brands is shy about tacking a steep price tag onto its products. Grohe’s faucets start at $75 and climb to $2,100. On the flip side, Hansgrohe’s faucets start at $80 and cap at $1,500.

These brands offer their showerheads at more approachable prices than their faucets. Grohe’s showerheads start at $13 and climb to $720, while Hansgrohe’s showerheads range between $35 and $1,000.

These brands are high-quality, premium brands, so the pricing is relatively standard.

Product Lineup

If you’re looking for a product lineup with several models to choose from, Grohe is going to be your best choice between the two.

Grohe offers 13 different faucet models and 16 showerhead models. Six of the faucet models are designed for the bathroom setting, and the other seven are for the kitchen. Grohe focuses on the durability of its products while attempting to keep the installation process straightforward with less complicated parts.

Hansgrohe’s lineup is considerably more limited, with eight models in each product line of faucets and showerheads. However, even though the company doesn’t offer nearly as many products as Grohe, they span a wide range of budgets to accommodate the needs of various scenarios.

hansgrohe Lacuna Kitchen Faucet 1-Handle 17-inch Tall Pull Down Sprayer in Stainless Steel Optic, 04749805

Technology Options

Both companies offer various technologies to elevate their products. If technological features are a make-or-break component for you, then this section should help narrow things down.

Let’s start with Hansgrohe, a company known for its button-powered systems, two-in-one fixtures, and elegant designs. Their fancy technological additions include:

Over at Grohe, the team focuses on smart solutions, including high-tech fittings, sustainability, and ergonomic design. A few of the company’s technology incorporations include:

  • Touch/Touchless faucets: Touch faucets allow you to tap the faucet to control water flow, while touchless faucets operate via motion detectors. They help keep the faucet clean by eliminating or mitigating the need to touch the handle.
  • Sense technology: This keeps water where it’s supposed to stay. It does so by identifying leaks and possible frost, then reacts by shutting off the water to prevent damage as a result of a burst pipe or substantial leak.
  • Sense Guard: Branching off the last one – it uses Sense technology to monitor for leaks and burst pipes. It also tracks water consumption to help boost sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Grohe vs. Hansgrohe

Is Grohe a luxury brand?

Yes, Grohe is considered a luxury brand. The company is a leading brand worldwide, specializing in kitchen fittings and various bathroom solutions. Their products combine style, design, and innovative technologies to create a stellar product.

Is Grohe more expensive than Hansgrohe?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective to the product line in question. This is because they both offer products spanning a diverse price range. However, they are both premium or luxury brands, so the price tag tends to be on the high side.

Is one better than the other?

This question is tricky, and we say that because it comes down to your personal preference. For example, Grohe hones in on classic designs, integrating various perks without impeding the overall look.

Now, on the other hand, Hansgrohe tends to produce extravagant, original designs that incorporate water-reduction technology and other innovative features. For this reason, we say the decision falls to you – if you prefer the classic looks of Grohe, then go with their products. Or, if you like the idea of an original design and eco-friendly measures, go with Hansgrohe.

Which Brand Should I Choose?

Like we said above, the decision between the two brands ultimately falls to you. Grohe and Hansgrohe both know their way around kitchen and bathroom fixtures, given that neither brand is new on the scene.

If you want options, need a decent warranty, and appreciate the classic faucet looks, then Grohe is an excellent choice. Or, if a limited pool of choices better suits you (sometimes fewer choices are easier, we get it) and the extravagant looks are appealing, Hansgrohe is an outstanding choice.

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