How High Should A Tub Spout Be?

Tub spouts are an essential part of a bathroom. Well, those with a bath, anyway. These spouts can add a touch of elegance, or they might simply offer functionality. Either way, you’ll need one if you have a bathtub. 

Quick Answer:

The recommended height for a tub spout is typically between 4 and 18 inches above the top edge of the bathtub. This height allows for a sufficient flow of water into the tub without causing excessive splashing. However, this can vary based on specific tub and spout designs. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a new tub spout.

The spout hides the plumbing protruding from the wall and directs the water safely into the bathtub. You get two for the price of one. If you’re installing a new bathtub or perhaps replacing a shower with a shower/bath combo, you’ll have to install the tub spout. 

So, how high should it be? Does it matter? We’re here to explain, so stick around to learn more!

How High Should A Tub Spout Be Over My Tub?

Standard Tub Spout Height

There are a few things to consider regarding tub spout placement. Generally, your tub spout should be no lower than 4 inches above the rim of the tub. On the high side, it could be between 12 and 18 inches above the tub rim. 

If the spout is positioned too high, the stream might splash off the bottom of the tub, causing issues when you try to fill it. It might not be a big deal, but we don’t like the idea of water splashing all over. 

Some bathtub faucets are connected, with the tap attached to the spout. If that’s the case, ensure the bottom of the faucet spout is positioned no closer than two inches from the tub’s rim. 

Aside from the height placement, you also need to consider how far the spout protrudes from the wall. If the spout is too short or close to the wall, water might not fall straight into the tub. If it misses the tub, it could hit the rim and end up all over your floor. Or, it could cause water damage against the wall (if nothing is protecting the wall).

On the flip side, if the spout is too long, it could stab you in the back, making for an uncomfortable bathing experience. 

Where Should I Mount The Tub Spout?

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Once you figure out the height you want to install the tub spout, you’re almost ready to install it. You need to determine the best placement for your spout based on what kind of spout you have. 

For example, if you have an enclosed tub, the faucet should be centered on one of the ends. If it’s a shower/bath combo, make sure the handle is positioned between the showerhead and the tub spout. This ensures you can easily reach the handle, whether you’re bathing or showering. 

If you have a freestanding tub, you need to make sure the tub spout reaches the tub. Otherwise, you might end up with a spout that directs water just short of the bathtub, creating a slip n’ slide in your bathroom. 

Additionally, ensure you place the faucet in an accessible location where you can reach it from in or out of the tub. Generally, if the tub has one low end and one high end, you’d put the faucet on the lower end. This makes for a better, more comfortable bathing experience, as you won’t have the faucet poking your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I Use A Sink Faucet For My Bathtub?

Perhaps you found a beautiful sink faucet and want to use it in your bathtub. Unfortunately, sink faucets and bathtub faucets aren’t interchangeable. While they seem like the same thing, they operate differently.

Sink faucets attach to a ⅜-inch pipe, while bathtub faucets connect to a ½-inch pipe. The extra diameter allows more water to flow at one time. It would take quite a while to fill a bathtub with a sink faucet, especially considering many of them have flow restrictors and aerators. 

Where Should I Put A Tub Filler?

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Tub fillers are a larger type of faucet used to fill bathtubs rapidly. A regular tub spout can get the job done, but it takes a little while. As you fill the bathtub with a regular tub spout, the water has time to cool, which isn’t great for the whole relaxation thing. 

So, a tub filler might be a good pick for you if you take baths regularly. They can pour out between 30 and 80 gallons, which is pretty impressive. For the most part, tub fillers are positioned on the side of the tub where the drain is. 

This helps ensure quick drainage if the tub comes close to overflowing and minimizes splashing. If it’s a floor-mounted tub filler, you usually place it about six inches from the tub. Of course, this may vary based on your tub type. 

When you position the tub filler, make sure it’s close enough to spray water into the tub, as it would be a colossal mess if it missed the tub.

Can I Add A Showerhead To My Bath?

Certainly, you can add a showerhead to your bathtub. If you don’t want to get creative with diverters or rerouting plumbing, you can add a hand shower with a slip-on attachment. These hand showers feature a plastic or rubber connector that fits over the existing spout and redirects the water through an attached hose to the spray head. 

You can always reroute the plumbing if you want a more permanent solution. However, this is a pretty involved project, requiring opening the wall to create plumbing for a showerhead. Generally, this is a project best left to licensed professionals. 

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