How to Cap Off a Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer

While the sprayer on your kitchen sink is a handy tool, it can become more of a headache than it’s worth when it stops working correctly. Sometimes, you might not even use the sprayer enough to make a repair worth your time. So, to avoid any future problems with the sprayer, simply remove it.

The process is easy enough and won’t consume too much of your time. If you plan on removing your sink faucet sprayer, keep on reading for a quick how-to.

How To Remove Your Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer

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Removing your kitchen sink faucet sprayer should only take about a half-hour, maybe less if you speed through the process. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the task:

  • Pliers
  • Basin wrench
  • Towel
  • Pipe-joint tape
  • ⅜ inch threaded brass flare cap
  • Sink hole cover

Turn Off The Water Supply

As with most plumbing projects, turning off the water supply is a critical step. So, start the process by turning off the water supply via the water supply valves beneath the sink. If your sink doesn’t have valves beneath it, turn off the main water supply valve in your home.

Then, drain the excess water from the supply lines by turning on the faucet and squeezing the trigger on the sprayer.

Remove The Sprayer Hose

After you ensure you’re not going to get a surprise shower, you can remove the sprayer hose. Trace the hose from the end of the sprayer to where it joins with the faucet. Using the pliers, loosen the connector holding the two together.

The next step is to attach the kitchen sink sprayer plug. Wipe the exposed male threads on the faucet dry with a towel. Wrap the threads with pipe-joint tape, then twist the ⅜ inch threaded brass flare cap on. Tighten the connection with pliers.

Locate the mounting nut securing the sprayer support to the sink/countertop beneath the sink. Loosen and remove it (use the basin wrench if you can’t reach it with your hand).

Slide the mounting nut off the hose, then pull the sprayer support and sprayer up through the hole away from the countertop.

Cover The Hole In The Sink

Once the sprayer assembly is out of the way, insert the sink hole cover left by the sprayer. The way it secures into place depends on what kind you bought. Some kitchen sink sprayer covers snap into place, or a mounting nut secures it.

Can I Replace My Sink Sprayer With A Soap Dispenser?

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If a soap dispenser sounds like an appealing trade for your sink sprayer, go ahead and install one after removing the sprayer assembly. It’s easy enough to install a soap dispenser, and it’s the perfect spot for one. No need to have a dispenser precariously perched on the sink or counter!

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  1. “⅜ inch threaded brass flare cap”

    That is going to be wrong in a lot of cases. In fact, many faucets/sprayers use 1/4″ NPS instead of NPT–straight not tapered threads, and it is pretty much impossible to find a 1/4″ NPS lead-free brass cap that fits. I can’t even find an appropriate adapter.


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