Is Kallista a Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

If you appreciate luxurious products that seamlessly mesh stunning designs, ultimate functionality, and elegant styles, Kallista’s products might perfectly fit your needs. The brand offers an array of products, including multiple kitchen and bathroom products.

Key Points:

  • Kallista is a luxury brand offering high-end kitchen and bathroom products with a focus on design, style, and functionality.
  • Kallista is owned by Kohler Co., and its products are not as widely available as other brands but can be purchased through select retailers and showrooms.
  • Kallista’s products are manufactured in various countries, with China and Mexico being the leading suppliers, and assembled domestically by Kohler Co.

But before you fork over your hard-earned cash to purchase one of these artfully-designed products, you might wonder if Kallista is a good brand. This article explores Kallista and its offerings, so continue reading to learn more!

About Kallista

To take a peek at Kallista’s origins, we’ll take a stroll down memory lane, meandering back through a few decades or so to 1979, when the company was founded. The story of this company began with Anthony Pontin and Norman Bell, who wanted to offer an elevated level of design, style, and functionality in plumbing projects.

The brand found early success, quickly becoming a known luxury brand. Several years after its inception, in the late 1980s, the company was acquired by Kohler Co., a widely known and experienced brand.

Today, the company is still operating under Kohler’s umbrella, yet it continues to offer unique, lavish designs to complement various spaces. After all, its name, Kallista, stands for “most beautiful,” so the brand has much to live up to.

Product Lineup

Kallista offers luxurious products to elevate various spaces, although its focus is on kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. Its lineup includes the following:

  • Bathroom faucets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Shower systems
  • Consoles
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Mirrors
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Lighting
  • Hardware
  • Accessories

Where Can You Buy Kallista Products?

Kallista products aren’t as widely available as other brands, like Kohler or Kraus. Instead, these faucets are a bit harder to find. Although the brand has a website, you cannot purchase products directly from it. Instead, you can select the product you like and click “Find a Showroom” to determine where you can buy it nearby.

While these faucets aren’t available through major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s, you can find Kallista products online through select retailers. You can find its faucets through sites like Perigold, Studio 41,, and

Kallista P34508-00-CP Jeton Toilet Paper Holder
  • Toilet paper holder with solid-brass construction for durability and reliability; 90 degree rotating…
  • Standard finishes readily available; specialty finishes available with 16-week lead time
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: P34508-00-CP

Where Are Kallista Faucets Made?

Kallista is technically a designer brand, not a manufacturer. So, to determine the origins of its faucets, we need to turn to its parent company, Kohler Co. Although Kohler proudly states its products are assembled in the United States, they’re not manufactured here.

Instead, Kohler has a few plants scattered throughout the United States that assemble several of these products. The manufacturing process is outsourced to other countries, with China and Mexico as the leading suppliers.

Up until a few years ago, much of Kallista’s faucet lineup was produced in Picardy, a northern region of France. However, the manufacturing process has shifted back into Kohler’s hands in recent years, so most of the lineup is manufactured in the same places as Kohler’s products.

This practice is pretty standard in the industry, as many brands have outsourced manufacturing to overseas manufacturers to cut production costs. While some brands, like Kohler, assemble the products domestically using imported components, this isn’t very common.

Who Makes Kallista Faucets?

Technically speaking, Kohler makes Kallista faucets, as it assembles many of these products domestically. However, if you consider the outsourced manufacturing process before importing the components for assembly, the maker varies based on the part.

Most components come from Chinese and Mexican manufacturers, although Kohler doesn’t explicitly state which ones.

Are Kallista Faucets Any Good?

Kallista’s artful, luxurious designs are enough to convince many folks to purchase these products. But are the faucets any good? Let’s find out.


When evaluating a faucet’s quality, we think hands-on testing is essential. After all, getting a good feel for a faucet’s long-lasting quality and durability is tricky without a few months or years of regular use. However, since that takes a while and you’re looking for an answer now, we opted for a different route.

We examined the faucet materials and customer reviews to evaluate the quality of Kallista faucets. Firstly, we browsed through the components of a Kallista faucet. According to various product listings, Kallista faucets are made with solid metal construction to improve durability, reliability, and longevity. In addition, they feature ceramic disc cartridges, which are pretty standard in higher-quality faucets.

Of the limited reviews we came across, customers seemed to be perfectly satisfied with the quality of their purchases. Several customer reviews mentioned the quality outright, applauding the faucets’ durable construction and overall feel.


Kallista Barbara Barry Lever Handle Bathtub Faucet Set - Brushed Nickel

Kallista is known for its luxurious, out-of-the-box designs. Some of its designs, like its grid sink faucet, are entirely unique from anything else we’ve seen. That said, numerous models align with popular design trends with sleek, contemporary lines and glossy finishes.

Like many brands, Kallista offers an array of faucet finishes, including stainless steel, polished nickel, and matte black. In addition to the basics, it provides a few unique finishes, including brushed French gold, gunmetal, and unlacquered brass.

Its faucets are available in several collections, including one by designer Mick de Giulio. Other collections include One, For Town, and Kallista Foundations.

If you’re looking for a unique faucet that exudes elegance and is almost sure to be a conversation piece, Kallista might have the perfect fit.


Given that Kallista is known to be a luxury brand and employs designers to produce visually stunning products, the steep pricing of these faucets is no surprise. While a typical kitchen faucet from a brand like Kohler usually starts around $200, Kallista’s bathroom faucets start around $700. Its kitchen faucets start even higher, with prices beginning around $900 and climbing from there.

Some models top several thousand dollars, with multiple models breaking over $6,000 or more. Since Kallista’s offerings are a far cry from budget-friendly prices, they’re not the best option for folks on a budget. Instead, they’re better suited for folks seeking luxury faucets who don’t mind paying exorbitant prices.


Although Kallista is undoubtedly a luxury brand, it doesn’t offer high-tech options like touch-on, touchless, or voice-activated designs. Of course, this could change in the future, but at the time of writing, Kallista does not offer any high-tech models.


Like most faucet brands, Kallista offers a warranty with its products. All Kallista products come with a standard five-year limited warranty unless otherwise noted. This warranty guarantees the products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years past the installation date.

If you have a valid warranty claim, Kallista will repair, replace, or make appropriate adjustments to remedy the solution at its discretion.

Customer Reviews

Since many of Kallista’s products are purchased in showrooms and not online, there aren’t many customer reviews to sift through. Of the reviews we came across, feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Most reviewers applauded the faucets for their exceptional quality, fantastic designs, and superior functionality. We didn’t come across any negative reviews, so it’s hard to say what difficulties folks have had with these products.

Customer Service

While we usually see responses from a dedicated customer service team on negative reviews, we weren’t surprised not to find any. The brand seems to conduct most of its sales in person through various showrooms, so there weren’t many reviews, to begin with.

That said, this doesn’t mean Kallista doesn’t offer excellent customer service. There are several ways to contact Kallista for assistance, including the following:

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