Is Riobel A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Known for their luxurious appearance and a curated blend of design themes from around the world, Riobel faucets are a strong choice for those in the market. But given the steep price of most of Riobel’s products, you might decide to do a bit of research before taking the dive and purchasing one.

This article explores Riobel and its offerings, including where its faucets are made, who makes them, and if they’re any good.

About Riobel

Riobel is a Canadian company that produces various kitchen and bathroom products. The brand was founded in 1955 and offers its wares primarily throughout Canada and the United States. While the brand is based in Canada, it hosts a separate website for U.S. customers.

Riobel AZ201BG - Azure kitchen faucet with spray, Brushed Gold (PVD)

Riobel operates under House of Rohl, or Rohl, another well-known plumbing fixture brand in the industry. The brand, alongside Perrin and Rowe, Shaws, Rohl, and Victoria + Alberta, makes up the luxury decorative plumbing portfolio that House of Rohl offers.

Product Lineup

Riobel offers its products in two groups: residential and professional. The combination of these product lineups consists of the following:

  • Tub spouts
  • Thermostatic shower valves
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Shower kits
  • Shower arms and heads
  • Plumbing parts
  • Drain assemblies
  • Bidets
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Hand showers
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Bath faucets

Where Can You Buy Riobel Products?

Riobel products are widely available through multiple well-known retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Some products may be available in-store, but availability varies drastically based on the product you like and your location.

While Riobel has a dedicated section on the House of Rohl website, customers cannot purchase its products directly from the site. Instead, you can browse its offerings, and when you find a model you like, select “Locate Showroom” to determine where you can buy it.

Here are some bestsellers on Amazon:

Where Are Riobel Faucets Made?

Riobel faucets are made in China before being imported into Canada and the United States for sale. The manufacturing facilities responsible for making Riobel faucets are located throughout China, so the exact origin of your faucet hinges on the model.

However, while the company outsources its entire manufacturing process to Chinese companies, it handles the design process in Canada. Riobel faucet designs combine European lines with North American flair, creating unique, sharp, and modern styles.

Once the brand develops a new design idea, it makes a few prototypes for testing. After the design passes testing, it releases the new design to its Chinese suppliers for tooling and manufacturing. The suppliers begin manufacturing the product, and before long, it appears in Riobel’s lineup for sale.

Who Makes Riobel Faucets?

Riobel has various manufacturers scattered throughout China responsible for producing its products. The company doesn’t explicitly state which manufacturing facilities it is partnered with, but we can guess it has partnered with a few, as this is standard in the industry.

Are Riobel Faucets Any Good?

Riobel AZ400C - Azure kitchen faucet with spray, Chrome

The sleek, luxurious design of Riobel’s faucet lineup makes the perfect addition to almost any space, but are they actually any good? Let’s find out.


Like many quality faucets, Riobel’s models feature durable ceramic disc cartridge valves and brass base materials. Both features bode well for product durability, reliability, and longevity, as they hold up well under regular residential use.

Customer feedback on these faucets varies drastically from one model to the next. While most of its faucets feature high ratings regarding quality, specific models feature numerous complaints regarding this factor. Given the disparity from one model to the next, we recommend consulting the reviews on the product you like before purchasing it.


Riobel designs its own faucets, creating opulent, modern designs that add grace and expensive flair to nearly any space. Its designs follow the peak of trends, constantly remaining afloat in the sea of ever-changing themes. The faucets feature a seamless blend of European and North American styles, which creates unique silhouettes.

For example, the Riobel Solstice Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features a V-shaped base, with one end of the shape tapering into the handle and the other creating the main faucet body. This particular design is incomparable to many models on the market and offers a minimalistic edge.

Riobel SC101BG – Solstice kitchen faucet with spray, Brushed Gold (PVD)
  • Silent braided nylon hose
  • 3/8″ speedway compression
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • 2-jet BoomerangTM hand spray system with intergrated swivel


Riobel’s faucets are considered luxury models, and with luxury come steep prices. Most of Riobel’s faucets start at around $200 and climb as high as $750. However, a couple of models tip the scales over $1,000, making them far from a budget-friendly pick.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive faucet with a luxurious flair, you probably won’t find it in Riobel’s lineup.


Modern faucet brands have combined the luxuries of modern technology with the world of faucets to create an ultra-convenient, user-friendly experience. Most industry leaders offer touch-on, touchless, and voice-activated models, each offering a higher degree of convenience.

In Riobel’s lineup, you’ll only find touchless models (accurate at the time of writing). The brand offers a couple of touchless kitchen faucets for convenient operation, but beyond that, it doesn’t have touch-on or voice-activated models.


Riobel offers a decent warranty on its faucets that, while not as good as some industry leaders, offers solid coverage. The limited lifetime warranty extends to the chrome, PVD finish, blacks, and all working parts. Like most warranties, the brand guarantees the product to be free of manufacturing defects.

Riobel AZ201BK - Azure kitchen faucet with spray, Black

Other parts of these faucets come with a much shorter warranty. For example, all other finishes and plastic components are solely warranted for one year. Additionally, all-electric or electronic parts are covered by a 5-year warranty.

It’s important to note that Riobel will only honor its warranty if you have a “certified master plumber” install the product.

Customer Reviews

The overwhelming majority of customer reviews on Riobel’s faucets are positive, but there are several dissatisfied reviews scattered in the mix. Happy customers applaud the quality, design, and functionality of these faucets.

However, several negative reviews cite docking issues with pull-down models, quality problems, and premature failure. Since feedback varies drastically from one model to the next, we recommend sifting through customer reviews on the model you like before purchasing it.

Customer Service

While we usually see responses to negative reviews from the brand’s customer service team, we didn’t find any in our search through customer reviews. This isn’t surprising, as some brands require customers to reach out for support.

Customers can reach Riobel customer service through House of Rohl using the following methods:

  • Canadian customers:
    • Phone:
      • Quebec and Atlantic Canada: 450-432-0442
      • Ontario and Western Canada: 905-856-9090
      • British Columbia: 604-421-5489
    • Online contact form
  • United States Customers:

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