Should My Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Match My Faucet?

Designing a kitchen can be tricky because there are so many components that make up the finished result. Wall paint, backsplash, countertops, cabinet paint (or stain), faucets, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, appliances, sinks, and so on – it all needs to mesh together.

Of course, you could go rogue with a beautiful, striking design that creates dynamic contrast in the space, but what needs to match if you like the look of a cohesive space? Does the cabinet hardware need to match the faucet? Let’s find out.

Do My Kitchen Pulls Need To Match My Faucet?

As you work your way through design choices for your kitchen, you’ll have to choose a finish (or finishes) for the hardware, fixtures, and appliances throughout the space. So, do they all need to match? Nope! They don’t – you can mix metals without creating a horrible clash of hues in the space.

As a general rule, it’s best to pair cool-toned finishes with other cool tones, and the same goes for warm-toned finishes. So, if you decide to add bright, cool-toned chrome to your kitchen for your faucet, you might want to steer clear of warm finishes (like copper) for the hardware.

Cabinet Pulls

That said, you can mix cool and warm-toned metals in the same space, but it’s a finite balance. Without a thoughtful layout, the colors may clash, creating an unstable appearance in the space. If you appreciate the dynamic look, then, by all means, mix and match to your heart’s content!

Of course, you can always stick with a single finish throughout the entire space. If the thought of selecting finishes to curate a dynamic yet seamless appearance sounds like a nightmare, you should stick with one finish. But remember, some brands have variations in their finishes, so they might look entirely different than another brand’s take on the same finish.

So, if that added to the stress of picking (we didn’t mean to make it worse), you might want to stick with a single brand for the entire project. Or, compare the metals before buying them to ensure they match closely.

Should My Kitchen Faucet Match My Appliances Or Kitchen Hardware?

Modern Kitchen

We learned that you could mix metals between your kitchen faucet and hardware, but what about your appliances? Does the fridge need to match the faucet? Or should you match the faucet and hardware but choose the appliances in a different finish?

As you might imagine, the same rules (okay, suggestions) apply. Choosing the same finish across the board might be the best bet if you want a seamless appearance. For example, you could stick with matte black or stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances, hardware, and fixtures are widely available, so it’s easy to find options in each category.

However, you could choose to mix it up with a few finishes. For instance, let’s say you like the look of matte black. So, you decide to buy matte black appliances and pair them with beautiful gold fixtures, including your light fixtures and faucet. Then, to complete the look, you add matte black hardware.

Remember, these are just suggestions! Ultimately, the choice is yours – it’s your kitchen!

Mixing Tips For Popular Kitchen Styles

According to many designers, there are clear dos and don’ts when it comes to kitchen decor and design. While this is true, it’s your kitchen, so the final verdict is yours. However, since finding a mixture of finishes you like can be tricky, here are a few mixing tips for popular kitchen styles:


Farmhouse Kitchen

In farmhouse kitchens, we often see rustic fixtures and finishes, including brass and oil-rubbed bronze. Matte black throws a touch of contrast without detracting from the overall look. Consider mixing these hues throughout the space if you have a farmhouse-style kitchen. They match beautifully with each other, so you can mix and match as you please.

Go for an oil-rubbed bronze faucet with contrasting black hardware and wall fixtures with a matte black and bronze finish. Or, stick with the same finish throughout the space for a cohesive appearance.


Contemporary or modern kitchens tend to favor stainless steel, matte black, and brass. These kitchens may feature sharp contrasts, like black cabinets with white marble countertops and a pop of gold from the cabinet knobs.

However, some modern kitchens favor monochromatic color palettes with shades of the same hue. If your kitchen features a monochromatic look, it’s best to pick one fixture finish and stick with it throughout the space. So, if you choose matte black, ensure your light fixtures, cabinet hardware, faucet, and appliances match the scheme.

Of course, you could throw in a splash of contrast in the space with a cool-toned metal faucet in a sea of all-black appliances and hardware.


Traditional Kitchen

The cabinets, countertop, and backsplash steal the show in a traditional-style kitchen. The focus is less on the hardware and faucet, which usually blend into the background. For example, many traditional kitchen feature satin or polished nickel, stainless steel, and shiny chrome, which blend into the greys and whites standard in these kitchens.

If your kitchen mimics the style of a traditional kitchen, you could mix and match your hardware and fixtures. For example, you could choose to combine chrome with other cool metals, like nickel or steel. Or, you could add contrast by mixing a warm-toned nickel faucet with gold or brushed bronze hardware.

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