Should You Turn Off The Well Pump When On Vacation?

Perhaps you’re headed out of town for a few weeks or months to take the trip of your dreams, exploring numerous foreign countries and soaking in the culture. As you prepare to leave home for a while, you might begin wondering about the appliances in and around your home.

Should you leave the water heater on? Can the well pump stay on?

Key Points:

  • Turning off your well pump, water heater, and water supply before leaving town for an extended period of time is essential to preventing property damage and potential health concerns.
  • Locating the well pump system breaker in your breaker box or electrical panel is easy; simply switch it into the off position.
  • If you are uncertain about manufacturer requirements for your pump, contact a qualified technician for advice before turning off the system.

These are excellent questions – you should turn both of them off before heading out, as failing to do so could lead to damage in your home while you’re gone. Since nobody wants to stress about the well-being of their house or appliances while on vacation, it’s essential to implement the proper precautions before you go.

So, if you’re leaving town soon for a lengthy trip, here’s what you should know about turning off your well pump.

Is It Safe To Turn Off The Well Pump?

Turning off certain appliances can create issues for that particular appliance, so it’s understandable to worry about the potential adverse effects of turning off your well pump. However, you don’t need to stress over turning off your well pump when you’re gone.

As long as the system is in good mechanical working order, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects. However, when you turn off the well pump (such as when leaving town for a while), be sure to turn off the water heater and water supply.

Should You Leave A Well Pump On All The Time?

If you’re at home, you shouldn’t turn your well pump off, or you won’t receive the water you need for everyday tasks. Your well pump shouldn’t constantly run or cycle on and off repeatedly, as this can indicate a problem. However, if your well pump is running fine and you’re at home, you can always leave it on.

Why Should I Turn Off My Well Pump Before Leaving Town?

When you leave town for vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home will be okay while you’re gone. So, before you leave, save yourself the stress and turn off your well pump. Here are a few reasons to turn off the well pump before leaving on vacation:

Prevents Damage

It’s usually a good idea to turn off your well pump before heading out of town, especially if you plan to be away for an extended period. This way, you can avoid the potential damage that may occur due to malfunctions or problems with the system that could go undetected for weeks or months (depending on how long you’re away).

Avoid Water Damage And Potential Health Issues

Aside from generic damage to the system itself, turning off the well pump (and your water heater, gas supply to the heater, and water supply) can help avoid significant issues associated with water damage.

For example, let’s say the plumbing in your home or your water pump springs a leak (maybe the temperature drops below freezing, and the water in the pipe freezes, causing the pipe to burst), flooding your home. The standing water sits in your home for weeks or months, leading to substantial water damage throughout your home.

On top of that, stagnant water and otherwise moist conditions create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The presence of these organisms can cause serious health concerns for most individuals, primarily those with underlying conditions.

How Do You Turn Off A Well Pump?

Turning off a well pump before heading out of town is quick and easy. Simply head to your breaker box or electrical panel, where you should find a breaker labeled for the well pump system. Whoever installed your electrical system should have labeled each breaker, so finding the correct one shouldn’t be an issue.

Once you find the correct breaker, switch it to the off position.

Of course, if you’re unsure of the manufacturer requirements for your pump or aren’t sure if turning off the pump is a good solution for your home, reach out to a qualified technician for advice. You can have a professional come out and examine the system to ensure each part is in working order, as this may ensure peace of mind while you’re away.

Turn Off The Water Heater

While turning off the well pump’s circuit, turn off the power to the water heater. If your water heater runs dry, you could end up damaging the system, potentially needing to replace the tank altogether.

So, if you’re going to be away for a while, turn off the water heater as well. Find the circuit labeled for the water heater and switch it into the off position. If you have a gas water heater, ensure you turn off the gas supply to the appliance.

Shut Off The Water Supply

While shutting off your well pump should prevent significant issues, it doesn’t hurt to turn off your water supply as an extra safety precaution. Turn off the water at the main water supply line into your home, which is usually where the line enters your home, either inside or outside.

This helps prevent issues that could arise from an unexpected water leak or burst pipe. So, by turning off the water supply, you won’t come home to a flooded living room as a result of a water leak or busted pipe.

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