What Color Cabinets Pair Well With Black Granite Countertops?

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it’s warm and homey, the perfect place to create delicious dishes during stimulating conversations. Your kitchen should reflect you – a tablespoon of your personality and several heaping cups of your favorite colors. 

Whether you prefer the dazzling contrast of modern kitchens or a more traditional, homey space, black countertops are the perfect way to bring it all together. Black granite is popular for countertops as it offers sleek, dramatic looks that pair well with any aesthetic. 

However, the versatility of black granite countertops can be a bit daunting. Which color cabinets should you choose? Are there any colors you should avoid? We’re here to address all of these questions, so continue reading to learn more!

What Cabinet Colors Pair Well With Black Granite?

Granite countertops are a staple in many homes. They’re incredibly durable and will last for decades with the proper care and installation, so it’s no surprise they’re a go-to pick in millions of homes. 

Granite countertop slabs come in dozens of variations, some more expensive than others. The options are endless, from the stark, clean lines of white granite to the rich, dazzling hues of blue granite to the deep, dramatic pigments of black granite. You can find granite countertops in a variety of shades to meet your color palette.

The best part? Every slab is unique – no two slabs of granite are identical. While they may resemble each other, cookie-cutter granite slabs aren’t a thing, there’s always some variation. So, natural granite is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to break the mold of basic, identical themes. 

However, just because you want to create your own ideas doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from other absolutely stunning kitchens. We put together a list of what colors go well with black countertops to help you choose the perfect cabinet color. Hopefully, this list will help your creative juices flow and give you some spur-of-the-moment inspiration. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best cabinet colors for black granite.

Stark White

White Kitchen Cabinets

Bright white cabinets perfectly complement black granite countertops. If you’re a fan of modern, minimalist styles, this one’s for you. Juxtaposed black and white in your kitchen create a beautiful, timeless effect while simultaneously creating clean, effortless lines. 

The definitive divide between the countertop and cabinets creates a clean, sharp look in your kitchen without going overboard. Add a high-gloss finish to your countertops, and you’ll get an extra boost of dimension in the space. 

Natural light from oversized windows, a skylight, or overhead lighting gives added brightness, and a touch of a mirror-like effect as the light bounces off the reflective countertop. 

While this pairing is undoubtedly bold, it isn’t for everyone. If this combo isn’t to your liking, there’s no need to worry – we have a few more combos up our sleeve. 

Mix And Match

Get the best of both worlds with two different cabinet colors. Light and dark combinations create an eye-catching contrast, splitting the kitchen into two definitive (but somehow cohesive) sections. 

If you’re a fan of the black and white contrast but aren’t sure you like the sea of white cabinets, consider mixing it up with a two-tone palette. For example, you could go with black cabinets underneath the countertop’s lower half. White on the upper cabinets lights up the space, making it feel larger and more open. 

Or, if you have a kitchen island, paint the cabinets beneath the island a beautiful, rich color. For bold contrast, add white cabinets to the rest of the kitchen. Black siding on the cabinets adds a touch of subtle dimension, creating a seamless space that mixes beautifully without matching. 

Cool Gray

Gray tones are an excellent way to complement black granite countertops. The color is similar, yet it doesn’t match. You could choose nearly any gray in the spectrum. A cooler bluish-gray adds a hint of color, while a pale gray offers a neutral contrast. 

Or, a deep, charcoal gray nearly matches the countertops yet differs slightly. Add white or cream-colored tiles for a backsplash to incorporate light, and there you have it!

Bold Accents

Incorporating bold colors into your kitchen can be a scary move, but most of the time, it’s worth it. Generally, darker or lighter tones pair wonderfully with black granite countertops. Be careful of bright, neon colors, which can create an unattractive contrast. 

That said, a bright apple green complements granite and adds a pop of color without detracting from the appearance of your kitchen. Or, a stunning royal blue can create a beautiful, relaxed vibe. 

Deep blues and greens pair well with black countertops, but you could choose a different darker hue to compliment the counters. Or, if you prefer a light and dark moment, consider painting your cabinets a smooth, even pastel color. 

Pale yellows, soft pinks, baby blues, whatever your favorite color might be. 

Smooth Cream

Neutral colors pair excellently with black granite countertops. If you’re not overly impressed with stark white, consider a soft, creamy color or even off-white hues. These colors are a great way to create a homey, farmhouse, or rustic feel. 

The cream hue brings a hint of warmth to the space, unlike the stark emptiness of bright white. The added warmth compliments the black stone wonderfully, creating a welcoming, homey feel in your kitchen. 

Cream and black are an exceptional color combination if you enjoy the rustic farmhouse vibe. 

Coordinating Black

Black on black is the perfect way to take your kitchen to the next level. The black cabinets paired with black countertops might be too much for some folks. But, for others, the combination is ideal, as it offers a crisp, sleek, modern take on new design trends. 

You even get a touch of minimalism hidden in the sleek, cohesive lines. If you have glossy black countertops, matte black cabinets are a great way to go. Bonus: dirt and grime are harder to see in the sea of black. 

Wood Tones

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

You can’t go wrong with beautiful brown wooden cabinets to match your natural stone countertops. Most wood tones match perfectly with the swirling black hues of your granite countertops, whether you prefer lighter beechwood or the warm shades of cherry wood.

Or, perhaps, you’d like something in the middle, such as the coffee-colored browns of certain hardwoods and wood stains. If you have natural hardwood cabinets, the world is your oyster. 

You could keep it simple and stick with the hardwood’s natural color or stain it to create a darker hue. Or, if you’re feeling bold, mix it up with cabinet paint in your favorite color. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Paint Over My Kitchen Cabinets?

Perhaps you recently invested in new kitchen countertops and decided on black granite. Now, you have your new countertops, but the same countertops are still in your kitchen. Perhaps they don’t particularly match your new addition, so now you’re wondering if you can paint. 

The answer is maybe. Wood, wood-laminate, and metal cabinets are usually easy to paint. All it takes is some sanding to prep the surface or a special bonding primer, and you’re ready to paint. You can rent paint sprayers from many home improvement stores, which will make your project much easier. 

However, if you have plastic laminate cabinets, you’ll probably have more difficulty. The plastic doesn’t always accept a topcoat of paint, so specific paints and techniques are required. Even then, results may vary. 

Make sure you prep the surface properly for whatever process you decide to go with. Preparation is essential to achieving the results you want. Additionally, ensure you tape off the rest of your kitchen and cover anything you don’t wish to paint on with a drop cloth or plastic. 

What Kind Of Paint Do I Need For My Kitchen Cabinets?

Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

Paint comes in all sorts of varieties, each with a different purpose. While you can find paint specifically designed for cabinets and other furniture, it can be on the pricey end of the spectrum. So, if you don’t want to splurge on specialty paint, make sure you choose a semi-gloss, gloss, or satin. 

Matte isn’t the best pick for kitchens or bathrooms, as it isn’t particularly durable. So, when you spill something on your cabinets and have to scrub it off, the paint might come off too. To be on the safe side, pick a more durable paint, like satin, semi-gloss, or gloss.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets? 

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a much cheaper option than replacing them altogether. Of course, replacing them is probably the better option if they’re overly worn out. But painting them is an excellent alternative if they’re still in good shape. 

On average, the cost to paint kitchen cabinets is about $762. On the low end, homeowners might pay $394. On the other end of the spectrum, homeowners might pay $1,254.

Are There Any Colors That Don’t Pair Well With Black Granite Countertops?

No, not necessarily. Everyone’s tastes are different, so aesthetic preferences range across the board. For example, while some folks may hate the combination of bright, cherry-red cabinets with their black countertops, other folks might adore the pairing. 

Or, some folks might love the black-on-black color scheme, while others may detest it. So, ultimately, the answer to “What compliments black granite best?” is up to you. Choose a color that reflects your tastes and style because, after all, it is your house.

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