What Is A Beverage Faucet?

Out with the days of one faucet in the kitchen, and in with the days of multiple faucets in the kitchen. Although you technically don’t need more than one faucet in a kitchen, having dedicated taps throughout the space can make multitasking easier. 

For example, you could add a pot filler faucet, bar faucet, or even a beverage faucet. While many folks have heard of pot filler faucets and bar faucets, beverage faucets might be a bit of a stretch. After all, why would you need a faucet solely for beverages? Well, technically, it isn’t essential. However, they’re a convenient addition to the kitchen. So, if you’re curious about these faucets or considering one for your home, continue reading to learn more!

What Are Beverage Faucets?

Beverage faucets are simply smaller faucets designed to accompany the larger kitchen sink faucet, like a companion faucet. They’re designed and used solely for drinking water and usually connect to a cool water line. Some beverage faucets feature hot and cold water lines (or just a hot water line), but most feature cool water lines for drinking water. 

Generally, beverage faucets feature an elegant, high-arc spout design with a single handle on the right side to control water flow. Some faucets feature a touchless design, but they’re more common in commercial settings. Most residential models feature a handle for control, as a touchless tap would constantly turn on and off as it detects motion while you work in the sink. 

Most brands offer their products in several designs, styles, and multiple finishes, including stainless steel, champagne bronze, and matte black. So, finding a model to match your kitchen’s aesthetic is usually fairly straightforward. 

How Much Do Beverage Faucets Cost?

Like traditional kitchen or bathroom faucets, there’s a lot of variation in cost from one model to the next. On the low end, beverage faucets can cost less than $100. However, high-end models can cost well over $700, although it depends on the brand and model. 

Several brands offer kitchen and beverage faucet combos, so you can buy a matching set instead of trying to mix and match. For example, Kraus offers a few pull-down kitchen faucets with beverage faucets that match. 

You can also find touchless models, but these tend to be more common in commercial settings than residential homes. With these models, you simply place your cup or bottle in front of the sensor, and it automatically engages the water flow. 

What Is The Difference Between A Beverage Faucet And A Bar Faucet?

Beverage faucets, bar faucets, same thing, right? Not quite. While both faucets are usually separate from the main faucet, there are a few differences. The primary difference between the two is their location. Beverage faucets typically sit next to the main faucet for your kitchen sink, whereas bar faucets sit behind an entirely different sink in your kitchen (bar sink). 

Both faucets are similar in size, so many folks use them interchangeably. However, if you want to use your tap for hot water, you may want to steer clear of bar faucets. They aren’t designed to handle near-boiling water, so you can’t add an instant hot water tank to them. 

If you purchase a hot water beverage faucet, you can easily install an instant hot water tank for quick and convenient hot water on demand. These faucets are specifically designed to handle near-boiling water temperatures, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this. 

What Is The Point Of A Beverage Faucet?

The whole purpose of a beverage faucet is solely to provide water for consumption. It isn’t intended for washing hands, rinsing dishes, or cleaning. Instead, it simply offers filtered water for drinking. 

Although most beverage faucets solely use a cold water line to provide cool drinking water, some models flip the script with a hot water supply line and features designed to provide near-boiling water on demand. These beverage faucets simplify making coffee or other hot drinks, as you don’t need to wait for the kettle to boil. 

Is A Beverage Faucet Worth It?

For some folks, adding a beverage faucet might not be worth the cost. However, if you have hard water in your home and appreciate the taste of filtered water, you might want to consider a beverage faucet. They’re an excellent alternative to costly whole-home water softeners, as they provide filtered water solely for drinking. 

Of course, if you already have a whole-home water softener, installing a beverage faucet for filtered water might be pointless. However, it is convenient to have a separate tap for drinking water. This way, you can get water while someone else is actively using the sink. You don’t need to stop washing dishes or rinsing your hands to wait for someone to fill a water bottle. 

Popular Beverage Faucet Models

If you’re sold on the idea of a beverage faucet in your kitchen, you have dozens of options to choose from. We compiled a few of the highest-rated options, which include the following:

WEWE Drinking Water Faucet for Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Water Filter Faucet Stainless Steel for Reverse…
  • Perfect Match: Our sink drinking water faucet has a brushed nickel finish, no matter the size or…
  • Healthy Life: We put your family’s health first, the SUS304 stainless steel material for sink water…
  • Modern Design: The water filter faucet for kitchen sink with 360-degree rotation gooseneck and…
  • No Leakage: Our sink filter water faucet uses double leak-proof seal rings to avoid leakage. Each RO…
DELTA FAUCET 1930-AR-DST Contemporary Beverage Faucet, Arctic Stainless
  • Works with RO systems, filtered water systems, or as a cold water tap
  • Spout swings 360°
  • Single lever handle design
  • Air gap included with 1/4 in. tube for RO system and 3/8 in. tube for drain
Black Reverse Osmosis Faucet Kicimpro RO Faucet Kitchen Water Filter Faucet Non-Air-Gap Drinking…
  • No Splashing: The slender water outlet design and reasonable camber for ro water faucet make the…
  • Healthy Drinking: Healthy materials for black reverse osmosis faucet is selected to ensure safety….
  • No Leakage: Black filter faucet for kitchen sink high-grade cartridge with excellent sealing, tested…
  • Healthy Materials: RO faucet black made by SUS304 stainless steel that is lead-free and never gets…
Moen S5520SRS Sip Transitional Cold Water Kitchen Beverage Faucet with Optional Filtration System,…
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner…
  • OPTIONAL FILTRATION: Add Moen’s S5500 optional filtration system (sold separately) to get fresh,…
  • BEVERAGE FAUCET: Dispenses cold water only
  • COORDINATING COLLECTION: Coordinates with Moen Transitional Kitchen and Bar Faucets
KRAUS Purita 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Brushed Gold, FF-100BG
  • STAND-ALONE BEVERAGE FAUCET provides pure, fresh filtered water on demand – 100% LEAD-FREE brass…
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Solid brass construction and best-in-industry components ensure long-lasting…
  • SINGLE HANDLE FAUCET designed for quick and easy water control (cold water only) – HIGH-ARC SPOUT…
  • ADA-COMPLIANT DESIGN ensures easy and safe access to filtered drinking water – EASY TO INSTALL:…

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