What To Do With an Old Granite Countertop

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply getting rid of an old granite countertop, you might be asking yourself the same question: “What am I supposed to do with this?” There are a few potential answers to your question, depending on your circumstances.

However, instead of sending you off on a wild goose chase for elusive answers, we’re here to help. So, keep reading to learn more!

How To Get Rid Of Old Granite Countertops

You have a couple of options for what to do with your old granite worktops. While you could bring the slab of stone to the dump and forget about it, that’s not your only option. Plus, the sheer weight of a large slab will cost you a lot to dispose of, so you might be better off trying to find a new home for the material.

Here are a few ideas for disposing of your outdated countertop:

Create Something New

Instead of throwing it away, consider repurposing the stone into something new. The sky’s the limit: if you come up with an idea that could work, why not give it a go (especially if you were going to throw it away)?

Many homeowners use old slabs of granite to create beautiful flooring, decorations, tables, cutting boards, artsy centerpieces and decorations, coffee tables, accent kitchen islands, and even shelves. If the granite is still salvageable, consider letting your artistic prowess shine and create something beautiful!

Old Granite Countertop

Note: Not all of us are handy with the whole art thing (we get it). If you’d like to repurpose your granite into something useful, certain stone companies will help you convert it.

Donate It

Creating a masterpiece out of unused granite might sound like an absolute nightmare to you, so you could consider donating it to a charity. If the granite is still in good shape, you could donate it to a charity, like Habitat for Humanity, or something similar.

Habitat for Humanity uses donations like these to build homes, so you’d be doing someone a great favor. Bonus: donating goods like this can cut back on your tax bill. However, since our specialty is sweet, low, and far, far away from accounting, we recommend discussing that technicality with your CPA.

Some charities require the stone to meet specific measurements, so if you’re working with small chunks of stone, it may not meet the requirements. In addition, if you’re hoping for a tax write-off slip, ask about that sort of thing ahead of time.

Alternatively, you could recycle your granite countertop by donating it to someone else. Specific sites allow you to connect with people seeking goods like this. Once you find someone who wants it, you can donate it. The specifics of the donation vary from site to site, but it’s an option.

Sell It


If giving away the gigantic slab of granite you spend so much of your hard-earned cash on isn’t an appealing option, consider selling it. There are dozens of avid DIYers, home renovators, and handymen looking for stone slabs to repurpose.

This could be an excellent option for you if your granite is in excellent shape. If it looks like it has a few thousand miles under its belt and has seen better days, you might not be able to get as much for it. However, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if it’s still in decent condition.

There are plenty of marketplaces at your disposal. Pick your preference, be it Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or something else. Although you might not like the looks of the countertop anymore, there are probably plenty of individuals out there who would be more than happy to take the leftover stone off your hands.

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