Where is The Model Number on a Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Perhaps your Moen kitchen faucet is in desperate need of repair. However, you may not have installed the faucet and have no clue what the faucet model is, which is essential in determining the parts you will need. If you still have the original package the product came in, then you’re in luck.

Many people don’t see a need to hang onto the original box that clutters up their garage, so you may have recycled it. Regardless of whether you’ve still got the original box or not, this quick guide will help you determine how to find the model number on your Moen Kitchen faucet. 

How To Find The Model Number

If the original box is still floating around somewhere in your home, go on a search to find it. Moen says that on each product package, you will find the product number.

Otherwise, you also can identify the exact model by the number on the instruction sheet. The model number should begin with “7” or “8” and consist of four or five additional digits as well as a few letters.

Maybe you threw the box and instruction sheet away. No worries, you can still determine the faucet number. If your faucet is a non-pullout model, the general family series number should be located on the back of the spout.

Note that the number on the back of the spout is not the actual model number. It is a serial number. Once you find that number, you can use it with Moen’s “Identify My Product” page to determine your faucet model’s necessary replacement parts.

What About Discontinued Models?

Suppose you have a discontinued Moen kitchen faucet and cannot find the model number, serial number, or find your product on the “Identify My Product” page. In that case, you may need to enlist the help of the manufacturer.

Old Moen kitchen faucet models may have a buildup of hard water or soap that might be hiding the model number. If you cannot remove the hard water, or if the number is worn off, try taking a few pictures of the faucet.

Send these photos of the faucet to the manufacturer, as they may be able to help you identify which Moen faucet you have in your kitchen.

Other Areas To Check For The Model Number

Kitchen Faucet

Determining the exact model of your Moen faucet is crucial for purchasing the correct replacement parts, such as the faucet cartridge or gaskets. If you could not find the model number or serial number on the faucet, check beneath the removable handle cap if your faucet has one.

The number may be engraved under the faucet handle cap.

If your efforts have still not proved fruitful, you can check the cold water supply line to the faucet. The model number may be attached to the supply line and is typically located underneath the sink.

What If I Still Cannot Find It?

The model number may be elusive. If you have checked everywhere we mentioned above, from the spout to the cold water supply line, and still cannot find it, you’ll likely need to enlist the manufacturer’s assistance.

Older and discontinued kitchen faucet models are much tougher to identify, as Moen’s website pages, such as the parts diagram PDF called “Exploded Parts View,” only date back to 2011.

If you are having difficulties, enlist the help of a representative at Moen by sending in a photo of your faucet. They may be able to determine the identity of the faucet for you, thus directing you on the path to purchasing the necessary replacement parts to repair your faucet.

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  1. I purchased a MOEN Georgene pull down kitchen faucet yesterday. I had a plumber install it and he took the old one away along with the box the new faucet came in. I’m trying to register it and I don’t seem to be able to do that without some information that is on the box. Can you help me? Thank you, Wayne Vine


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