Is Ariel A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

While you’ve probably heard about big-name brands like Kohler, Moen, and Delta, there are dozens of brands out there to choose from, including Ariel.

Key Points:

  • Ariel Bath is a relatively young plumbing fixture company that offers an extensive array of visually stunning products.
  • Ariel faucets are made in Asian countries such as Vietnam and China, which is a common practice in the faucet industry due to lower labor costs.
  • Ariel faucets are generally of good quality, with solid brass construction and ceramic cartridges tested with 500,000 cycles.

And when you come across these unfamiliar brands, you might fall in love with one of their products and decide you want it for your home.

But before you commit, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit more about the brand. So, if you’re considering an Ariel product for your home, you’ve come to the right place. This article examines Ariel Bath, where its products are made, who makes them, and if they’re any good, so stick around to learn more!

About Ariel

ARIEL Bathroom Vanity 55" Inch with Carrara White Marble Countertop and Rectangle Sink in Gray | 2 Soft Closing Doors | 9 Full Extension Dovetail Drawers | with Backsplash | No Mirror

Ariel Bath is a plumbing fixture company offering an extensive array of well-designed products. Ariel was founded in 2005, and while it’s a relatively young company, it has built a solid name for itself as a quality brand producing visually stunning products.

Ariel works with some of the best designers worldwide, creating a seamless marriage of trending designs from the USA and Europe. It strives to produce beautiful products that mirror popular design trends at affordable prices, making it a strong contender in the industry.

Product Lineup

Ariel offers an extensive range of products tailored to the bathroom. Customers can choose from an array of dazzling fixtures and furniture, including the following:

  • Bathroom faucets
  • Bathroom vanities and cabinets with storage
  • Bathtubs, including walk-in, whirlpool, and freestanding
  • Mirrors bathroom accessories

Where Can You Buy Ariel Products?

Ariel Bath offers its products on its own website, but all of the faucets you see are integrated into vanity designs and aren’t actually included with the vanity. If you want a standalone Ariel faucet, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The brand has a page on Amazon selling a couple of standalone taps.

Its faucets are a bit tricky to track down, as the company’s star sellers are its vanities. You can find Ariel vanities at a myriad of retailers, including several big-box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Additionally, they’re available at Walmart, Menards,, and Wayfair.

Where Are Ariel Faucets Made?

According to the Ariel Bath website, the brand partners with various manufacturers in Asia. As we sifted through product listings, we found that many of its products are made in Vietnam and China, with its faucets coming from the latter.

This is a fairly standard practice in the faucet industry, as labor costs are lower in these countries than in the United States. However, while many folks are dubious of purchasing imported products, it’s important to note that many manufacturers in these areas produce high-quality products.

Who Makes Them?

Ariel’s product listings mark the brand as the manufacturer, but according to its website, it uses manufacturers in Asian countries to produce its products. While the website doesn’t list the manufacturers by name, the brand likely has several partners in these countries that manufacture its products.

Are Ariel Faucets Any Good?

This is a common question people ask before purchasing a new product, and it’s a good one to ask. So, to answer it, we divided our take into sections, including quality, technology, and customer reviews.


In general, Ariel faucets are of good quality. However, without testing them for ourselves, giving a definitive answer is tricky. To offer some insight, we evaluated the information on product listings.

Of the isolated faucet listings we found, its faucets are made with solid brass construction and a ceramic cartridge tested with 500,000 cycles. Both of these are standard in higher-quality products, so from what we can tell, these faucets are good quality.

The company claims to be dedicated to quality, and based on the information we found, this appears to be true. For example, its vanities are made with solid hardwood and plywood, which is extremely uncommon in today’s day and age, as many manufacturers take the cheap route and use MDF or some type of particle board.

In addition, several of these vanities feature high-quality quartz or marble-like countertops, creating a high-end and luxurious feel. 


ARIEL Bathroom Vanity 61" Inch with Pure White Quartz Countertop and Rectangle Sink in Midnight Blue | 2 Soft Closing Doors | 9 Full Extension Dovetail Drawers |with Backsplash | No Mirror

While the listings we encountered were limited, the overall design trend of Ariel’s faucets leans toward modern themes. Most of the products featured sleek, crisp designs that sit well within the contemporary frame.

Beyond its faucets, most of its other products feature the same trend, erring toward sleek, modern designs over traditional or transitional themes. If you’re looking for a traditional or transitional faucet, you probably won’t find it in Ariel’s lineup.

However, Ariel accepts customer feedback and encourages customers to offer input on what they would like from their products. The company considers this feedback and may integrate it into future designs, which is fairly impressive!


While Ariel’s vanities come at a premium price, with many costing well over $1,000, its faucets are surprisingly affordable. Some models come in at less than $100, making them an affordable option for homeowners on a budget.


At the time of writing, Ariel’s product lineup is focused on the bathroom. Given its name, Ariel Bath, this is to be expected. While some brands offer touch-on, touchless, or voice-activated bathroom faucets, these features are more common in commercial bathrooms. While they might be found in upscale residential kitchens, they usually don’t appear in the bathroom.

As we sifted through Ariel’s options, we didn’t come across any techy options. However, given that these features are more popular in the kitchen, this isn’t particularly surprising.


All of Ariel’s products come with a limited warranty that extends one year past the date of the original purchase. It solely applies to the original consumer purchaser or end-user for personal household use. Additional restrictions apply for commercial, industrial, or business applications.

While these terms are fairly standard in the industry, the warranty length is shockingly short. Most faucets on the market, particularly those from industry-leading brands, feature limited lifetime warranties. So, comparatively, this warranty is disconcertingly brief.

Customer Reviews

While Ariel has abundant reviews on its vanities and other products, there are few reviews on its faucets. So, to offer some insight into customer experience with the company, we sifted through reviews on various products. Overall, many customers seem satisfied with the product quality, design, and ease of installation, as vanities arrive pre-assembled.

However, some customers cited issues with discrepancies in product listings, like minor measurement differences from the listing to actuality. We recommend reviewing the customer reviews on the product you like before purchasing, as feedback varies based on the product.

Customer Service

Generally, plumbing fixture brands have a dedicated customer service team that responds to customer complaints and questions. As we sifted through reviews on Ariel’s product listings, we didn’t come across responses from customer service representatives.

That said, a few reviews mentioned satisfaction with customer service experiences, including helpful representatives and rapid turnaround times.

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