Is Brizo A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Brizo’s faucet lineup is visually stunning – it features lustrous finishes, dazzling silhouettes, and contemporary designs. Several faucets even boast a seamless combination of elegant designs and cutting-edge technology features for convenient usage. But all of this comes at a cost, as these products have steep price tags.

Key Points:

  • Brizo faucets are developed by the Delta Faucet Company, a subsidiary of Masco Corporation.
  • Most Brizo faucets and their components are manufactured in China.
  • The Delta Faucet Company has 3,000 employees who work in its manufacturing facilities around the world.

So, before you commit to a Brizo faucet, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the brand. After all, you might as well figure out what you’re getting yourself into, right? This article dives into the specifics surrounding Brizo, including who makes the products, where they come from, and if they’re any good, so continue reading to learn more!

About Brizo

Brizo is a faucet brand producing high-end, luxurious plumbing fixtures to complete kitchens and bathrooms. The company offers its products in varying collections, each focusing on a different style and application. Some collections focus on the kitchen, including faucets, pot fillers, and accessories. Other collections prioritize the bathroom, steering the focus to complete shower or bath sets.

The designs are sleek, modern, and luxurious, intended to create a sophisticated feel in any space. Every detail is thought out and beautifully designed for optimal function and aesthetics. Each product embodies a fashionable design, emanating luxury and inspiring spaces.

Are Delta And Brizo The Same Company?

While Delta and Brizo technically aren’t the same brand, they operate within the same company. Delta Faucet Company, one of the largest faucet manufacturers in the United States, is the head honcho of both, with multiple faucet brands under its reign. The company manufacturers, Peerless, Delta, and Brizo faucets, each with something slightly different to offer.

Peerless is the company’s budget-friendly option, while Delta is the mid-tier option. Brizo offers the company’s wide range of luxury products, which feature sleek, stylish, and modern designs to meet various aesthetics.

Who Owns Brizo?

Although Brizo is part of Delta Faucet Company’s lineup, there’s one more step to the top. Masco Corporation, a massive U.S. manufacturer producing various residential and commercial faucets, owns Delta Faucet Company. So, while Delta Faucet Company is the parent company of Brizo, Delta, and Peerless, Masco is the parent organization of Delta Faucet Company.

Masco’s founder, Alex Manoogian, came to the U.S. in 1920 with the goal of building a better life for himself and his family. Over the years, Masco’s success has multiplied, with its tentacles reaching into various industries.

In addition to its industry-leading faucet companies, Masco also owns a few more well-known brands. For example, the company owns Behr paint, Hansgrohe faucets, HotSpring spas, and Kichler decorative and outdoor lighting.

In total, Masco owns more than 20 companies and over 60 manufacturing facilities scattered throughout the U.S. On top of that, Masco has an additional 20+ manufacturing facilities outside the U.S. in various other countries.

Who Makes Brizo Faucets?

Delta Faucet Company, Brizo’s parent organization, makes its faucets. The company has dozens of manufacturing facilities scattered around the world, with over 3,000 employees working in the facilities.

Compared to other faucet brands, this is pretty unusual. Many faucet brands outsource the manufacturing process to facilities overseas that don’t bear the brand’s name. Instead, the brand may import the faucets into the U.S. and rebrand them as its own, which is a fairly common practice in the world of faucets.

So, while the Delta Faucet Company technically makes the products, it’s the parent organization of the brand Brizo, so the company handles its own manufacturing.

Where Are Brizo Faucets Made?

For the most part, Brizo faucets and their components are made in China. Delta Faucet Company has a major manufacturing facility in Panyu, where it produces many of Brizo’s products. However, some of Brizo’s products come from outside manufacturers that Masco contracts, so the origin depends on the product.

A few of Brizo’s faucets are still completed in Delta’s domestic assembly plant. This plant, located in Jackson, Tennessee, is primarily automated and handles the assembly and finishing touches for various products. However, while some of the final steps are completed domestically (for some products), the manufacturing process is still outsourced to the primary Panyu factory or other contracted Masco manufacturers.

Are Brizo Faucets Any Good?

Brizo faucets are a solid option for those in the market for a new faucet. However, they might not be the right choice for every situation. So, to help you decide whether a Brizo faucet is right for your home, we divided our answer into a few categories.


Based on dozens of rave reviews from satisfied customers, the quality of Brizo’s faucets is solid. They feature Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology ceramic disc cartridges, which are known for their quality and durability. In addition, they feature PVD finishes, which are high-quality and exceptionally durable. The products are well-designed, durable, and high-quality, making them a solid choice for interested parties.


Brizo faucets are undoubtedly modern and stylish. Its products are available in various collections, each with a unique appearance to accommodate diverse aesthetic tastes. Many of its kitchen faucets feature the highly popular high-arc spouts, complete with streamlined handles and unique touches.

Its bathroom faucets feature simple yet elegant designs, with arced spouts, uniquely-designed handles, and intricate touches. Some faucets feature two-tone color options, including wood and chrome or nickel and matte black.

Its shower designs command the attention of the space, creating a noticeable, classy focal point. The lineup includes a number of options for the ultimate showering experience, from rain showerheads for a soothing rinse to body sprays for an immersive experience.


Brizo faucets are considered luxury products, so it’s no surprise that the price tag on them is pretty steep. Compared to Peerless and Delta, Brizo’s sister companies, the price tag on these faucets is exorbitant.

Many of its kitchen faucets start at $550 or higher, with specific models sailing upward of $800. Brizo bathroom faucets start around $400, with some models boasting price tags of over $700. Its shower and bath products range drastically in price based on the model in question, as some products come with accessories, while others are solely one piece.


Luxury meets technology in Brizo’s product lineup. From its VoiceIQ technology to its SmartTouch tech, Brizo has every base covered. Its kitchen faucets are at the forefront of current tech advances for kitchen faucets, boasting sleek designs paired with seamless tech for a convenient experience.

The SmartTouch technology allows users to regulate the flow of water with a simple tap. Touch the body of the faucet, spout, or handle, and tada – water begins pouring out of the faucet! These faucets feature an integrated TempID feature, an LED light indicating the temperature of the water. The color of the light changes based on the water’s temperature, minimizing the chances of scalding for ultimate usability.

Its VoiceIQ technology lets users easily activate or deactivate the water flow with a simple command. However, it goes beyond a simple command that enables turning the water on and off. In addition to this function, users can tell the faucet to do things like warm up the water, dispense a particular amount, or engage the innovative handwashing mode.


Like many industry-leading faucet manufacturers, Brizo offers an excellent warranty on its faucets. The company warrants all parts and finishes of the faucet are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the home. The warranty solely applies to the consumer purchaser but extends for a lifetime.

The warranty covers everything but electronic parts, batteries, air switch power modules, and components that Brizo doesn’t supply.

The warranty shortens considerably if the product is installed in a commercial setting. Instead of a lifetime warranty, the timeframe shortening to five years for commercial use. In addition, the warranty drops from a lifetime to ten years for products installed in a multi-family residential application, like duplexes, condos, and apartment buildings.

According to Brizo’s warranty, customers with valid claims are eligible for a free repair or replacement. The company may sometimes choose to refund the purchase price in exchange for the product, although this occurs at the company’s discretion.

Customer Reviews

Many of Brizo’s reviews boast excellent reviews, although, like any product, there are a few negative reviews sprinkled throughout. We combed through hundreds of reviews on Brizo’s authorized resellers, including and, focusing primarily on kitchen faucets.

Many satisfied reviewers mention excellent quality, superb function, and sleek designs. Unhappy reviewers cited issues with missing parts, plastic hose connections, and variations in the finish from product photos to real life.

Customer Service

For the most part, Brizo’s customer service team seems to be on the ball. As we sifted through various reviews, we saw multiple responses from Brizo’s customer service team. While the responses were primarily directed toward negative reviews, there were a few responses to happy customers, thanking the customer for taking the time to review.

On the negative reviews, Brizo’s customer service team offered solutions based on the problem and encouraged the customer to reach out with questions or for further assistance. Some reviews mentioned having an outstanding customer service experience, which bodes well for future customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can You Buy Brizo Products?

Brizo products are exclusively available online and through Brizo showrooms. Unfortunately, you won’t find Brizo products in-store or online at popular home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Although Delta products are widely available in these stores, the availability of Brizo products is considerably more limited.

You can purchase Brizo products online from various authorized resellers if you don’t have a showroom near where you live. These resellers include sites like,, AF Supply, and

Brizo 63125LF-GL Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Luxe Gold
Brizo 63125LF-GL Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Luxe Gold
Covered under Brizo’s limited lifetime warranty; Faucet body constructed of brass; Coordinates with products from the Artesso line
Amazon Prime
Brizo 65330LF-PN Bathroom Faucet, 375, Polished Nickel
Brizo 65330LF-PN Bathroom Faucet, 375, Polished Nickel
Two handle lavatory faucet for concealed mounting on 3 hole applications; Accommodates up to 3″ deck thickness
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Brizo 64044LF-GL Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Gold
Brizo 64044LF-GL Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Gold
Assembled in the U.S.A. (Greensburg, Indiana Jackson, Tennessee); Brizo’s limited lifetime faucet and finish warranty (5 year on electronic parts)
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Brizo 63925LF-PN Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Brilliance Polished Nickel
Brizo 63925LF-PN Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement Parts, Brilliance Polished Nickel
MagneDock Technology magnetic docking system; DIAMOND Seal Technology; Euro-motion Diamond Valve with InnoFlex waterways
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