Is Plumb Works A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Perhaps you’re browsing through Menards, sifting through your options to replace your worn-out, leaky faucet. You come across various well-known brands, like Delta, Moen, and Kraus. But there – Plumb Works – a faucet brand you don’t recognize. The price is shockingly low, and the designs are decent.

Key Points:

  • Plumb Works is a faucet brand exclusively sold through Menards, a home improvement chain.
  • Their products are sourced from Chinese manufacturers and come in a wide range of designs.
  • Plumb Works is known for its budget-friendly options that offer decent quality and warranty coverage.

So, who makes Plumb Works faucets? Are they any good? Let’s find out!

About Plumb Works

Plumb Works Inc is a faucet brand exclusively available through Menards’ product lineup. Like Tuscany, another brand under Menards’ umbrella, Plumb Works products are solely sold at Menards.

For those unfamiliar with Menards, the company is a massive home improvement chain that rivals Home Depot and Lowe’s. However, although the company is the third-largest home improvement chain, it solely serves the midwest.

Menards is based out of Eau Clair, Wisconsin, and has dozens of locations scattered throughout the surrounding states. According to Menards’ website, the company doesn’t have any locations on the west coast, east coast, or southern U.S. as of 2023.

Plumb Works products make up the lower end of Menard’s product lineup, including faucets, fixtures, fittings, and accessories, at a budget-friendly price. Tuscany products make up the mid-range options at a slightly higher price.

Who Makes Plumb Works Faucets?

Like many faucet companies today, Plumb Works doesn’t manufacture its own faucets. Instead, the company outsources the project to various suppliers worldwide. The products come from Chinese manufacturing companies, which Plumb Works brands as its own.

Tarng Haur Faucet Enterprises Co., Ltd., Zoje Kitchen, and Bath Co. Ltd, and Kaiping Freendo Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. are the three primary manufacturers of Plumb Works faucets.

Since the manufacturers of Plumb Works faucets aren’t exclusive to Plumb Works, you can find the same models under different brand names. For instance, LDR Industries sells similar products under its brand name.

Where Are Plumb Works Faucets Made?

As mentioned, Plumb Works imports its faucets from Chinese manufacturing companies. The products come from a few suppliers scattered throughout China. The company does source from a company chartered in Taiwan, although that company manufactures its products through a Chinese subsidiary.

Is Plumb Works A Good Brand?

Overall, Plumb Works is a reputable brand. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly faucet with a strong warranty, a Plumb Works faucet might be the perfect fit for you. The products are decent of decent quality and can last several years with proper care, so they’re a solid option.

To help you decide whether a Plumb Works faucet is a good fit for you, consider the following sections.

Product Lines

Many major faucet brands, such as Moen, Kohler, and Delta, offer a wide range of plumbing products and accessories. Plumb Works is no different, as it provides an extensive range of products. Its offerings include:

  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Showerheads
  • Bathtub and shower faucets
  • Kitchen and bath accessories
  • Plumbing snakes and augers
  • Supply valves
  • Supply lines
  • Drains
  • Various parts for plumbing fixtures, including toilets, sinks, and faucets (washers, hinge bolts, coupling nuts, etc.)


The quality of Plumb Works faucets is solid. While higher quality faucets are available on the market for a steeper price, these products are a decent choice at an unbeatable price. The warranty offers exceptional coverage, so if something arises with the quality of the product, you might be eligible for replacement parts at no charge.


Plumb Works faucets are exceptionally affordable, with every faucet coming in at $60 or less. Its most expensive kitchen faucet (One-Handle Pull-Out Chrome Kitchen Faucet) costs $54.99*, while the cheapest model (One-Handle Polished Chrome Drinking Water Faucet) costs a mere $14.97*.

Its bathroom faucets are even more budget-friendly, with every model coming in at $40 or less. The priciest model (One-Handle 4” Centerset Bathroom Faucet) costs $39.97*, while the cheapest faucet (Two-Handle 4” Centerset Chrome Bathroom Faucet) is a paltry $7.99*!

*at the time of writing (Jan 2023)


Considering the price of Plumb Works faucets, the warranty on them is exceptional. Each Plumb Works faucet comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee that the parts and assemblies of the model will be free from defects in material and workmanship under regular residential use. The warranty extends for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the product.

This warranty is comparable to industry-leading warranties offered by major brands like Delta, Moen, Kohler, and Kraus. Of course, there are a few stipulations. For example, customers must have the original receipt to file a warranty claim. In addition, the warranty states the company’s responsibility ends beyond the replacement of parts.


Plumb Works offers a few faucets for the kitchen and bathrooms. While the company offers a few modern designs with sleek, clean silhouettes, many of the products embody styles of previous years. For example, five of its nine bathroom faucets feature the clear plastic handles popular in previous years.

Its kitchen faucet offerings aren’t much better, as there are few modern-style options. There are two high-arc drinking water faucets with contemporary designs and only one kitchen faucet designed with the popular high-arc design. The other four options in the lineup feature older styles with low-arc designs and clear plastic handles (a few have a single handle).


If you’re searching for a beautiful, high-tech faucet, you won’t find one in Plumb Works’ lineup. The company only offers 16 models between the kitchen and bathroom applications, and none of them feature any tech add-ons.

So, if you want a touchless, touch, or voice-activated faucet, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, Menards doesn’t have a customer review system in place on its online website. So, while the products look of decent quality, potential customers don’t have access to previous reviews to base their final decision on.

3 thoughts on “Is Plumb Works A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review”

  1. I have bought and installed two kitchen faucets by plumb works model 011pw32112cp both faucets have leaked replaced the first one now the second one is leaking water in a stream i cannot get set screw out to try to fix and no info on what size of allen wrence and is it turned counterclockwise to remove or clockwise neither way works would not recommend this product

  2. Plumb works sells three types of pop-up sink drains: with an overflow hole, without an overflow hole, and one that simply says pop-up drain, with no comment if there’s an overflow hole or not. Because it’s a binary, you only have two options: either with a hole or without one. Unfortunately for me, I bought the third kind that did not mention if it had an overflow hole or not. I figured that the absence of this description means there was no hole. Wrong. The third option which just says “pop up drain” also has an overflow hole, which is super confusing. Why would you have two different labels for the exact same product? I had to drive 7 miles back to the store and swap it out. I wish the labels were better.

  3. Wish I could leave a review on Menard’s site. Don’t buy Plumb Works. Their Installation Help and Warranty Claim phone number is disabled. Their web site is for a real plumber’s shop in Atlanta, GA. Their pop-up drain doesn’t seat properly and water pools around the bathroom sink drain and their is no way to fix it other than to buy a separate brass pop-up drain (I’m told) or just keep mopping up the pooled water every time the water is used.


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