Is Restoration Hardware A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

If you’re browsing through Restoration Hardware’s aisles or sifting through its website offerings, you might be drawn in by the stunning, sleek designs and glossy, pristine modern finishes. However, before you click “Place Order” on the surprisingly expensive faucet, you decide to do a bit of research.

Key Points:

  • Restoration Hardware doesn’t specify where their faucets are made, but it is likely they outsource parts to countries such as China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.
  • From what I could tell, Restoration Hardware does not have a warranty for its faucets.
  • Restoration Hardware faucets can be quite expensive, but members are eligible for discounts of up to 25% off full-priced items.

So, who makes Restoration Hardware faucets, and where do they make them? Are they worth it? Let’s find out.

Where Are Restoration Hardware Faucets Made?

Like many companies, Restoration Hardware doesn’t broadcast where its products are made or even who they’re made by. In its catalog, Restoration Hardware proclaims its faucets are assembled in Germany.

However, the company hasn’t released information regarding where its faucets are actually made. While the products are reportedly assembled in California, it’s unknown where the company sources all of its parts.

Given the shift of many faucet companies outsourcing to Asian manufacturing facilities, it’s likely Restoration Hardware has done the same. In most cases, faucet components are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Indonesia before being imported into the U.S. for assembly and sale. In some cases, the entire process is outsourced, and the faucet brand simply rebrands foreign-made fixtures with its own brand name.

Who Makes Restoration Hardware Faucets?

While there is limited information available regarding the maker of Restoration Hardware faucets, we do know a few things. The manufacturer of your Restoration Hardware faucet hinges on the model in question. Some of Restoration Hardware’s faucets are designed and assembled by Brasstech, but this isn’t true for all RH faucets.

Restoration Hardware sources the ceramic disc valves in its faucets from Fluhs Drehetchnik, a German company known for its precision machining. However, aside from this information, there isn’t much to work with, as Restoration Hardware doesn’t release this information.

It’s very likely that RH outsources parts of the manufacturing process to manufacturing plants in Asian countries, as this is standard for many faucet brands today to cut production costs.

Are Restoration Hardware Faucets Any Good?

For some folks, a Restoration Hardware faucet might offer the perfect finishing touch to complete their bathrooms. However, for others, the lofty prices and lack of a warranty may serve as a deterrent. To help you decide whether these faucets are a good fit for your home, we split our answer into sections: quality, pricing, warranty, design, technology, customer service, and customer reviews.


Restoration Hardware doesn’t have a customer review system on its website, making it difficult to evaluate the overall quality of these products. We combed through dozens of reviews on other websites, including Consumer Affairs, Yelp, and Trustpilot. While there were very few reviews mentioning faucets, those that did have very few positive things to say.

One reviewer purchased a wall-mount handheld shower system and mentioned issues with a peeling finish and strange color changes. While the products appear to be of good quality, it’s tricky to give decisive feedback given the limited, albeit poor, customer feedback available.


The cost of Restoration Hardware’s products is far from budget-friendly. For non-members, customers can expect to pay at least $1,000 or more for its faucets. On sale, the price may drop well below the impressive price tag, but it all depends on the sale.

However, while the prices aren’t cheap, frequent flyers of Restoration Hardware can take advantage of its membership program. The company has a member system, which offers slashed retail prices for those who hold a membership. Restoration Hardware charges a $175 annual membership fee at the time of writing (Jan. 2023). With this membership, customers receive a 25% discount on full-priced items and a whopping 20% off sale items.


Unfortunately, Restoration Hardware doesn’t appear to offer warranties on its faucets. We browsed through several faucet listings on its website and didn’t see any warranty documentation. In most cases, you can find warranty information listed directly on a brand’s website, with information about the warranty’s length, terms, conditions, and how to file a claim.

However, the only semblance of a warranty Restoration Hardware documents on its website is its return policy. According to the return policy, customers can return or exchange their faucets within 30 days of the delivery date. However, there are restrictions to the returns, so exclusions may apply.


There’s no doubting the beauty of Restoration Hardware’s faucet lineup. The products are beautifully designed, featuring sleek silhouettes with modern touches. Like many faucet brands, the company offers its products in several collections, including the Lambeth, Modern, and Lugarno collections.

Each collection has a different design aesthetic, so customers shouldn’t have any issues finding something to meet their design style. Since the products come in collections, customers can purchase various accessories to match, including towel bars, bathroom faucets, showers, showerheads, and more.

While many faucet brands offer kitchen, bath, and utility faucets, Restoration Hardware’s lineup is confined to the bathroom.


Despite the lofty prices and apparent attention to modern tastes, Restoration Hardware doesn’t offer any techy faucets. While many industry-leading brands provide a range of tech-filled taps, including touch, touchless, and voice-activated features, Restoration Hardware only offers manual faucets.

So, if you’re searching for a stunning touchless or voice-activated faucet, you’ll have better luck looking elsewhere.

Customer Service

As we combed through dozens of customer reviews, we found mixed feedback surrounding Restoration Hardware’s customer service. The quality of service evidently varies based on location, as some customers mentioned happy, helpful customer service reps, but others cited “snobby” and “haughty” representatives.

While it’s typical for there to be a few negative reviews surrounding the customer service representatives, there appears to be an even mix of happy and dissatisfied customers.

Customer Reviews

Although many industry-leading brands, like Moen, Kohler, and Delta, have a review system set up on their websites, Restoration Hardware doesn’t. There isn’t a system in place enabling customers to give feedback on products, so potential customers don’t have this factor to use in their decision-making process.

We searched through several review websites, like Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp. We found that reviews vary drastically based on the store location, as some stores have rave reviews and others are less than stellar.

We found several reviews mentioning their experiences with the website. While most of the reviews centered around other products from Restoration Hardware, the feedback was a muddle of positive and negative remarks. Some folks applauded the company for exceptional return policy service and good quality products, while others criticized customer service and the cheap-feeling nature of the products.

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