Is Water Ridge A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Perhaps you’re surfing eBay for a new faucet and come across an unfamiliar name: Water Ridge. Or, maybe you’re combing the Internet for information on an old faucet in your home boasting a Water Ridge brand. They seem to be ever elusive, with a few listings here and there but not much to go on.

Key Points:

  • Water Ridge is a trademark of Globe Union Industrial Corp, a company that owns various brands and acts as an OEM source for high-quality products.
  • Water Ridge faucets are no longer available through mainstream sellers like Sam’s Club and Costco and are mostly out of stock on other sites.
  • Globe Union is a Chinese faucet manufacturer with major manufacturing facilities in China, and it’s unclear where Water Ridge faucets were specifically produced.

So, who makes these faucets, and where are they made? Let’s find out.

About Water Ridge

Water Ridge is a trademark of Globe Union Industrial Corp., a massive company that owns brands like Prima, Gerber, Danze, and Lenz. Globe Union is an OEM source providing high-quality products for various brands, including some of its own.

While still trademarked under its parent company, Water Ridge has faded into the background, becoming a ghost in Globe Union’s offerings. In its heyday, the brand offered a variety of bathroom and kitchen faucets at budget-friendly prices, but today, they’re hard to come by.


Unfortunately, Water Ridge’s faucets aren’t available through mainstream sellers anymore. The brand used to be available at Sam’s Club and Costco, but its products no longer appear on the website or in-store.

While there are a few listings for these faucets on some sites, like Walmart’s website, most of the products are out of stock. There are a couple of straggler listings available on sites like eBay and Mercari, but beyond that, these faucets are a thing of the past.

The brand’s Canadian website is still running, but many of the faucets listed on the site are marked “Inactive.” However, the models bearing an “Active” label aren’t available for purchase on the site, so we’re unsure where they’re supposedly for sale.

The U.S. site is still up, too, but all its faucets are marked “Inactive.”

Who Makes Water Ridge Faucets?

Globe Union Industrial Corp, Ltd. is the manufacturer of Water Ridge faucets. The corporation serves as the brand’s manufacturer and parent company. However, while the corporation acts as both, there’s little trace of the brand on its website.

Instead, the brand is essentially non-existent, no longer available in mainstream stores or even on its own website. It’s possible that Globe Union might revive the brand and begin marketing it in other stores, but given that Costco and Sam’s Club no longer sell these brands, it’s tough to say which way it’ll go.

Those two sellers were the leading retailers of Water Ridge products, so the brand might disappear completely.

Where Are Water Ridge Faucets Made?

Globe Union is a Chinese faucet manufacturer, so some of its products are produced in China. According to its website, the company has major manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Dhan Dong, China.

These facilities are responsible for creating most of its sanitary vitreous china products, faucets, showerheads, and bathroom accessories.

However, in addition, the company has worldwide headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. There are a couple of specialty manufacturing operations at this site, so it’s possible that some of the Water Ridge faucets were produced there.

Globe Union has a few general offices in North America, but they’re strictly for sales, marketing, and distribution. In addition, the company has a few locations throughout Europe and the UK, but like its North American offices, they don’t handle manufacturing.

Are Water Ridge Faucets Any Good?

While you can’t buy any Water Ridge faucets from mainstream retailers (accurate at the time of writing), there are a couple of listings on sites like eBay. They’re relatively inexpensive, but are they any good? We evaluated a few aspects of Water Ridge’s offerings to answer the question.


Hands-on testing is essential in evaluating the quality of a faucet. However, since these faucets aren’t available anymore and thorough testing takes a few years, we opted for a different approach. We evaluated the limited faucet information we have, and usually, we’d examine customer reviews, but considering the brand isn’t actively selling at mainstream sellers, it wasn’t an option.

The limited information we did find on these faucets was promising. The taps feature brass bases and Global Union’s proprietary cartridges, which are solid. The brass construction bodes well for the faucets’ longevity and is pretty standard for most good-quality faucets out there.


The designs of Water Ridge’s lineups are tastefully modern, with silhouettes that emulate trending designs. Many of the active faucets on the brand’s Canadian websites feature high-arcs, spring spouts, and single-handle designs, which are trendy picks.

The faucets come in varying finishes, including matte black, stainless steel, brushed nickel, and gold.


Although Water Ridge’s Canadian website still sports numerous faucet models, none of them are available for sale through the site. So, there’s no pricing information available directly from the brand.

As mentioned, a couple of listings offer these faucets on eBay, but they’re likely marked down. We found a few scattered discussions regarding the cost of these faucets, and from these comments, it sounds like these faucets were around $150 or less.

This price range would put these models well within the budget-friendly category, as many faucets available from familiar brands are $100 or more.


None of the models on Water Ridge’s websites, active or inactive, feature tech perks. No touch-on, touchless, or voice-activated models are listed, so if you prefer the useable convenience of tech-packed faucets, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


We found no trace of warranty information on Water Ridge’s website. Given the skeletal nature of the site, it’s not particularly surprising. However, we did come across a few comments surrounding the warranty that once was.

Some folks state the products originally came with a lifetime warranty, valid for the original buyer. Beyond that, there’s not much to go on.

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, the lack of product listings translates to absolutely no customer ratings. Generally, we would comb through customer reviews on familiar sites, like Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, as many faucet brands have a presence on these websites.

However, since Water Ridge has melted into the past, there aren’t any reviews on sites like those for us to evaluate.

Customer Service

Generally, we find responses from a dedicated customer service team as we sift through customer reviews. Since there were no customer reviews, we didn’t come across responses to customer complaints.

Water Ridge doesn’t appear to have any customer service team of its own, as the “Contact Us” button on its website sends you straight to Globe Union’s contact page. Apparently, customers with old Water Ridge faucets can still seek support via this page, but they won’t find assistance directly through the brand.

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