6 Possible Reasons Why Your Moen Touchless Faucet Is Not Working

Moen’s touchless faucets are beautifully designed and practical, making them essential pieces of many modernized kitchens. Can’t turn the tap on since your hands are coated in sticky bread dough? No free hands to work the handle? No worries – this faucet has you covered. The touchless feature allows you to easily regulate water flow from your kitchen faucet without touching the handle or engaging a touch feature.

But what happens when this feature stops working? While it isn’t the worst possible thing that could happen, it can be irritating, as the touchless feature is a key aspect of the faucet. Before you throw in the towel and stop using this feature altogether (or call a plumber), read through our guide. We did the hard work for you and collected 6 potential reasons why your touchless faucet is on strike (plus fixes for each issue), so continue reading to learn more!

6 Reasons Why Your Moen Touchless Faucet Isn’t Working and Potential Fixes

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When your Moen faucet’s touchless feature stops working or only works in some scenarios, one of six culprits is usually causing the issues. The following sections outline these common problems and fixes.

1. Loose Cables

In some cases, the problem might be as simple as loose connections in vital areas of the faucet. Each connection needs to be secure for the touchless feature to work on your Moen faucet. Otherwise, the feature may not work (either sometimes or all of the time).

If your faucet’s touchless feature offers erratic functionality and only works occasionally, this might be the culprit.

How To Fix It

Luckily, correcting this issue is quick and easy. Several cables feed to and from the box beneath the faucet, bringing power to the system. Simply tighten or resecure the cables and connections underneath the sink.

Check these cables and ensure they’re securely connected, as poor connections cause issues. Verify that the data and power source cables (a battery pack or an AC adapter) are secure and tight in their connection points.

If the connections are loose, tighten them as necessary.

2. Faulty Batteries

If the cables feeding to and from the control box underneath your sink look fine and are securely connected, the problem might lie with the batteries. While this isn’t a logical explanation for faucets with AC adapters, it might be the culprit for those with battery packs.

Loose, faulty, or incorrectly installed batteries can cause the faucet to function erratically or not at all. In addition, using the wrong type of batteries can lead to problems with function.

How To Fix It

Like the last fix, the remedy to this solution is straightforward. Check the batteries for proper orientation and a snug fit if your faucet functions using a battery pack. Reinstall any batteries inserted the wrong way and secure loose batteries.

You can also try replacing the batteries, as they could be out of power. Replace each battery with a fresh battery of the proper size and type (Moen recommends Alkaline batteries).

Once you’re done, reinstall the battery cover and check for proper function.

3. Protective Label Block

When you initially buy a new Moen faucet, it comes with protective labels that block the sensors and various components throughout the faucet. This ensures the tap doesn’t automatically turn on before you’re ready (such as before you install the drain assembly).

While these protective labels are usually pretty obvious, it’s easy to forget to remove them accidentally. If these labels remain in place, the touchless feature on your Moen faucet will remain inactive, as the sensors cannot detect movement due to the covering.

How To Fix It

This repair process might be the easiest of the bunch, as the problem lies with the little stickers covering the sensors. Peel the stickers away from the sensors, allowing them to detect movement around the faucet and activate water flow as needed.

Be careful not to damage the finish as you remove these stickers. Generally, the easiest way to remove them is with your fingernail, but you could also use something else to gently pry up the edge of the sticker (such as a toothpick, butter knife, etc.).

4. Disabled Sensors

Moen Arbor Spot Resist Stainless Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Clean, 7594EWSRS

Moen’s touchless faucets have a feature that allows you to disable and re-enable the sensors as necessary. If your faucet’s sensors abruptly stopped working for no apparent reason, verify the sensors are activated.

How To Fix It

You can easily disable and re-enable your faucet’s sensors using your hands and the handle. To enable your faucet’s Ready Sensor (front sensor), simply open the handle to turn the water on, then hold your hand above the sensor for approximately five seconds.

If both sensors are inactive, turn on the water and position your hands in front of both sensors for 10 seconds. You should see a blue light flash on the Ready Sensor indicating the sensors are active. Move your hands away and turn the water off.

Check the faucet sensors for proper function.

5. Manufacturer Defect

Unfortunately, the problem could fall to a manufacturer defect, and none of the above repair processes will work when this is the case. So, if your faucet is on strike and your efforts are to no avail, you might want to consider reaching out to Moen’s customer support.

For example, it could be a failed solenoid valve (the part that regulates water flow within the faucet based on the sensor’s input). In some cases, this component might be covered by warranty. 

How To Fix It

Given the potential complexity of a manufacturer defect, it’s usually best to seek the assistance of Moen’s team. Most of Moen’s products are backed by an impressive warranty, so you might be able to receive a replacement product. Of course, warranty claims and each outcome varies based on the scenario, so some situations might not result in a replacement product.

6. Light Switch Off

If you plug your Moen faucet’s power cable into a regular outlet beneath your sink, there’s a possibility the issue could lie with this outlet. Sometimes, these outlets can be controlled via a switch near the sink (commonly used for garbage disposals).

When the switch is off, appliances plugged into that particular outlet will not receive power, so they won’t work at all.

How To Fix It

The repair for this problem is easy – just flip the switch controlling the outlet. Ensure the switch is in the ON position, then check your faucet for proper function. In some cases, the problem might be more extensive, such as issues with the outlet itself or power through the circuit.

If you suspect the outlet is the problem, try to plug another appliance into it and check for proper function. The outlet is likely the issue if the secondary appliance you use for testing doesn’t work (be sure to verify this appliance actually works using a functioning outlet before conducting this test). In this case, you’ll probably need an electrician to remedy the problem for you, as electric issues can be tricky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Moen Arbor Spot Resist Stainless Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Clean, 7594EWSRS

What Do The LED Blink Patterns Mean On A Moen Touchless Faucet?

On Moen’s MotionSense faucets, there is a LED light on the control box. This light aids in troubleshooting issues with your faucet by offering varying blink sequences. Three common patterns indicate a problem with your tap:

  • Light remains on constantly: If the control box LED light remains on constantly, there is something wrong with the control box that requires replacing.
  • One long blink followed by a short blink: This sequence indicates a replacement for the electronic module within the valve is necessary.
  • Three short blinks: This tells you a spout replacement is needed.

How Do You Reset A Moen Touchless Faucet?

Resetting a Moen touchless faucet is a straightforward process. The process takes a few minutes to complete. Follow these steps to reset your Moen touchless faucet:

  1. Find the control box underneath your sink (usually gray or black) and disconnect the power source cable from the control box.
  2. Disconnect the data cable from the control box (black cable).
  3. After disconnecting both cables, wait one minute to allow the control box to reset.
  4. Verify there’s nothing in front of either sensor above the sink, then reconnect the cables to the control box.
  5. Let the faucet sit for two minutes without touching it, giving the system time to power on and cycle as necessary. Once the faucet comes back on and completes its cycle, check for proper function.

Why Is My Faucet Sensor Not Working?

There are a few reasons that could lead to a faulty faucet sensor, but the most common culprits include the following:

  • Loose cable connections
  • Power issues (batteries or AC adapter)
  • Disabled sensors
  • Blocked sensors

Manufacturer defects happen, but they’re not as common as the above issues.

Will A Moen Touchless Faucet Work Without Batteries?

According to Moen, MotionSense touchless faucets require power to operate in electronic or manual mode. So, if your home doesn’t have power or your faucet’s electronic components aren’t functioning correctly, your faucet won’t work.

Batteries in Moen MotionSense faucets (they require 6 AA alkaline batteries) generally last about a year, although this is an estimate. If you use your faucet more frequently, the batteries may run out faster than in other cases.

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