AquaSource Faucet & Toilet Reviews

The right kitchen faucets can really make or break the overall look and feel of a room, and it is super important to get these seemingly smaller details just right!

There is no sense in working hard to make sure that the rest of the room is perfect if you are forced to ignore the finishing touches due to financial restrictions, lack of choice in models or colors, or a lack of knowledge about the very best products available. With so many options on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you are sticking to a tight budget.

In addition to helping improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, choosing the right faucet can also make your life a lot easier!

Best Selling AquaSource Bath Products

Whether you pick a high arc or a wall mount, touch or touchless – making an informed decision with plenty of facts, helps you sleep easy knowing that your space not only looks great but that it is also functional and a perfect fit for your family needs.

AquaSource kitchen faucets offer a high-quality budget option for homeowners looking to renovate their kitchen faucets and can provide a variety of solutions to help you pick the perfect product.

Color, configuration, centered or to the side…there are a lot of choices to make when you are updating your faucets, and you will be pleased to discover that AquaSource carries something for every home within their range. This means that there is no need to compromise on your perfect finish just because you may be paying less; on the contrary, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with a range of colors, finishes, and mechanics.

Despite their status as a discount brand, AquaSource nonetheless has a solid reputation for offering simple, high-quality products that work exactly as their customers require. Even better, there will be plenty of spare cash left over to help you tackle another home decor challenge!

Brief History of the Brand

AquaSource is a discount brand almost exclusively sold by the Lowes store, and it can be very tricky to source these products anywhere else. In 2008, LF, LLC trademarked the name ‘AquaSource,’ and this is the company that has ownership of Lowes. This tells us that the brand is very much combined with the Lowes store brand, though they do still remain slightly separate entities.

Despite their connection to Lowes, AquaSource kitchen faucets also have a rich history across the globe, and Lowes has been known to obtain the products from a variety of sources.

Long Tai Copper Corp is a brand established in 1981 in Taiwan, and pride themselves on being one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers for both single and double-handed faucets – all at the very highest quality. In addition, many AquaSource products come from Roddex Bath Hardware Co, Ltd, a company founded in 1999 in Shanghai.

As you can see, AquaSource is a brand with a lengthy history, despite their seemingly new association with the Lowes store.


Not all faucets are created equal, and this is clear to see when we start to examine the AquaSource kitchen faucets range more closely.

One of the major benefits of the brand is its ability to adapt its product to a variety of customer preferences, lifestyles, and needs. Though they sit at the lower end of most budgets, it is possible to enjoy a few extras and perks with an AquaSource faucet, including the WaterSense labeling which can see your unit using 20% less water, without any restrictions or minimizations on the efficiency of the flow.

Many options in the range come with a flow rate of 1.2GPM, and this is in line with wider industry standards, as well as more expensive water-saving models.

As well as saving the planet, customers can also protect their health by making sure that the water is as clear as possible. Most faucets in the AquaSource brand are compatible with a Reverse Osmosis System, which will treat the water and remove any contaminants which may be lurking.

Pressure is used to filter the water molecules through a membrane, and any unwanted substances are flushed out, allowing you to enjoy safer, cleaner water. This is a real bonus considering the lower price of many models, and a fantastic incentive to choose AquaSource over some higher-end brands which may not offer these features!

Most AquaSource models will also come fitted with ceramic disc-valves, and reviews confirm that these can be very useful in helping to reduce the drips and leaks, which can come with new faucets, saving you valuable time and money in the future.

The brand also prides itself on offering ADA – Americans with Disability Act – compliant products, ensuring full accessibility right across the range.

Types of Faucets

AquaSource offers a wide variety of types of faucets for customers to choose from, and this allows you to pick the perfect match for your own needs and space.

High Arc

One of the most popular choices available is the high arc faucet.

These models tend to have narrower and more elongated spouts, and these can add a sleek, streamlined look, which is the perfect accompaniment to a minimalist or modern style kitchen.

This style is also an ideal pick for anyone who may suffer from a disability or mobility issues, as the extra space it provides in the sink means that high arc faucets are fully ADA compliant.

Low Arc

Low arc faucets are a top choice for customers who may have smaller kitchens or more limited space available around the sink area. The overall design is much smaller and more compact and offers a traditional finish that will suit most kitchen styles.


Centerset styles are very traditional and can add a classic, timeless look to your space. Again, they are also a great choice if you are lacking in space, or looking to maximize your sink area.

AquaSource centerset faucets have the added bonus of ceramic cartridges to minimize any leaks and are fully ADA compliant.

One Handle Pull Out

Pull out faucets are a top choice for those looking for a little more flexibility from their product. They work by allowing the head of the faucet to be pulled forward using an extendable hose, and this is longer to allow greater movement.

A pull out option is perfect if you need to fill pots and pans, and can help you to really make the most of smaller spaces. The top choice in the AquaSource range also comes with a soap dispenser for extra convenience, and offers the chance to choose from two water settings for the sprayer; a pre-rinse mode which carries a little more power, and a softer, gentle stream.

Two Handle

The AquaSource range also carries several two-handled faucets, which sees each component sit separately in its own space, rather than being connected to a single deck plate. This allows for far greater individuality when it comes to placing your faucets, and means you can really make the product work for you. AquaSource models also have the bonus of a WaterSense label, ensuring that they use 20% less water each time, but with no compromise on efficiency!

One Handle Pull Down

Another popular choice for homeowners looking for something a little different is a pull down faucet.

These models offer an elegant and sophisticated finish to any kitchen space, all while providing extra height and space, and the flexibility to carry out essential household tasks. The faucet head can be pulled down and closer to the sink, and this means that containers and basins can be filled more quickly, as you can direct the flow more closely to the target.

If you are working in a busy kitchen, or need to carry out chores such as cleaning muddy boots, filling vases, or even just prepping for dinner, a pull down option could be a great addition.

It is important to remember that these can have lower water pressure than other types of faucets, so this is something to consider before installation.

Wall Mount

One of the major appeals of the high arc AquaSource faucet options is the extra space provided by the goose-like neck, and this can be enhanced further by choosing a wall-mounted option.

As the name suggests, these are fixed into the wall, rather than on a central deck on the sink or basin, offering you more flexibility and choice in where your faucets are located. This can also free up space around the sink, helping you to make the most of every inch, and making sure your kitchen remains free from clutter.

A wall-mounted option can also offer a fresh, modern feel to the kitchen.

Value & Price

There is no denying that AquaSource is widely considered a budget brand within the industry, and for a good reason, their rates and prices fall well below the price commanded by high-end companies!

Despite this, they offer a wide variety of good-quality, reliable faucets which do the job well. As discussed, these products are primarily available from Lowe stores, and prices here seem to hover around $150 on average.

Some of the options available at the lower end can be approximately $75 or even less, and a specific finish or in-demand product may set you back around $200 – still a bargain when we consider the entry prices of some more expensive brands.

AquaSource is a brand with an excellent reputation for reliability, and the inclusion of their ceramic disc faucets means that leaks are thankfully relatively rare, as many reviews confirm.

This means the maintenance required is at a minimum, and parts are fairly cheap if a repair is needed. This is a little unusual with lower-priced products and is a real incentive to try an AquaSource faucet.

The performance of most models is consistent, good, and accompanied by an attractive aesthetic, a range of styles and finishes, and a strong reputation for being a reliable budget brand.


For extra peace of mind, homeowners will be pleased to discover that all AquaSource products come with a limited lifetime warranty, and this is active from the moment the faucet leaves the factory.

All models are guaranteed to be free from any flaws or defects in either craftsmanship or materials, and AquaSource agrees to either repair or replace the faucet in the event that you run into an issue.

There are different ways to activate the warranty, depending on where you purchased the product from; Lowe’s customers will have a specific number, and there are also options if you used a Home Depot site.

AquaSource themselves can also be contacted directly at, and this can be a great source of information or further contacts.

Are AquaSource Faucets Right for You?

For any homeowner looking to update their kitchen faucets on a budget, there is no denying that AquaSource is a strong contender.

But if you decide AquaSource isn’t the right brand for you, I’ve written about other major brands as well.

The lower prices mean that it is easy to transform your kitchen by changing just a few simple details, and the great variety on offer allows you to pick a product that will be a perfect match and addition to the overall look of the space.

Even better, this is a brand with a reputation for being reliable, and this means that you can make your purchase without having to worry about extra repair bills further down the line.

The lifetime warranty also helps to enhance this peace of mind, and offers customers on a budget a stylish, fashionable yet affordable way to update their kitchen faucets to a more suitable solution, and bring a new lease of life into any tired kitchen!