The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Choosing the right kitchen faucet is an essential part of creating your perfect culinary space.

The market is flooded with countless brands, each boasting unique designs and groundbreaking technologies, making this decision more complex than ever.

Quick Answer:

The best kitchen faucet brands, known for their exceptional quality and innovation, are Moen, Delta Faucet, Kohler, Grohe, and American Standard. These brands consistently offer a perfect blend of reliability, stylish design, and advanced features suitable for various kitchen types.

From the quality of materials to innovative features and from customer service to value for money, our comprehensive guide will arm you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed choice.

Links To My Favorite & Most Reliable Kitchen Faucet Brands:

Consumers’ Pick

Here at Mr. Kitchen Faucets, we’ve written dozens of reviews of kitchen faucets, all to compare the world’s most popular faucet brands and help you purchase the perfect product for your home.

Not sure where to begin with purchasing a new tap? The first thing to do is to check out consumer reviews and the customer assistance offered by each company.

Be confident in your choice by reading about consumers’ most reliable kitchen faucet brands.

  • Pfister: This brand has been producing the highest quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over a century, building up a flawless track record of excellent customer service over this time. It’s exceptionally rare for consumers to have bad words against Pfister due to their speed and willingness to replace (for free) any system or part that fails. This service is part of the lifetime warranty they offer with their products, called Pforever Warranty®. Potential customers can be assured that their new fixture is guaranteed to function for life and that any problems will be promptly resolved.
  • Kraus: New York-based brand Kraus proudly displays an ‘Ideas’ tab on their website homepage, showing submissions of their products in action nestled in the kitchens of happy customers (click to see the #LoveMyKraus inspiration gallery). The company is so sure that customers will love their products that they have a simple form in which anyone can send in a photo of their Kraus kitchen fixtures. Kraus also offers the option to ‘Email an Expert’ for advice on every tap they supply. Any question, big or small, is no problem for their friendly team, who will be happy to assist.

Innovative Gadgets & Technology

Pull Out Faucet

From double spouts to hands-free faucets, brands are competing to produce stylish and efficient kitchen faucets. New technology is constantly being developed to speed up kitchen chores and streamline your cooking and washing experience.

See below for our top-rated faucet brands for the development of advanced technology.

  • Delta: Delta reimagined the faucet in 2011 when it released its Touch2O® and Touch2O.xt™ technology – the former being touch-operated and the latter hands-free and touchless. These sensor-activated taps revolutionized the industry, eliminating handles that brought a wealth of benefits. No longer did users have to struggle with stiff handles, get soap and dirt all over the fixture, or leave a puddle around the faucet. With a swift touch or wave of the hand, consumers can turn their taps on and off – simple as that. MagnaTite docking is included in all of their products, which feature pull-out and pull-down removable hoses, as well as side sprays. This ensures removable features never sag or fall out of their docks and are kept firmly in place with super-strength magnets. 
  • Moen: Moen offers a special range of Sip beverage faucets, providing cold filtered water flow straight from the tap. These are specially designed for those who want to drink safe, filtered water from their home taps and remove the need to buy separate filter jugs. 
  • Hansgrohe: Hansgrohe is dedicated to integrating eco-friendly technologies into its plumbing products. They offer an AirFlow aerated water stream option, which mixes water with air for less waste, and a CoolStart option to help you save energy in your household by reducing hot water use. See their EcoSmart page to learn how you can save water temperature and energy in your home with Hansgrohe.  Many Hansgrohe products come with an extra spout (such as their pull-down varieties) and matching side sprays included in the price for excellent variation in your kitchen. Easily fill pots with your powerful pot-filler arm or remove stubborn stains from dishes with the concentrated stream from your side spray hose.
  • Pfister: Like Moen, Pfister offers a built-in filtration system within their faucets called Xtract. They promise delicious filtered water straight from the tap at twice the speed of a conventional water filter.

High-End Faucet Brands

Looking for a stunning centerpiece for your new designer kitchen? Mr. Kitchen Faucet is here to help. In this section, we’ll advise you on deluxe high-end faucet brands guaranteed to supply your dream faucet.

  • Kohler:  Kohler’s price range is concentrated at the upper end of the budget scale – but for good reason. They offer premium touchless faucets, futuristic-style pot fillers, and bold gooseneck 360-degree swiveling designs to help with all kitchen tasks. For a gadget equipped with sensors, robotic arms, and premium finishes, look no further than Kohler.
  • Delta:  Delta products are elegant, high-performance, and different. They combine the widest spectrum of advanced technologies in one faucet than any other brand. Want a tap that has Touch2O Technology®, DIAMOND™ Seal to guarantee zero leaks, electronic sensors, and ultra-strong magnets to hold additional hoses in their brackets? You can have all of this and more, all within one Delta faucet.

Brands for Shoppers on Tight Budgets 

If your old tap has suddenly broken and left you facing a bill, you can’t afford this month, or you’ve just moved into a new house and think you don’t have the spare cash for a fancy faucet – don’t panic!

Check out the following best kitchen faucet brands that offer the magic combination of low prices and high functionality.

  • Kraus:  Kraus is undoubtedly the brand of kitchen faucets for people on a tight budget. Their products are stunningly cheap, but better yet, still feature lots of new technologies around for kitchen fixtures – like aerated stream options, 360-degree swivel, and more. Enhance your kitchen for less with Kraus, with styles starting from just $80.
  • AquaSource:  Owned by Lowes, this brand offers faucets, sinks, toilets, and more at very reasonable prices.  They are known for the warranty and WaterSense technology, which will help save money on your water bill.  They also use all ceramic discs in their kitchen faucets to prevent leaks.
  • Mirabelle:  Starting at around $250, Mirabelle’s cheapest options nonetheless feature pull-out hoses so that you can clean and spray anywhere around your kitchen area, not limiting you to one spot. These hoses are held in place with strong magnetic docks and can be toggled between full power spray and aerated stream – amazing features for a low-budget model.
  • American Standard:  Grab an American Standard faucet for only $130. Their lower-priced products are simple with no frills but do exactly what they say on the tin. They also look stylish and are ergonomically designed – perfect for use by all the family.
  • Glacier Bay: Priced as low as $60 in some cases, this brand offers great value and warranty to consumers on tight budgets.  They are ideal for rental or vacation properties where function is more important than form and style.

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands for Unique Styles and Tastes

kitchen faucet buyers guide

Need a faucet to go with your kitchen’s unconventional color scheme? We can help! Check out these suggestions for the best kitchen faucet brands that cater to the most individual of tastes.

  • Vigo:  Vigo creates attention-demanding feature faucets that your house visitors are sure to compliment. They famously only offer silver or black color variations and pull it off with modern sophistication. We recommend their two-tone Edison pull-down and any of their matte charcoal models – you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.
  • Pfister:  For those who can’t quite make up their mind, Pfister will be the brand that presents exactly what you need in a faucet. Choose between: ornate gold taps that look fit for a king (like the Ashfield 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet), fancy curvaceous long-necked taps (see the Cadenza 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet), retro silver varieties complete with crystal handles (find tons of this variety in Pfister’s Pfirst Series). Whether you’re a modern minimalist or prefer some regal glamor in your kitchen, Pfister has the widest range of styles, helping you find the perfect style for you.
  • Kraus:  Like Vigo, Kraus also offers unusual two-tone faucets. Their Geo Axis single-handle pull-out faucet and the stunning tall-necked Geo Arch pull-down with matching dispenser are striking examples, but there are many equally beautiful styles. Specializing in tulip-shaped spray heads and dramatic arches, your new Kraus faucet is sure to gain the admiration of all who see it.
  • Delta: Have a red color scheme in your kitchen? Look no further than Delta for perfectly matching fixtures. Their ‘stainless and chili pepper’ finish combines stain-resistant steel with a spicy red hue to complement kitchens with bold color schemes. Besides the red (which can’t be found by any other brand on this list), Delta’s range of finishes is unparalleled among kitchen faucet brands. Choose from 3 types of bronze; 5 stainless varieties; and much, much more.
  • Premier:  Modern farmhouse-style kitchens complete with dark polished woodwork will look amazing, featuring Premier’s unique Parisian bronze finish. Besides this specific finish, they have a broad range of ergonomically designed models with easy-to-use handles and unfussy spouts that will both look beautiful in your kitchen and work like a charm. They also have lots of ornamental, almost baroque styles – team their ‘110703 Charlestown Single-Handle Bar Faucet’ with black and white checkerboard kitchen tiles for a stunning, statement take on kitchen interior design.

Brands for Large Families and Households

Running a big, busy household can be made more streamlined with the right fixture in your kitchen. Choose models featuring more than one faucet for multi-tasking, styles that come with a matching soap dispenser, and customizable options to suit every family member.

Sound like what you need? Read on to find out which kitchen sink faucet brands we recommend for you!

  • Vigo:  If you run a busy household, Vigo has just the kind of industrial-style, high-functionality product perfect for aiding you in the kitchen. Their large pull-down faucets feature two spouts; one normal and one large pot-filler that will have your work done for you in minutes flat. Use the pull-down hose to effectively jet-wash stubborn stains from dishes, then switch your faucet to an aerated stream, especially for hand washing.  Vigo faucets have everything you need and look great doing it.
  • American Standard:  American Standard is known for being one of the highest quality faucet brands, trusted across the nation for their products’ excellent durability. Choose a simple tap with no fuss or frills that’s easy to use for the whole family or invest in one of their SelectFlo models so that everyone can pick their favorite spray – toggle between stream, spray, jet, and mist. They’re fully customizable, ergonomically designed, and feature a broad range of functions to make life easier for everyone in the household.

Highest Rated By Us and Consumers

We can’t just pick one best brand of kitchen faucets – but here are our top picks. Read on to find out why we’ve chosen these brands and why we think you’ll love them too.

  • American Standard:  American Standard won our star rating for top-brand kitchen faucets due to the sheer diversity of their product range. There is something for absolutely everyone, with any taste, budget, and need. They stock ADA-compliant sensor-activated faucets for those with limited mobility, standard handle-operated models for those with old-school tastes, luxury designer faucets equipped with all the gadgets, plus everything in between.
  • Pfister:  We love Pfister’s faucet range for the unique styles they’ve come up with – some of their faucets feature teapot spouts and ornate handles that will make your kitchen stand out as truly original. If you love that little something different when shopping for furniture and interiors, Pfister has treats for you!
  • Hansgrohe:  We credit German company Hansgrohe for their commitment to eco-friendly innovation – an important factor when purchasing appliances, fixtures, and devices in the modern world. Their EcoSmart technology range is steps ahead of other leading kitchen faucet brands, helping to drastically reduce household water wastage and cut energy use in the kitchen. Get EcoSmart with Hansgrohe and make a difference with a new beautiful, and eco-friendly fixture for your kitchen.   

Why Trust Us and Our Reviews?

Our faucet brand reviews are based on quality.  Most reputable brands offer extensive product ranges and treat their customers well.

Be assured you’re purchasing a durable, high-quality product that will stand the test of time by reading our Mr. Kitchen Faucets guides – don’t go anywhere else!