Pull Down & Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to designing a home, the kitchen sink and faucet are two important design features to consider. Homeowners and contractors alike should not disregard its significance; families use it every day to carry out tasks, from washing dishes to preparing food. In fact, if you are designing a kitchen interior from scratch, it’s wise to start with the faucet and design everything else around it.

Kitchen sinks and faucets are largely responsible for the overall look and functionality of the kitchen, and since they’re the most used appliance in the home, it pays to invest a little bit more in a model with high-performing technologies and ergonomic innovation to increase convenience and user experience.

The most revolutionary advancements in faucets over recent years has to be pull-down and pull-out spout heads. With a simple movement, you can pull the head of the faucet out of its docking station and extend the hose to apply a higher pressure of water into your sink. For example, if you’re washing dishes with a kitchen faucet that has a pull down sprayer, you can stretch the spout head closer to the dishes for a heavy-duty rinse and tackle those harder-to-reach areas.

When you’re finished using the spout head, it clicks back into its original docking point in a seamless motion, often with magnet technology.

These models are truly the future of kitchenware, and if you’re contemplating whether or not they are for you, we have weighed up the pros and cons below.

You may also find my full buying guide helpful.  I break down the best models in each category and the brands that I recommend: check it out.

Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  1. Moen Arbor Motionsense 7594ESRS Faucet

  2. Delta 9178T-AR-DST Pull Down Faucet

  3. Delta 9113-AR-DST Faucet Essa Kitchen Sink Faucet

  4. Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  5. Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Faucet

Top Selling Pull Down Faucets

What is the difference between pull down faucets & pull out faucets?

Pull Down & Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

When researching different faucet brands and models, you may have been confused by the difference between pull down and pull out technology. Reality is, they’re not too different: both types are similar in that they have a spray hose sitting neatly inside the spout. However, it is the length of the hose and spout that differs.

Pull down Faucets

Pull down faucets are very smart-looking. They generally have taller arcs and longer spouts (gooseneck-shaped), with a short hose sitting inside the spout. The purpose of them is to provide improved spray pressure and precision with a slight extension of the hose downwards into the sink. They are ideal for large sinks (and if there is a lot of space around and above the sink) and are both stylish and practical.

Pull out Faucets

Pull out faucets are designed to have shorter spouts with longer hoses that can be bent and maneuvered around the sink in all different directions. This is helpful when, for example, you want to fill big pans and pots that won’t fit in the sink, as you can place them on the kitchen counter top and pull the hose to reach them. For this reason, they are more-commonly installed onto a small sink or a double sink.

The verdict

Generally, pull down faucets are the more popular variation and are considered a good type to purchase. They are available in a multitude of styles to suit any kitchen style or interior, and most pull-down faucets are available with varying spray options and powers.

Pull out faucets typically have lower arcs because the hose isn’t being pulled straight down but is being bent around instead. What’s more, they tend to be lower in price than their pull-down counterparts.

However, the right style for you depends on your washing needs, your interior and personal taste.

There are a lot of kitchenware brands that offer faucets with pull down sprayers, such as Moen. The well-renowned North American brand boasts over 70 models, ranging in price, finish, style, height and spout head. They also offer spring pull down kitchen faucets in chrome, matte black, and stainless steel, which are on the higher end of the price range, and for good reason. They are incredibly smart and modern and come with Power Clean technology for more spraying power and versatility. They are the perfect installation for those who love to entertain in their kitchen and want to give their guests the wow factor.

Another brand that has mastered the pull down technology is Delta. Their signature MagnaTite Docking technology securely locks the spout head in place when it’s no longer in use.

Other magnetic pull down faucets are available from Hansgrohe: their MagFit technology securely fastens the spray nozzle in place with high-strength magnets.

best pull out kitchen faucet

  1. Delta Faucet 4353-AR-DST Linden  Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

  2. Moen 87039SRS One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

  3. Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

  4. Premier 120161LF Sonoma Single-Handle with Pull-Out Spout

  5. KOHLER K-10433-VS Forte Pull-out Kitchen Sink Faucet

Though they aren’t as popular as pull down models, there are great benefits of faucets with pull out sprayers, namely the great flexibility which enables the user to direct the water stream in whichever direction they wish – making it easier to wash food, dishes and the kitchen sink after use.

American Standard has an excellent selection of pull out faucets, with Dock-Tite magnet technology and SelectFlo innovation – five different spray settings and pressures for the ultimate washing experience and ease.

Another leading brand in the pull out faucet market is Kohler – their short spout head holds an impressive 9-inch hose, and with the touch of a button you can switch the water supply from stream to spray. Another impressive detail of Kohler’s models is that they have temperature memory so that when you turn it on or off it has already preset to the temperature it was at before usage. This is very handy for those with children as it minimizes the chance that they will accidentally scorch themselves.

Top Selling Pull Out Faucets

One-handle or two-handle?

Single handle pull out/down kitchen faucets are more common – it is rare that you’ll come across a two handle pull out/down faucet. This is simply because one handle can accurately and easily control the water pressure and temperature on its own, and two levers just aren’t necessary. The high arc style of the one-handle pull out/down faucet is standard across all brands, except for different detailing and finishes.

While two-handle faucets may be harder to come by, most brands offer faucet models that come with a soap dispenser.

Side Spray

A side spray is a mini faucet that sits adjacent to the main appliance but is not attached to it. It can be pulled out of its socket to extend the hose to rinse, spray and wash dishes, food or even pots and pans sitting on the kitchen counter top. Side sprays will then retract smoothly back into their position.

If you’re looking for faucets with pull out sprayers (side sprays), American Standard is a great brand to start with. Their extensive collection of side spray styles – with high arcs, low arcs, one-handle, and two-handles – means there is something for everyone and every kitchen. Plus, their water-efficient faucets mean less water is wasted without performance being compromised, and all their models are ADA Compliant – safe and comfortable for the use of those with a disability or with limited mobility.

The decision of whether you should opt for a pull down, pull out, or side spray faucet depends mostly on your taste – they do the same thing but are different in shape and look.

Styles & finishes

Pull down and pull out faucets are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, most common being stainless steel and polished chrome. Stainless steel pull down kitchen faucets are highly versatile and look good in all styles of kitchens.

For something more special, matte black or oil rubbed bronze will add an element of chic – perfect for homes that are both contemporary or traditional but are fitted with the latest glimmers of the latest technological advances.

Is a pull down or pull out faucet for you?

When you’re looking to install a new faucet, you must think carefully about how you use your current faucet, the size of your sink area, and what smart features you desire.

Aside from practicality purposes, the aesthetics of your faucet is equally important. Be sure to research different brands to find a faucet that offers everything you want, and cross-check the finish against your existing fixtures, as they can clash.


When it comes to customer experience, positive experience is important. Pull down faucet reviews – as well as pull out faucet reviews – express great satisfaction; the intelligent appliance has transformed the way people view their kitchens, from the overall feel to its ergonomic advantages.

Ultimately, if you want to get the most out of your kitchen, you should opt for a faucet that has a pull out or pull down feature. Turn something you use every day from a chore into a pleasure. The kids will even start to volunteer to wash the dishes for you!