The Best Kitchen Faucets Made In USA

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, U.S.-made faucets are some of the best you can buy. They are durable, stylish, and convenient. Plus, you’ll know the product is from a factory with the highest quality and safety standards.

Since several United States brands make beautiful kitchen faucets, you might have trouble narrowing down your choices. To make your research easier, here are the 8 best brands for American-made kitchen faucets—and a few notes about what makes each one special.

The Best Brands for Faucets Made in The United States

1. Moen

Moen is an American faucet brand that’s made plumbing fixtures since 1937. The brand is globally famous for its kitchen faucets and has won several awards for its quality products.

What sets Moen faucets apart from its competitors is its wide range of stylish finishes and unique designs. Finding a faucet design from the company that matches your performance and aesthetic requirements will not be an issue.

Moen has an IAPMO certification verifying that its innovative products do not contain lead or other harmful substances. Another noteworthy feature of the company is its innovation. Some popular creations from Moen include MotionSense™ and Power Clean™.

MotionSense is a touchless faucet, which makes working at the kitchen sink super convenient. Moen Power Clean provides higher water pressure for faster cleaning up at the sink. Despite delivering high pressures, the technology is also water-efficient, keeping water bills to a minimum.

2. Waterstone

Waterstone began manufacturing faucets in 1999. Since then, the company has distinguished itself with handcrafted fixtures that add a touch of elegance to kitchens without compromising functionality. You can choose from over 30 breathtaking, luxurious finishes to match or uplift your kitchen’s current aesthetics.

Since it is a high-end kitchen-faucet manufacturer, Waterstone plumbing products can be pricey. Aside from faucets, the brand also sells hot-water dispensers, water-filtration faucets, pot fillers, and more to make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

Waterstone’s top-of-the-line water-filtration faucets are big sellers in the U.S. and Canada. Every product is American-made and packaged to ensure guaranteed beauty and performance that will stand the test of time. The brand’s customer service is also impressive, and a limited lifetime guarantee comes with every Waterstone faucet.

3. Grohe

Grohe was originally a German company, but it began making products in the U.S. in 2011. The company is a leader when it comes to plumbing technology. It has won several awards for its excellence, including over 300 design and innovation awards, such as the CSR Award, K.B. Awards, and Great Designs Award.

One of the company’s most impressive products is the Grohe Smart Water System, which allows you to control faucets and detect leakages from a smartphone app.

While Grohe kitchen faucets are pricey, they are remarkably durable, meaning that the product can last for a lifetime. Investing in a Grohe kitchen faucet is also worthwhile since each product has an unlimited warranty, ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

4. Brizo

Brizo is a luxury brand that specializes in eco-friendly U.S.-made kitchen faucets. Aside from being green, products from the brand are fantastic for adding style to your kitchen space. All its products are handmade, so any Brizo faucet you buy is one of a kind.

Brizo faucets are so exclusive that you can’t buy them just anywhere. You have to visit one of the Brizo showrooms to view their collections. If you want bespoke luxury kitchen fixtures, Brizo is probably your best option. You can choose from one of their pull-out, bridge, articulating, or pull-down faucets to elevate your kitchen.

5. Kohler

Kohler started in the 1870s and has maintained its reputation as a go-to brand for superior quality kitchen faucets made in the U.S. Despite selling high-quality products, many of Kohler’s faucets are reasonably priced. Even better, they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The company sells pull-down and pull-out faucets, as well as single and double handle designs. It also has a range of smart products, including touchless faucets. Color and finish options are plentiful, ensuring that you will find the perfect fixture for your residential or commercial kitchen needs.

6. Chicago Faucets

Chicago Faucets is a subsidiary of Swiss Geberit AG. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and the brand is most famous for its highly durable commercial kitchen faucets. Even in the highest use-and-abuse environments, these faucets can work smoothly for years.

Aside from being tough, Chicago Faucets’ products are available in different styles, including classic and modern designs. Manual and touchless options, optimized to deliver water efficiency, are also available. Get them all with a limited warranty that protects your interests.

7. Jaclo

Jaclo kitchen faucets stand out for their simplicity, accuracy, and durability. You can get a faucet with a minimalistic design in one of 26 plated finishes. You can also choose from seven handle styles to match your needs.

While Jaclo faucets may look simple at a glance, cutting-edge technology lies within. Each product applies the latest innovations to deliver impressive water-efficiency without compromising pressure. Jaclo faucets have also undergone testing from independent organizations to verify compliance with North America’s latest reliability and safety standards.

Most kitchen faucets from the brand come with an unlimited warranty, and its customer service is reliable.

Why Buy Made-in-the-USA Kitchen Faucets?

Why Buy Made-in-the-USA Kitchen Faucets

If you want a top-quality kitchen faucet, below are reasons to choose only American-made products:

  • Most of the leading manufacturers globally are U.S. companies, including Moen, Waterstone, Grohe, Delta, and more.
  • U.S. faucet manufacturers have mastered blending aesthetics with performance and durability. Their products are as pretty as they are reliable.
  • Due to the high production standards in the U.S., makers of American-made kitchen faucets must use only high quality materials for their products. You can count on kitchen faucets made in the USA to be corrosion- and leakage-resistant, as well as being free of harmful substances.
  • You have a wide variety of styles and sizes from which to choose, including “smart” kitchen faucets. Finding an option for your home or business needs will not be a problem.
  • Kitchen faucets from American brands incorporate water-saving features to reduce your water bill by up to 30%.

Kitchen Faucets Made in the USA are Expensive. Why?

There are many reasons to love made-in-the-USA kitchen faucets, including the exquisite craftsmanship, but there is a downside – the price. American-made faucets typically cost more than similar products made in other countries.

The higher price tag of made-in-America faucets is due to their superior quality. To ensure that you feel secure about your pricey investment, most brands offer extended warranties.

The primary cause of higher prices in the U.S. is the higher cost of production. Unlike products made in developing countries where quality manufacturing standards are laxer, U.S. companies must adhere to the highest standards. Plus, workers in the U.S. earn higher pay than workers in many other countries, along with better working conditions, contributing to higher manufacturing costs.

If you want a kitchen faucet that can last a lifetime, choose an American product. The initial high price tag beats having to pay for a faucet replacement every few years. Plus, if something goes wrong and you need to replace your pricey American faucet, the long warranty ensures that you will be able to get a new one for free.

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