Best Granite Composite Sink Brands

Granite composite sinks are just one type of the many options out there. Whether you’re shopping for your kitchen or bathroom, the choices are abundant. Granite composite is an excellent alternative to solid stone, as it comes with a lower price tag and many of the same benefits.

However, the abundance of selections is a double-edged sword. Sometimes, having too many options can make it tricky to narrow the playing field. So, to make your search somewhat easier, we did the hard part for you. We researched a few of the top granite composite sink brands, as well as some excellent models, so stick around to learn more!

What Is Granite Composite?

Granite composite is an engineered blend of crushed stone and acrylic resins. Usually, the crushed stone consists of quartz and stone dust. The two materials are mixed together and molded to create the final result.

In some cases, the terms ‘granite’ and ‘granite composite’ are used interchangeably. However, these two aren’t the same. ‘Granite’ usually refers to solid granite, which consists of solely raw granite. 

Solid granite is commonly used for countertops, although you can find solid granite sinks. Generally, solid granite sinks are much pricier than granite composite sinks, as they are solid stone without additives. 

Although granite composite isn’t pure stone, it mimics the same benefits of solid granite. Granite composite sinks are exceptionally durable and low-maintenance. Products made of granite composite are usually much lighter than solid granite, yet still, hold up well under everyday use. 

Are Granite Composite Sinks Good?

Granite composite sinks are a popular pick on the market, primarily due to their exceptional durability. This material is one of the most scratch-resistant sink materials on the market today, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic kitchens. 

Although these sinks can be pricey (not as expensive as solid granite), you get what you pay for. They withstand chemicals, scratches, dings, and dents extremely well. The durability has everything to do with the high density of rock particles at the sink’s surface. 

If you appreciate the looks of natural granite, a composite sink may not meet your expectations. Since the rock in the sink is crushed so it can be mixed with resin, the result looks more uniform than natural granite. 

A few of the pros and cons of granite composite kitchen sinks include:


  • Less expensive than solid granite sinks
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes
  • Nonporous, hygienic, resistant to heat
  • Easy cleaning


  • Cheaper kitchen sinks are available (stainless steel, etc.)
  • Possibility of chipping and cracking
  • Can be fairly heavy
  • Specific upkeep may be necessary
  • High potential for staining with lighter colors

Best Granite Composite Sink Brands

To simplify your search for the best granite composite sink, we’ll take a look at a few of the top brands. In addition, we’ll examine one of the brand’s best granite composite sink options. Hopefully, this breakdown will make your quest to find the best granite composite sink a bit easier. 

The chart below offers a quick overview of each brand and an excellent model from its lineup. 

Brand Name Model
KrausKraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD-442
BlancoBlanco 440195 Diamond Silgranit Kitchen Sink
RuvatiRuvati RVG1080BK
SwanstoneSwanstone QZ03322AD.077
ElkayElkay Quartz Classic Single Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink 
HouzerHouzer MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Sink
FrankeFranke Single Bowl Sink


Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink | 33-Inch 60/40 Bowls | Black Granite | KGD-442 model

Founded in 2007 and based out of New York, Kraus is a popular kitchen and bathroom brand. Despite its relatively young age, the company has quickly made a name for itself and surged to the forefront of the industry. 

The company offers various kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including shower and bath fixtures, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and kitchen and bathroom sinks. Fixtures come in various finishes, colors, and designs to meet nearly any aesthetic preference. 

The company’s focus on quality reflects in its sinks. Several of its granite composite sinks are incredibly popular in homes across America. One of its most popular sinks is the Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD-442. 

This sink is roughly 37 pounds, 33 inches long, and 22 inches wide. It is one of the most recommended sinks and certainly lives up to the spotlight. It comes in a classy black onyx finish and is composed of a high-quality granite composite consisting of 80 percent natural quartz. 

Although it isn’t pure stone, the high quartz content lends well to its durability and luxurious feel that mimics real stone. The Kraus Quarza sink effortlessly withstands thermal shocks and dropped dishes. The non-porous surface prevents foods and liquids from sticking to the surface. 

It features a versatile dual-mount design that allows homeowners to install it as an undermount or drop-in installation. 

Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink | 33-Inch 60/40 Bowls | Black Granite | KGD-442 model
  • SINK DIMENSIONS: 33” L x 22” W x 10 5/8” D / MIN. CABINET SIZE required for installation:...
  • PREMIUM GRANITE COMPOSITE: Ultra-durable material made from 80% natural quartz for the look and feel...
  • RICH NON-FADING COLOR: UV-stable material offers a rich and consistent hue that will not discolor...
  • VERSATILE DUALMOUNT DESIGN: Install as an undermount for a seamless transition from sink to...


  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • High percentage of stone
  • Versatile installation
  • Withstands heat shock and dropped dishes
  • Mimics solid stone


  • Only comes with one tailpipe


BLANCO, White 440195 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Super Single Drop-In or Undermount Kitchen Sink, 33.5" X 22"

As a well-known brand within the industry, Blanco offers an excellent selection of products. The company operates in 100 countries around the world, with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. Blanco specializes in making and selling kitchen sinks but also offers other products, including various kitchen fixtures. 

The overall quality of its products is outstanding, setting it apart from many other brands. Its granite composite sinks are also incredibly popular, especially the Blanco 440195 Diamond Silgranit kitchen sink. 

At 33.45 by 22 by 9.5 inches, this sink is plenty big enough to handle most tasks. The sink is spacious enough to offer ample room for washing, rinsing and soaking. Gradually rounded drain grooves offer a touch of elegance and assist with draining. 

The smooth surface of the sink is heat, scratch, and chip resistant. Its surface is non-porous, so it’s highly resistant to food and liquid stains. The porosity also makes cleaning the surface an absolute breeze.

The sink’s construction is solid and can easily withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Unlike natural stone, it’s less likely to break dishes dropped in the sink. 

BLANCO, White 440195 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Super Single Drop-In or Undermount Kitchen Sink, 33.5" X 22"
  • SILGRANIT is made of quartz sand, the hardest element of natural granite making it long lasting and...
  • Easy-to-clean low maintenance material has a non-porous, smooth stone surface
  • Effortlessly remove scuff marks from utensils and stains from food and drinks
  • Versatile dual mount design for drop-in or undermount installation


  • Easy installation
  • Ample space for washing
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Grooves in the bottom promote draining and offer an elegant touch


  • Doesn’t come with a filter


Ruvati 33 x 22 inch Drop-in Topmount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Midnight Black - RVG1080BK

Based out of its Texas headquarters, Ruvati is another younger company on our list. It was founded in 2009, but quickly became a known brand for its high-quality products. In addition to kitchen sinks, Ruvati also offers other kitchen and bathroom accessories, including faucets and showers. 

Although the brand prioritizes exceptional quality, pricing isn’t outrageous. The brand’s affordability makes it a popular choice across the board, especially among homeowners in America. 

The Ruvati RVG1033GR is one of the company’s best granite composite sinks. It is a topmount sink with a single bowl design, measuring 33 by 22 by 9 inches. The size of the sink allows ample space for nearly any kitchen task, whether you’re tackling large pots and pans or simply rinsing vegetables. 

This sink is incredibly easy to install, featuring a drop-in design. It’s composed of 80 percent granite and 20 percent resin, which lends well to its durability. The sink holds up well against harmful chemicals and high temperatures.

Its non-porous nature makes cleaning a breeze and wards away unwanted stains. Ruvati made installation extra easy on the consumer by including 5 partially-drilled knockout holes. These holes allow you to easily install faucets, soap dispensers, and the drain. 

Ruvati 33 x 22 inch Drop-in Topmount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Midnight Black -...
  • Made in ITALY | Natural stone finish. Color: MIDNIGHT BLACK | Constructed of composite GRANITE - 80%...
  • Includes PROTECTIVE BOTTOM GRID made of food-safe silicone | Includes Matching color BLACK STRAINER...
  • Colored all the way through for a rich and consistent look that will NEVER DISCOLOR | Proprietary...
  • Exterior dimensions: 33" (wide) x 22" (front-to-back) | Interior bowl dimension: 30-1/4" x 17-1/2" |...


  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Durable construction
  • High stone content
  • Heat resistant
  • Includes partially drilled knockout holes


  • Flat bottom can cause issues with draining


Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 Granite 1-Hole Dual Mount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink, 33-in L X 22-in H X 10-in H, Nero

With products across many online business platforms, including Wayfair and Amazon, Swanstone is a solid brand. The company prioritizes quality, which reflects in the price of its products. Although they are on the expensive end of the spectrum, Swanstone’s designs are innovative and unmatched by most other companies. 

One of the company’s outstanding granite composite sinks is the Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 QZAD-3322. The sink features an innovative design that offers the benefits of a double bowl sink with the space of a single-bowl sink. 

It has a 6-inch-deep raised platform featuring decorative channels. The added platform is perfect for extra space for dishwashing, cleanup, and food prep. The sink features dual mount installation for versatile options. 

The sink is composed of 80 percent natural stone, which bodes well for easy cleaning and a stain-resistant surface. It withstands heat well, holding up fine up to temperatures of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Swanstone included a single drilled hole to easily attach faucets. However, since the configuration of certain faucets requires different mounting points, there are additional drill points underneath to accommodate different faucet styles. 

Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 Granite 1-Hole Dual Mount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink, 33-in L X 22-in H X...
  • Made with 80% actual quartz stone; only a Diamond is harder
  • Pre-drilled with 1 faucet hole
  • Offers design flexibility, installs as a drop-in or undermount
  • Innovative raised platform with decorative channels is ideal for food prep, dish washing and cleanup


  • Innovative designs
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • High percentage of natural stone
  • Heat resistantVersatile design
  • Drill points underneath make installing faucets easy


  • Pricey
  • Can be tricky to attach the clips


Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0 White Single Bowl Undermount Sink

With over 100 years under its belt, Elkay knows its way around the industry. Elkay is America’s largest stainless steel sink company, offering an abundant range of options for any scenario. Aside from kitchen sinks, Elkay also manufactures faucets, water coolers, drinking fountains, water bottle fillers, and various kitchen and bath products. 

The Elkay Quartz Classic Single Bowl Greystone Undermount Granite Composite Kitchen Sink is one of the company’s popular options in this particular category. At 37.63 by 26.75 by 16.06 inches, this sink is more spacious than other options on our list. 

The ample space allows for easy cleanup, even with larger dishes. It comes in an undermount design, creating a seamless appearance between the sink and countertop. Although cleaning the sink is easy, it requires frequent cleanup, particularly with lighter colors. 

The surface is non-porous and stain resistant, so bacteria and other germs can’t reside in the pores. This is great for kitchen hygiene and quick cleanup. The sink is also heat and scratch resistant, able to withstand temperatures up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The sink incorporates a noise-dampening design, which cuts back on noise while working in the sink. Color options include brown, black, white, and gray. 

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0 White Single Bowl Undermount Sink
  • Sink Dimensions: 33" X 18-7/16" X 9-7/16" Min. Cabinet Size: 36".
  • UNDERMOUNT INSTALLATION: Sink is installed beneath the countertop creating a seamless appearance...
  • SINGLE BOWL: Bowl gives you uninterrupted space for washing and stacking dishes or other household...
  • QUIET: Material is naturally sound-deadening, minimizing sound and vibration for a quieter time at...


  • Stain-resistant
  • Durable construction
  • Multiple color choices
  • High heat resistant
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Ample space


  • Requires frequent clean up


Houzer G-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Top Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, Black

As one of the United States’ leading brands of stainless steel sinks, Houzer is a common name in the game. The company produces quality products at an affordable price. These sinks are durable and withstand the test of time, but don’t break the bank. 

The Houzer MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Sink is a stellar option for this particular type of sink. Like the rest of the sinks on our list, it consists of a high percentage of stone, with 80 percent granite and 20 percent acrylic. This makes the sink stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean.  

This Houzer sink offers excellent heat resistance, as it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. To top it off, the sink holds up well even under extreme thermal shock. Its surface is resistant to chips, fading, and scratches, ensuring it will remain beautiful for many years.

The installation process is quick and easy, as it comes with a straightforward instruction manual. The size of the sink allows ample space for completing various tasks, including washing larger dishes. 


  • Easy cleaning
  • Plenty of space for washing dishes
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • High heat resistance
  • Stain-resistant 


  • Packaging has room for improvement


Franke SZGR1720-1 Sink, Single Bowl, Graphite

Headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland, Franke is a solid choice for various kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The company’s sinks are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. Kitchen sink materials include fireclay, stainless steel, and granite composite. 

One of Franke’s popular granite composite sinks is the SGR3322-1. The sink features a single bowl design with pre-drilled holes for a faucet and drain assembly. In addition to the pre-drilled holes, the sink also has three knockout holes for easy installation with faucets or soap dispensers.

You can install the sink in one of two ways: as an undermount or drop-in. Installing the sink as a drop-in is quick and simple, but the undermount installation is tricky. Unless you’re well versed in installing this type of sink, you’ll probably need professional assistance. 

At 33 by 22 by 9 inches deep, this sink is plenty large enough to accommodate most dishes, even larger pots and pans. The sink consists of 80 percent quartz, which translates to exceptional durability. It is resistant to scratches, chips, and heat. 

Franke SZGR1720-1 Sink, Single Bowl, Graphite
  • Single bowl sink with 3.5 inch drain opening
  • Granite material construction in Graphite finish
  • 1 hole for faucet with possible 2 additional holes predrilled
  • 18 inch minimum cabinet requirement


  • Spacious with plenty of room for washing
  • Scratch, chip, and heat resistant
  • High percentage of natural stone
  • Pre-drilled holes for drain and faucet
  • Knockout holes for additional accessories


  • Undermount installation is difficult

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