Where Are Kraus Sinks and Faucets Made?

We have discussed the Kraus brand in previous articles and ranked it in the top five brand names for faucets.  See this brand comparison.

Kraus was founded by Russel Levi and Michael Rukhlin, two entrepreneurs from New York, in 2007, as an importer of good quality faucets and sinks that it sells over the internet.  These products are based upon German engineering but are manufactured primarily in China and India. 

Where Can You Buy Kraus Sinks and Faucets?

The America-based company offers both sinks and faucets through its various retail outlets, including online at kraususa.com, its own online retail shop. 

Additionally, you will find Kraus sinks and faucets at most plumbing supply stores and major retail stores like Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Is Kraus A Good Brand for Faucets and Sinks?

Kraus manufactures kitchen faucets with a contemporary design and look and prices them as affordable.  They are less expensive than more well-known brands and can be an excellent choice.  They are reasonably easy to install and come with instructions that are simple to follow.

They are dependable, also, with a good lifespan.  While customers might believe their more affordable price range means they are cheaply made, the truth is quite the opposite.

Kraus’ Oletto kitchen faucet (see here on Amazon), for instance, is a spot-free, stainless steel kitchen faucet.  It offers a combination of advanced technology and a refined design that makes a clean lines statement in any kitchen.

Are Kraus Faucets Lead Free?

Kraus also manufactures lead free faucets.  The Purita model is a 100% lead free water filter faucet made from 100% lead-free brass, as one example.  You can see and read about it here.

What About Kraus Sinks?

Kraus is also fairly well known in the kitchen sink industry, and with good cause. 

The Kraus Standard PRO 30-inch undermount single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink is a best seller and highly rated model.  It is constructed of industrial-grade 16-gauge stainless steel with a commercial grade satin finish.  This grade of stainless steel makes it one of the best sinks in the industry.  It resists corrosion and denting and will last in your kitchen for a long time.

Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink, 30 Inch, Stainless Steel
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE CONSTRUCTION: Dent-resistant T304 stainless steel in TRU16 real 16-gauge (always...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE SATIN FINISH: Resilient and easy to clean, corrosion and rust-resistant; matches...
  • QUIETEST SINK: NoiseDefend soundproofing technology with non-toxic Sound Guard undercoating and...
  • Outer Sink Dimensions: 30” L x 18” W x 10” D. Min Cabinet Size: 33”; Oversized bowl will...

Kraus Faucets and Sinks Are Worth Considering

Don’t let the fact that Kraus faucets and sinks are made in Asia discourage you from considering them.  And don’t be fooled by the more affordable pricing of Kraus products. 

Their German engineering and the high quality materials used in their manufacturing make them an excellent quality product that will stand up well in your kitchen.  They are easy to find both online and in your local retail DIY stores and relatively easy to install following their easy to follow instructions.

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