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Kraus Faucets Reviews

Kraus faucets are elegantly designed, highly functional, and come in an diverse range of styles suitable for any kind of kitchen. They offer detachable hose styles; simple traditional pull down faucets and eye-catching color finishes to ensure you find a perfect fit for your home. A Kraus kitchen faucet is sure to complete your kitchen and make chores more easy and enjoyable.

In this guide, we summarize the main product styles available and assess their value for money to help you plan your dream kitchen.

See our Kraus kitchen faucet reviews below so that you can identify the perfect model for you.

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Kraus Kitchen Faucet Types

Kraus faucets offer unparalleled variation in their design range: whether you need a commercial-style hose model or a contemporary chic tap to match your trendy kitchen, they have a faucet for you.

  • Commercial-kitchen styles: in their wide range of flexible hose styles like the Kraus KPF-1602 and KPF-2630, you’ll find a multitude of industrial capabilities like changeable stream settings, a spring design hose and rust-resistant finish among much more.
  • Traditional pull-out faucets: these designs like the Kraus KPF-2110 are simpler, with just a single lever and a more modern feel. Still, they are equipped with advanced features like a pull-out spray head and adjustable jet stream, offering professional functionality within a compact design.
  • Spot-free stainless steel: Kraus stainless steel kitchen faucets ensure brilliant shine with their unique All-Brite™ finish, which repels dirt, stains, and fingerprints with no need to wipe down.

Value & Price

Kraus faucets are made to high-performance design specifications and function with advanced technology, saving you time and energy in the kitchen. For this reason, it’s surprising that their products can be purchased for as little as $70.

The commercial-style models are more expensive but are the ultimate addition to your kitchen – they perform almost any task and are fully customizable to meet all possible needs. The Kraus KPF-1602SS can be purchased for around $300 and features a pre-rinse spray function, Easy-Clean nozzle, high-performance aerator and much more. Compared to other brands’ pricing, this is a bargain.

A simple Kraus pull-down kitchen faucet is available at around $200 or less; with many of these types featuring a 360° swivel head plus a matching soap dispenser. As shown by our glowing Kraus kitchen faucets reviews, you get an excellent deal for your money from this brand.

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Why Should I Buy a Kraus Faucet?

Kraus faucets are a great choice for those on a tight budget who love getting value for money and enjoying the latest technologies.

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