Can Granite Countertops Be Refinished?

Granite is a popular material choice for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, vanities, and so on. While granite is a beautiful, robust, and durable material, the surface is bound to withstand some semblance of damage over its lifetime.

The finish wears away, leaving the surface prone to stains and scratches that detract from the overall flawless appearance. Luckily, you can refinish granite countertops relatively easily by yourself. If you’re feeling confident and ready to tackle the project of refinishing your granite countertops, keep on reading!

Is It Difficult To Refinish Granite Countertops?

You may be on the fence between having your countertops professionally refinished and doing them yourself. You might be thinking, “How hard can it be? I probably can do them myself.” Well, you’re right. If you’re up to it, refinishing your countertops is entirely doable.

The project will take some time, and depending on the severity of the damage, it may be slightly tricky. Generally, it’s an easy process if you’re simply resealing the counters. However, if you need to fill chips, grind and restore, polish or hone the counter, the project will require a bit more focus.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Granite Countertops Refinished?

Granite Countertop

Now that we’ve listed the possible repairs you might need to do, you may be slightly wary about doing the project yourself. Again, it is doable by yourself, but if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, you might want to consider having a professional handle the refinishing project.

For granite countertops, professional refinishing costs can range anywhere from $300 to $1,200. The reason the price spans such an extensive range is due to variation. Of course, different companies have different rates, and materials cost specific amounts in certain areas.

In addition, the size of the countertop plays an essential role in the process as well. If the countertop is severely damaged, the cost may rise. Professionals know exactly how to make the old granite look new again, though, so there’s no guesswork on your part, which may be something to think about.

How Do I Refinish Granite Countertops?

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There are several ways you can refinish granite countertops: sealant, repair, paint, and laminate. Let’s take a quick look at each of these refinishing options:

  • Sealant: Resealing your granite countertops is a simple way to ward off stains and damage. However, the DIY sealing process requires repetition as it’s only a temporary solution. If you have a professional seal the counters, it usually lasts longer.
  • Repair: In some cases, your countertops may look just fine, save for a few nicks and scratches. In that case, you can use epoxy or resin to fill them. Make sure you color match the material to the countertop. If you have significant dings and dents on the countertop, it might be better to have a professional handle it.
  • Paint: You can also paint your granite countertops if you want to recolor This process requires careful preparation but results in an entirely new look.
  • Laminate: If you’re looking for an overhauled look, consider installing laminate over top of your granite countertops. This can help spice up outdated countertops, giving them a modern It’s an inexpensive alternative to replacing your countertops or spending hundreds of dollars on a refinishing project.

However, if you aren’t comfortable installing laminate over your old countertops, you may want to consider hiring someone. If you opt for professional help, you’ll still end up paying a few hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy a refinishing kit for my granite countertops?

If you choose to handle the refinishing project, consider buying a refinishing kit. Although most kits don’t include equipment to repolish your granite counters, they typically come with an abrasive scrubbing compound, water-free crystallizer, and a granite sealer (typically solvent-based).

How do I prepare the surface for refinishing?

In order for your final product to look as good as you hope, ensure you properly prep the surface. The proper preparation measures depend on what you plan to do. For example, if you plan on resurfacing and resealing the countertop, ensure you clean up any oil stains, which will detract from the final product.

Can I change the color of my granite countertops?

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Certainly, you can mix it up with a different color. You could opt for a DIY paint job or resurface the countertops with laminate. If you do paint your countertops, make sure you choose the proper type of paint. It’s usually best to chat with a design expert at your local home improvement store to ensure you select the best, most effective paint for your project.

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