How Far Should The Soap Dispenser Be From The Kitchen Faucet?

Kitchen sink soap dispensers are handy. Use them for easily accessible hand soap, dish soap, or lotion – whatever works best. Although they’re ideal for convenience, where should you place them for the best layout? There aren’t any hard-set rules, but there are a few factors to consider. So, the answer to this question depends on the type of dispenser you have, so stick around to learn more!

Where Do You Put The Soap Dispenser On A Kitchen Sink?

The perfect location for your kitchen sink’s soap dispenser hinges on the particular style you choose. For the most part, soap dispensers come in one of three styles: wall mount, countertop, or built-in.


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These soap dispensers rest on a wall behind or next to the sink. Although convenient, they’re not particularly common in residential settings, especially kitchens. More often than not, you’ll find these dispensers in commercial and business settings, including stores, airports, and more.

However, while they’re not standard in residential areas, you can always install these dispensers if they best fit your needs. For example, maybe you have a compact kitchen without the space for a countertop dispenser. In this case, a wall-mounted version might be the perfect fit, provided you have wall space available.


Soap dispensers in this collection are standard in kitchens and bathrooms, especially in residential homes. They come in hundreds of colors, styles, designs, and sizes, so you can find options to meet any scenario.

As the name implies, countertop soap dispensers sit on the countertop or sink deck near the faucet. Since they’re not fixed to any particular surface, you can easily move them around to best fit your needs.


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The third option is a built-in soap dispenser. Like countertop dispensers, built-in soap dispensers are prevalent in residential homes. Dozens of faucets come with matching built-in soap dispensers, so many homeowners choose to install them as an alternative to countertop or wall-mounted models.

The bulk of built-in soap dispensers rests underneath the countertop, with only a small portion of the setup resting above the countertop. The bottle containing the liquid soap screws into the pump underneath the countertop, with the pump spout sitting above the countertop.

Given their mostly-hidden nature, these dispensers are convenient for kitchens without much countertop space. However, since the bottle is tucked away underneath the counter, you need plenty of room in the base cabinet underneath the countertop.

Which Side Of The Faucet Should The Soap Dispenser Go On?

As you consider placement for your soap dispenser, it’s essential to remember the orientation on each side. For most folks, a right-side dispenser is the best fit, as many folks are right-handed. However, if you’re left-handed, it’s probably better to position your dispenser on the left side of the faucet.

Most people reach for the soap dispenser with their dominant hands, so placing it on that side is typically ideal.

If some folks in your home are left-handed and a few are right-handed, you’ll have to choose one way or the other. Of course, reaching to the opposite side of the faucet with your non-dominant hand isn’t a big deal, but it’s something to consider.

How Far Away From The Faucet Should You Place The Soap Dispenser?

Countertop Soap Dispenser

The best spot for a soap dispenser depends on what type of dispenser you have. Here’s what you need to know about placement for each variation:


Since these soap dispensers move freely and aren’t fixed to a particular surface, you can place them wherever you like. Generally, you should put your countertop soap dispenser at least a few inches away from the faucet’s handles.

You need plenty of space to operate the faucet’s handle(s), so avoid placing the dispenser too close to the faucet. Of course, it’s easy enough to move the dispenser over if it slides out of place, so placement with this dispenser is straightforward.


With built-in soap dispensers, most folks place them 8 inches on center from the faucet. So this means the center of the hole for the soap dispenser is approximately 8 inches from the center of the hole for the tap (or handle closest to the dispenser). There’s usually less space and a smaller sink in a bathroom setting, so the number drops to 4 inches on center.

There are some scenarios where placing the soap dispenser at this spot might not be feasible. For example, you might have pre-drilled holes in your sink deck that are placed closer together. In this scenario, you would most likely need to work with the pre-drilled holes.

How High Should The Soap Dispenser Be Mounted?

The perfect height for a wall-mounted soap dispenser varies based on your home. Generally speaking, placing the dispenser at least 6 inches above the countertop is best, as this gives you plenty of space for your hands.

In addition, make sure you have plenty of space to refill the soap as necessary. For example, if you need to access the top of the dispenser to open it for refills, ensure there’s enough space above the dispenser for access. If there are cabinets above the mounting area, ensure there’s plenty of space.

Avoid placing the dispenser directly behind the faucet or too close to the handles, as this could interfere with the faucet’s function. Since every home is different, the perfect installation location varies from one scenario to the next.

What Should You Consider Before Installing A Soap Dispenser?

As you debate the perfect location for your soap dispensers, there are a few things you should consider, including the following:

  • Sink configuration: Although many sinks are similar, some have unique features, so consider this before you commit to a particular type of soap dispenser. For example, consider which side you want to use for washing dishes if you have a double sink. If your sink has a unique shape, ensure there’s enough room on the side you want to place the dispenser.
  • Accessories: If you want to install other accessories around your sink, such as lotion dispensers, dishwashing soap dispensers, and so on, ensure you consider them. They’ll impact the amount of room you have for your soap dispenser, so include these factors in your plans. Or, if you have a garbage disposal, ensure there is enough space in the cabinet beneath your sink for the bottle (applicable for built-in models).
  • Dominant hand: As mentioned, your dominant hand plays a role in where you should position your soap dispenser. Since most people reach for the dispenser with their dominant hand, place it on the practical side according to this factor.

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