Should The Soap Dispenser Go On The Left Or Right Of The Faucet?

Adding a soap dispenser is one of the last steps in many new builds and remodels. After all, choosing the perfect faucet to complement your new sink trumps worrying about the soap dispenser, right? Well, yes, but eventually, you’ll need to select a soap dispenser and choose where to put it.

So, should it go on the right or left side of the faucet? Does it really matter? Let’s find out.

Which Side Of The Sink Should The Soap Dispenser Go On?

When debating which side of the sink you should put the soap dispenser on, you need to consider which hand is dominant. Most folks reach for the soap dispenser with their dominant hand and use their non-dominant hand to work the pump, so placing the dispenser on your dominant side is usually ideal.

So, if you’re right-handed, place the dispenser on the right side of your sink. Or, if you’re left-handed, position it to the left of your sink.

Now, if you have a few people with different dominant sides in your household, you’ll have to decide between the two options. You could weigh your options based on which side has more people. For example, maybe two people in your household are left-handed, while the other three are right-handed. In this case, you could position the soap dispenser on the right side of the sink.

Does It Matter Which Side Of The Faucet You Put The Soap Dispenser On?

Truly, it doesn’t matter which side of the sink you place the soap dispenser on – there are no rules for soap dispenser placement. Do what works best for you. And if a few people in your home need to reach toward the opposite side for soap, it’s not a big deal. After a few tries of reaching toward the wrong side for the soap, it’ll become more of a habit to reach for the soap on the correct side.

3 Factors To Consider Before Adding A Soap Dispenser

Once you determine which side of the sink to place the soap dispenser on, there are a few more things you should consider. While these factors might not be a big deal with countertop-style soap dispensers, they’re essential considerations for built-in and wall-mounted designs. Here’s what you should consider before placing the soap dispenser:

1. Sink Configuration

The sink’s configuration can affect the best spot for a soap dispenser. For example, let’s say you have a double-bowl kitchen sink. In this case, it’s usually best to position the soap dispenser on the side you wash dishes. This way, you won’t need to reach over clean, freshly-washed dishes to get more soap.

Or, maybe you have a beautiful vessel sink in the bathroom. Since these sinks usually sit on top of the countertop, a built-in soap dispenser might get lost behind it, so you might want to choose a different option. Of course, you could opt for a built-in model placed off to one side, but folks might miss it (especially if their opposite hand is dominant).

So, pay attention to your sink’s configuration as you debate which type of soap dispenser you want and where you will place it.

2. Accessories

Many folks keep various accessories on and around their sinks, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom sink. There might be a bottle of hand lotion, a dispenser for dish soap, a sprayer, or something similar. Since these accessories consume the limited space on either side of your faucet, it’s essential to consider what you want to add.

If you want to add multiple dispensers, such as one for soap and another for lotion, ensure there’s enough space for placement. Or, if you want to add a sprayer to your faucet, ensure the positioning of the soap dispenser or lotion bottle won’t interfere with its placement.

3. Dispenser Type

Soap dispensers come in three primary configurations: wall-mounted, countertop, and built-in.

Wall-mounted dispensers are more typical in commercial settings, like public restrooms in businesses or airports, but some folks enjoy the convenience of them for residential use. With these dispensers, you’ll need enough space above (to refill the dispenser) and below (space for your hands) the dispenser for ease of use, so make sure you have plenty of space. In addition, ensure the placement of the dispenser doesn’t interfere with the garbage disposal’s air switch (if applicable).

Countertop soap dispensers are easy – since they aren’t fixed to the counter or wall, you can quickly move them around to meet changing needs. On top of that, refilling the bottle is straightforward, as you can quickly access the container. You’ll need plenty of counter space for the dispenser based on its size, but other than that, these dispensers are easy.

With built-in soap dispensers, you’ll need to consider a few aspects. First, ensure there’s enough room on your countertop for a built-in dispenser, as you can’t easily move it once it’s installed. Secondly, check the pre-drilled holes in your sink deck or countertop. In some cases, you might need to drill extra holes.

Last, ensure there’s plenty of space in the cabinet below for the bottle (if you have a garbage disposal, there might not be enough room).

For the most part, wall-mounted and built-in dispensers require the most considerations, as they’re fixed in place. So, ensure you have plenty of space around, above, and below the sink before attempting to install it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Far Apart Should The Soap Dispenser And Faucet Be?

The perfect location for your soap dispenser next to your faucet depends on the type of dispenser and the size of the faucet. You’ll need plenty of space to operate the faucet’s handles without bumping into the dispenser, so ensure you place it far enough away for ease of use. We explain this topic in another post, so click here to learn more.

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