How To Install A PUR Water Filter On A Pull-Out Faucet

Filtered water is a must-have in some homes, particularly those running with water that may contain chemical or physical contaminants. For example, agricultural runoff may enter drinking water in specific scenarios, adding pesticides to your water source. To combat this issue, a water filter is a perfect solution. 

However, installing a water filter can be tricky if you don’t have a basic, run-of-the-mill faucet without fancy additions. If you have a pull-out faucet and want to install a PUR water filter, stick around to learn more. 

What Is A PUR Water Filter?

A PUR water filter, specifically the faucet-mounted configurations, is a type of device that provides filtered water on demand. This is great for households that go through large amounts of drinking water daily or even those who want to cook or wash dishes with filtered water. 

PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System, Chrome – Horizontal Faucet Mount for Crisp, Refreshing Water, PFM400H

The water filter helps reduce contaminants in your tap water, giving you cleaner, better-tasting water. PUR utilizes activated carbon made from coconut shells to get the job done. The carbon features tiny pores that are much smaller than most other types of carbon filters. 

As water passes through the filter, contaminants get stuck in the filter and fill up the surface area. In addition to the restrictive filter, there’s also an ion exchange that takes place. The filter basically trades harmful ions for harmless ions in the same charge. Specific ions, like lead and iron, can carry a charge. 

So, the filter helps exchange the harmful ions for harmless ions during the ion exchange. Certain PUR filters can remove nearly all of the chlorine in the water’s content, which gives you better-tasting water. 

Additionally, PUR faucet water filters feature a nonwoven material, which rests around the carbon block. This material collects turbidity, which is substances like rust and dirt that can cause the water to appear murky or cloudy, and helps keep the carbon block from clogging. 

Although the water may not look any different from unfiltered tap water, the difference is there. The filtered, healthy water usually tastes much better, even though you can’t visibly notice a difference. 

Can You Install A Faucet Filter On A Pull-Out Faucet?

Pull-out faucets feature a hose that feeds out of the main body of the faucet. The docking system helps keep the spray wand in place while you’re not using it. While high-quality pull-out faucets have a solid docking system that keeps the wand firmly in place, they may not be able to support the weight of the faucet-mount filtration system. 

Screw-on faucet filtration systems aren’t designed with the pull-out faucet configuration in mind, so they’re not ideal for these faucets. They’re great for standard faucets that feature the little cap aerator on the end of the spout, which you can remove to install the filter. 

However, given the lack of compatibility between the two, another option is the best bet. 

Alternatives To A Faucet Mount Water Filter For A Pull-Out Faucet

While a faucet mount PUR water filter doesn’t necessarily make sense for a pull-out faucet, there are a few other alternatives to achieve a similar result.

Invest In A Filtered Water Pitcher

PUR sells filtered water pitchers that you can pop in your fridge. The pitchers come in varying sizes, from smaller dispensers holding up to 11 cups to larger dispensers that can hold 44 cups. These pitchers are a great solution if you only need filtered water for drinking water. 

PUR Plus Water Pitcher Filtration System, 7 Cup, White, PPT711W
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If you use a considerable amount of filtered water for other tasks, like washing dishes or cooking, a pitcher may not meet your need. While you could invest in a few dispensers, they take up quite a bit of room in your fridge. 

The pitcher features a filter light that indicates if the filter is still working. 

Replace The Faucet

If your kitchen faucet is tired, worn, or it’s about time to replace it, consider replacing it with a standard faucet. The docking system on pull-out and pull-down faucets usually won’t support the weight of a faucet mount PUR water filter, but you can easily install one on a standard faucet. 

You can buy different adapters to make the installation a breeze with various standard kitchen faucets. 

Install An Under Sink Filtration System

Under Sink Filtration System

Of course, throwing out the whole faucet isn’t sensible in every scenario, so you could incorporate an under sink water filtration system. If you have your heart set on a PUR water filter, the company offers under sink filtration systems. 

You can connect these systems to a separate faucet, like a little drinking water faucet off to the side of the main faucet or the cold water side. Usually, you only need cold filtered water, so this could be a solution if you don’t need hot filtered water. 

Many homes feature a smaller tap that produces filtered drinking water off to one side of the main faucet. Depending on your sink’s configuration, this option may or may not be logical. 

Some sinks come with pre-drilled holes for additional fixtures, like an extra tap or soap dispenser. Other sinks feature knockout holes for easy additions. If your sink doesn’t have pre-drilled holes or knockout holes, you can drill an extra hole in the sink deck. Solid surfaces, like natural stones or composite sinks, can be tricky to drill through, and you may need the help of a professional.

Install A Whole House Filtration System

Whole House Filtration System

Or, if you want to commit to better-filtered water throughout your entire home, consider installing a whole house water filtration system. This way, the water supply throughout your entire house will be filtered, whether it’s hot or cold, and drinking water or not. 

The water from your faucets throughout the house, in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc., will all feature filtered water. So, you wouldn’t need a separate filter for your pull-out kitchen faucet. 

Installing a whole house filtration system can be costly, so it may not be feasible for all scenarios. 

How Long Do You Run Water Through A New PUR Water Filter?

If you decide to switch out your faucet and install a PUR filter or even add an under sink PUR water filtration system, you’ll need to run water through it before using it. After installing the system, hook up the water, and turn the water back on, run cold water through it for five minutes.

Allow the water to flush any tiny bits of the carbon block away. During shipping and handling, small bits and pieces of the carbon block can come loose inside the filter. If you forget to run water for five minutes and accidentally consume it, it isn’t harmful. 

With that said, the tiny carbon particles can leave a bitter taste in the water, which may linger in your mouth. So, most people like to thoroughly flush out any little pieces that come loose during the process. After running cool water for about five minutes, these particles should be washed away, and the filter is ready to use. 

If you’re using a PUR pitcher filter, simply soak it in cold water for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, remove the filter cartridge from the water, then rinse it with fresh cool water for ten seconds. Once you’re done, pop it into the pitcher, and you’re good to go. 

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