How To Remove A Screen From A Moen Faucet

There are a few reasons why you may need to remove the screen or aerator from your Moen faucet. The issue often falls to poor water flow due to a clogged aerator. Or, maybe it’s time for an aerator replacement. Whatever the reason may be, there are a few ways to remove it. 

Removing a Moen faucet aerator can be tricky, particularly if it’s recessed. If you need to know how to remove the troublesome aerator, keep reading!

How To Remove The Aerator From A Moen Faucet

The process to remove the aerator from a Moen faucet depends entirely on the type of faucet you have. There is some differentiation between kitchen and bathroom faucets, so we’ll take a look at each type below.

Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen 87233SRS Adler One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Power Clean, Spot Resist Stainless

Moen offers multiple kitchen faucet configurations, so giving a specific, all-encompassing guideline is tricky. The removal process depends on the type of faucet you have. 

For example, consider the Moen Brecklyn kitchen faucet. The aerator in this faucet is exposed. However, you can’t easily grab it with your fingers and remove it. So, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Allen key
  • Rag 

Depending on what kind of faucet you have, there may be a few extra parts (if you have a water saver) hiding behind the aerator. So, cover the drain with a rag to prevent losing tiny parts. 

If you don’t have an Allen key, simply find something that will fit between the aerator’s grooves. Fit the long end of the Allen key between the grooves, then rotate it counterclockwise. The aerator will loosen, allowing you to remove it easily. 

Moen Bathroom Faucets

Moen 6702BL Genta One-Handle Single Hole Modern Bathroom Sink Faucet with Optional Deckplate, Matte Black

Moen offers two main types of aerators in its bathroom faucets: threaded and recessed. 

The threaded aerators on bathroom faucets are quick and easy, as they easily twist off. Simply grip the protruding aerator at the end of the spout and twist counterclockwise. The aerator easily comes off, allowing you to do whatever you need to do. 

On the other hand, the recessed aerators require a tool for removal. Sometimes, this tool is called a ‘cache faucet aerator key.’ When you buy the bathroom faucet new, it comes with the aerator removal tool. 

To remove a concealed or recessed aerator, use the tool to unthread the aerator. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Aerator removal tool
  • Rag 

It doesn’t hurt to plug the sink’s drain or cover it with a towel in case the aerator drops. Disassembling plumbing to find missing parts is no fun. So, to be on the safe side, cover the drain with a towel. 

The tool is user-friendly and easy to use. Simply insert the tool into the grooves in the aerator, which sits just inside the end of the spout. Twist counterclockwise to unthread it. 

How Do You Remove A Moen Aerator Without A Tool?

If you don’t have the fancy little aerator removal tool, you can still remove the aerator reasonably quickly. You have a few options. 

If the aerator is the threaded variety, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty. However, if it’s giving you grief, simply wrap a small cloth around the aerator and use pliers to get a better grip on it. The fabric protects the aerator’s finish, so it doesn’t end up with little teeth marks from the pliers.

On the flip side, if you have the recessed aerator variety, there are a few things to try. If you have long fingernails, you can try using them to place between the grooves. Of course, you don’t want to damage your fingernails, so no worries if it doesn’t work. 

If you can’t remove the aerator with your fingers, try using a flathead screwdriver. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hammer

Take a small flathead screwdriver and wedge the end into one of the grooves. Once the screwdriver is in place, use the hammer to tap the end lightly. If there are limescale deposits holding the aerator in place, this will help break the bond. 

How Do You Remove A Moen Aerator Without A Tool

Keep tapping, pushing the aerator counterclockwise until it loosens. From there, you should be able to use your hand to finish removing it. 

Alternatively, if corrosion or mineral deposits won’t release their hold, try using a touch of vinegar or WD-40. If you’d like to use WD-40, apply a liberal amount of the lubricant to the aerator, then allow it to sit for a few minutes. Try the removal process again. 

If you want to use vinegar, fill a sandwich bag with just enough to cover the faucet end. Tie the bag around the end of the faucet, so the aerator is submerged. Allow it to soak for most of the day, then try the same process again. 

How Do You Clean The Screen On A Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Once the aerator is out, it doesn’t hurt to clean it. Mineral buildup or calcium deposits can leave residue in the aerator, reducing water flow. So, while you have it disassembled, allow it to soak for a while. 

Here’s what you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Small bowl
  • Old toothbrush
  • Toothpicks 

Soak the screen and other aerator parts in a small bowl with enough vinegar to fully submerge the parts. Allow it to soak for a few hours at least, but preferably overnight. Once the deposits are soft enough or dissolved altogether, use an old toothbrush and toothpicks to remove the remnants. 

Rinse the aerator with warm water, then reassemble it in the faucet.

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