What are The Best Kitchen Faucets? Reviews & Buyers Guide

I researched hundreds of models and put together a list of the best kitchen faucets.

A quality faucet is an essential component of today’s kitchens and most are pretty expensive. Don’t waste your hard earned money on one that falls short in quality, style and functionality.

Pull-down and pull-out are great options. With a simple movement, you can pull the head of the kitchen faucet out of its docking station and extend the hose to apply a higher pressure of water into your sink.

Our Top Kitchen Faucets:

  • Moen Arbor Motionsense: my pick for the best overall kitchen faucet, simple elegance from with outstanding technology plus an excellent lifetime warranty from Moen
  • Delta 9113-AR-DST: simple to use spray head with best in class magnetic docking system
  • Kohler K-596: 3 function spray head, super easy to install, and lifetime warranty for added peace of mind
  • Moorea Pull-Down Dual Sensor: dual sensors, fantastic styling and warranty.
  • Kraus KPF-1610SS: 20″ retractable hose for tough to reach spots & full high arc design offers excellent usability
  • WEWE Single Handle: high-quality budget model that still offers outstanding features, easy to install is an added bonus
  • Delta 9178-SP-DST: single handle control for water temperature, easy to keep clean with rust-resistant finish
  • Moen 7185SRS: love the blend of classic style with modern sophistication and conveniences. Very durable stainless steel finish

Kitchen Faucet Reviews

1. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor High Arc Motionsense Faucet

Moen 7594ESRS Kitchen Sink Faucet


  • Comes with Moen’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee
  • Reflex system provides smooth operation
  • High arc to easily fill large pots
  • Power Clean technology provides an enhanced stream
  • Single handle design
  • Pull out spray head
  • Hands free operation


  • There are some issues with the motion sensors being over or underactive
  • Some users have reported issues with a leaky faucet

Sleek curvature and a spotless finish are two features that really make the Moen kitchen faucet to stand out. There is attention to detail, with smooth lines, and a Spot Resistant finish to keep water spots and grubby fingerprints at bay – perfect if you have small children. This feature helps to make it an ideal choice for busy kitchens and combines practicality with style!

Convenience is also a consideration, and the built-in Reflex system means that the spray hose can move freely and flexibly, and be docked securely when not in use. This helps to keep your sink faucet area neat and tidy. The inclusion of the Limited Lifetime warranty is another incentive, which provides peace of mind if you run into an issue.

This is my favorite Moen faucet!

2. Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa Faucet

Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa Faucet


  • Magnetic docking system means that the spray is always right where you need it
  • Simple to use spray head
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind
  • Simple, elegant design is sure to be an asset to any home
  • Single handle design


  • Some of the internal and external components are made from plastic
  • Touchless feature has been reported to be unreliable by some users

When it comes to a reliable kitchen faucet brand, Delta is usually the top of the list. They have a strong reputation throughout the industry and are known for producing long-lasting, high-quality kitchen faucets, which also boast elegant and sophisticated designs. The Essa model is no different and comes with a super useful pull-down sprayer, which includes a 20” hose reach, as well as the choice to stream or spray your water – perfect for switching between tasks.

Touchless technology has always been a major benefit of the Delta models, and the Essa is no different. With just a touch anywhere on the base, users can turn the hot and cold water on or off, and this makes use and accessibility far easier, especially for older people who may have joint problems or busy users who often have their hands full!

3. Kohler K-596-Vs Simplice Faucet

Kohler K-596-Vs High Arch Simplice


  • Comes with a three function spray head; choose from Stream, Boost and Sweep spray, depending on your needs!
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Easy to install
  • DockNetic system lets you to keep your spray safe and secure.
  • Single handle elegant design


  • Some users have reported issues with the water pressure
  • Unlike other brands, the spray does not automatically turn back to the regular aerated water flow once the kitchen faucet is switched off.

The options are Sweep, Boost, and Stream, and this allows you to switch easily between water types depending on the job you need to tackle. Sweep spray uses angles nozzles, which create a powerful blade of water – perfect for rinsing and cleaning dishes.

It is also worth mentioning the DockNetic magnetic docking system, which is another major perk of the model; this uses a built-in magnet to lock the spray head firmly into place when not in use, and this means you can always grab and go whenever you need to. Kohler also uses ceramic disc valves to minimize the chances of a leaky faucet, and offer corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish to extend the longevity.

4. Lulani Moorea – Pull-Down Dual Sensor Kitchen Faucet

Moorea - Pull-Down Dual Sensor Kitchen Faucet


  • Dual sensor technology which allows for hands-free and spout control for safety and convenience.
  • 360 swivel spout for each reach and access
  • High arch design makes filling pots easy
  • Very good warranty and customer support


  • Sensor faucets can be a bit tricky to unstall.

If you are in the market for a pull-down, touchless faucet, the Lulani Moorea KA-900-30 should be high on your list! This faucet is absolutely gorgeous and has received high praise and reviews from past customers.

The Moore comes in Chrome, Brushed Nickle, and Matte Black to match any kitchens decor.

Overall, I consider this model to be one of the best faucets available.

5. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610SS Commecial Model Faucet


  • Offers a 20” retractable hose for those hard to reach areas!
  • High quality spray head
  • Flexible high arc design
  • Includes a splash-free single handle flow control with 90-degree rotation, allowing you greater control over every aspect of use.
  • Designed to be eco-friendly and water-efficient


  • The sprayer head is mainly plastic, coated in a thin metal
  • Not for people wanting a traditional style faucet

With a smooth, sleek finish, the Kraus kitchen faucet is sure to be a stunning focal point for any kitchen and offers an elegant and modern feel which is sure to prove popular for homeowners. There is a real focus on eco-friendly elements and durability, and this is reflected in the construction.

The Kraus model also includes a dual-function pull-down spray, as well the chance to switch between spray and stream as required. The faucet also turns and swivels the full 360 degrees, and this provides total access to every part of the kitchen sink – perfect if you need to save space, fill an awkwardly shaped vessel, or redirect the flow of hot and cold water.

This is a kitchen faucet that sits in the mid-range price-wise and offers excellent value for money. While it may not feel as robust and premium as more expensive models, and there is arguably too much plastic included for a so-called “premium” brand, this is nevertheless still a reliable and stylish product – perfect for a lower budget.

6. WEWE Single Handle Pullout Faucet

WEWE Faucet Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet


  • 3-way spray head settings to give you plenty of choices
  • One single handle allows you to control for and water temperature for maximum
  • High arc spout
  • Easy to maintain thanks to corrosion and rust-resistant finish
  • Easy to install


  • There have been some issues reported with a fluctuating pressure
  • Some users have reported a slight outward tilt to the model

The faucet includes a multifunctional outlet water effect – there is a choice of three spray head settings, which can be easily switched between depending on your needs and preferences. The stream is perfect for filling glasses and containers, while the spray is ideal for rinsing off any debris, and getting plates and dishes ready to be washed.

Also, the high arc spout ensures that there is plenty of space to move and work between the kitchen faucet and the sink, and the 360-degree swivel means that accessibility us available from every angle. The kitchen sink area will also be kept tidy thanks to a retractable spout head, meaning that you can make the most of your space and making this an attractive choice at an affordable price.

7. Delta 9178-SP-DST Leland Faucet

Delta 9178-SP-DST Leland Model in Nickle


  • 3-way spray settings to give you plenty of choices
  • One single handle allows you to control for and water temperature for maximum
  • Single handle design
  • Easy to maintain thanks to corrosion and rust-resistant finish


  • There have been some issues reported with a fluctuating pressure
  • Some users have reported a slight outward tilt to the model

In the world of appliances, Delta is a brand that is instantly recognized and respected. They have a solid reputation for providing high-quality products, and their Leland line is no different. The major plus point is the commitment to longevity; the inclusion of Diamond Seal Technology – exclusive to Delta – means that these are faucets designed to last twice as long as the industry standard, ensuring that customers receive excellent value for money!

The pull-down faucet feature offers a reach of 20”, meaning you will have ample space to tackle important jobs, and comes with Magnetite Docking (an integrated magnet), which will keep your spray wand in one place, meaning it is always accessible and secured properly.

This also reduces the chance that the wand will droop over time, ensuring the longevity of your product. In addition, the inclusion of TouchClean technology means that the kitchen faucet is easy to wipe and maintain, and this reduces the workload and leaves your unit looking fresh!

8. Moen 7185SRS Brantford

Moen 7185SRS Brantford


  • Spot Resist finish means this model is easy to clean and maintain
  • Retractable spray head for a neat, tidy finish
  • Single handle design
  • Easy to install
  • Unique design with a blend of classic style and modern sophistication
  • Durable stainless steel finish


  • Not suitable for areas with hard water
  • Tends to lose pressure in some homes

Moen is a brand with some serious leverage in the industry, and the Brantford model is no exception. The stainless steel finish means that it is a perfect fit for busy families and young children, and can be maintained and looking it’s very best easily!

One of the stand-out features of this kitchen faucet is its blend of classic design and modern lines. This is a versatile product that is sure to fit in a range of kitchen styles and is an easy and affordable way to update your look, without breaking the bank. As well as looking great, Moen has ensured that it can meet all your needs with 3 choices of flow; an aerated stream for simple, everyday cleaning, a strong, powerful rinse for heavy-duty messes, and a boosted stream for when you need that extra power.

What is the difference between pull down & pull out kitchen faucet?

Pull Down & Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

When trying to find the best kitchen faucet, you may have been confused by the difference between pull down and pull out technology. Reality is, they’re not too different: both types are similar in that they have a spray hose sitting neatly inside the spout. However, it is the length of the hose and spout that differs.

Pull Down

Pull down faucets are very smart-looking. They generally have taller arcs and longer spouts (gooseneck-shaped), with a short hose sitting inside the spout. The purpose of them is to provide improved spray head pressure and precision with a slight extension of the hose downwards into the sink. They are ideal for large kitchen sinks (and if there is a lot of space around and above the sink) and are both stylish and practical.

Pull Out

Pull out faucets are designed to have shorter spouts with longer hoses that can be bent and maneuvered around the kitchen sink in all different directions. This is helpful when, for example, you want to fill big pans and pots that won’t fit in the sink, as you can place them on the countertop and pull the hose to reach them. For this reason, they are more-commonly installed onto a small sink or a double sink.

Which Model Should You Pick?

Generally, pull down faucets are the more popular variation and are considered a good type of faucet to purchase. They are available in a multitude of styles to suit any kitchen style or interior, and most pull-down faucets are available with varying spray head options and powers.

Pull out faucets typically have lower arcs because the hose isn’t being pulled straight down but is being bent around instead. What’s more, they tend to be lower in price than their pull-down counterparts.

However, the best kitchen faucets for you will depend on your washing needs, your interior and personal taste.

There are a lot of kitchenware brands that offer faucets with pull down sprayers, such as Moen. The well-renowned North American brand boasts over 70 models, ranging in price, finish, style, height and spout head.

Another brand that has mastered the pull down technology is Delta. Their signature MagnaTite Docking technology securely locks the spout head in place when it’s no longer in use.

Other magnetic pull down models are available from Hansgrohe: their MagFit technology securely fastens the spray nozzle in place with high-strength magnets.

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

  1. Delta Faucet 4353-AR-DST Linden Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet
  2. Moen 87039SRS One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet
  3. Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Faucet
  4. Ufaucet Modern Brushed Nickel Pull Out Sprayer
  5. KOHLER K-10433-VS Forte Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Though they aren’t as popular as pull down models, there are great benefits of faucets with pull out sprayers, namely the great flexibility which enables the user to direct the water stream in whichever direction they wish – making it easier to wash food, dishes and the sink after use.

American Standard has an excellent selection of pull out faucets, with Dock-Tite magnet technology and SelectFlo innovation – five different spray head settings and pressures for the ultimate washing experience and ease.

Another leading brand in the pull out kitchen faucet market is Kohler – their short spout head holds an impressive 9-inch hose, and with the touch of a button you can switch the water supply from stream to spray. Another impressive detail of Kohler’s models is that they have water temperature memory so that when you turn it on or off it has already preset to the temperature it was at before usage.

One-handle or two-handle?

Single handle pull out/down models are more common – it is rare that you’ll come across a two handle pull out/down faucet. This is simply because one handle can accurately and easily control the water pressure and temperature on its own, and two levers just aren’t necessary. The high arc style of the one-handle pull out/down faucet is standard across all brands, except for different detailing and finishes.

Side Spray

A side spray is a mini faucet that sits adjacent to the main appliance but is not attached to it. It can be pulled out of its socket to extend the hose to rinse, spray and wash dishes, food or even pots and pans sitting on the counter top. Side sprays will then retract smoothly back into their position.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen faucets with pull out sprayers (side sprays), American Standard is a great brand to start with. Their extensive collection of side spray styles – with high arcs, low arcs, one-handle, and two-handles – means there is something for everyone and every kitchen. Plus, their water-efficient faucets mean less water is wasted without performance being compromised, and all their models are ADA Compliant – safe and comfortable for the use of those with a disability or with limited mobility.

Styles & finishes

Pull down and pull out faucets are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, most common being stainless steel and polished chrome. Stainless pull-down kitchen faucets are highly versatile and look good in all styles of kitchens.

For something more special, matte black or oil rubbed bronze will add an element of chic – perfect for homes that are both contemporary or traditional but are fitted with the latest glimmers of the latest technological advances.

Is a pull down or pull out faucet for you?

When you’re looking to install a new faucet, you must think carefully about how you use your current faucet, the size of your kitchen sink faucet area, and what smart features you desire.

Selecting The Right Company

Before you choose a kitchen faucet for your house, commercial, restaurant, or for industrial use, make sure you are buying the most reliable product from a professional supplier. Often, the smartest guarantee of quality is knowing where to buy faucets and being informed of who makes the best products. With that in mind, we do the hard work by researching and composing lots of kitchen faucet reviews. Lucky for you, we’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

Our expert team have taken the time to research the best rated kitchen faucet brands, so you can make an informed choice about exactly which one will provide you with the best kitchen sink faucet for your needs.

American Standard

For over 140 years, American standard has been making heavy duty faucets, and that long legacy has resulted in a company that’s perfected its craft. You can rely on American Standard for high-quality faucets for both homes and commercial style kitchens. They’re concerned with good health and clean water, so trust in American Standard for a faucet that will sustain.


Delta makes some of the highest quality faucets out there – and with good reason. They test every single faucet 500,000 times to guarantee no leaks. The quality of their products means their reputation as one of the best faucet makers in the industry is secure.


Buying a Hansgrohe faucet means buying from a company that has built on their traditional faucet making techniques and has expanded into the modern market with aplomb. You can guarantee each Hansgrohe faucet is of the highest quality, and, as a bonus, each one is environmentally friendly.


Kohler is one of the most prestigious American plumbing companies in the world and may just be the oldest.  Many people consider them to make the best brand in the world.  Kohler was founded in Wisconsin in 1873 and is still based there today. It is clear they’re proud of their heritage – many Kohler products are made in America.


Kraus is relatively new to the faucet business, but that doesn’t mean Kraus models are anything less than excellent.Since their founding in 2007, Kraus has been striving to make beautiful and cool products that reflect the city they call home: New York. Their design manages to be practical and convey a real spirit of modern and cool. The attitude of the company is modern too – they are committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly products.


Mirabelle has a real focus on design and has managed to create affordable products that are aesthetically pleasing in a classic sense, while still being innovative. You won’t pay an extortionate price for any item in Mirabelle’s range, but you won’t be losing out on a durable product either.


Moen was founded in 1937 by Al Moen, from whom the company gets its name. Moen has something that sets them apart from other faucet makers – their focus has been on the faucet since the start. It was Moen, the founder, who was the first man to develop the single handle faucet.


Premier present themselves as a no-nonsense company. There’s not an extensive emphasis on design in their press releases – simply a clear focus on just how well-made are their high-quality products. This is surprising because not only does Premier provide great quality, but their designs are just so lovely.


Pfister has been in the plumbing business since 1910 and is keen to let consumers know they have more expertise than some of their peers.  Pfister bless consumers with an expansive range of design options and styles to choose from, and it could perhaps be the widest range in the industry. There are over 80 different collections and over 20 color options – if you don’t have an idea in mind, Pfister offers great inspirations.


If faucets can ever truly be cool, Vigo are that manufacturer. Vigo focuses on making sure their faucets always look great, and they excel in that. In fact, they’ve done so well in the faucet biz, they’ve been named one of the fastest growing companies in America.It’s not just great design that you get with a Vigo kitchen faucet – you can be assured you’re taking on a high-quality product. They focus on making sure each product is perfect.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Navigating the faucet market can be difficult. There are so many different shapes, styles, and designs that choosing the right one can become confusing.

However, to make the buying process a little easier, there are some things you should consider that will better inform your ultimate decision.

Existing Plumbing

A big detail to keep in mind when researching the best kitchen faucets – perhaps the most important and defining detail – is what type of plumbing is in your house. You may find that your existing faucet isn’t compatible with some faucet models and styles. Even if you’re installing a whole new model, you will need to find out the amount of faucet-mounting in your kitchen sink.

Flow Rate of Water

If you have a leaky kitchen faucet that constantly drips at the rate of once per second, this can translate to 3000 gallons of water wasted each year. This is not good for your bank balance or the environment.

An aerator can help to restrict water flow, and we’ll look at those directly below.

Look for top-quality levers that allow you to easily cut back on the amount of water that comes out the faucet.

Don’t cut corners on installation and avoid the cheapest faucets. These measures are likely to feature low-quality materials and be more prone to leaking.


Aerators have undergone many changes over the years, and this simple component has several purposes.

Normally the aerator is position at the top of the spout and can help with the following:

  • Controlling and shaping the water streams
  • Prevent water splashing
  • Save water by reducing the flow volume
  • Increase pressure in homes suffering from low-water pressure
  • Helps the faucet to run much more quietly
  • Specialized aerators can help minimize problems caused by hard water minerals

Pull-Down Sprayer

Heads with multiple spray modes have evolved to become much more productive while also taking up much less space. The older types of spray heads were add-ons that sat on the side of the faucet. Reach was limited while the main faucet also shut off when the spray was activated.

Things have changed.

Integrated sprays with pull-out spray heads save space while also cutting down on the chance of any leaks. Whether you’re filling up a saucepan or washing some dishes, a spray attachment can be a valuable addition.

Get the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen Sink

If you’re not planning to update your sink, and only update your faucet, take a good look at how many mounting holes your sink has.Most sinks come with pre-drilled mounting holes. If your sink has 4 holes, but the faucet you’re installing has 3 holes, you could run into a problem with some makes.However, some of the best faucets give you the option to change the hole configuration, so you can fit whatever faucet you choose. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for information about that.

Make Sure Your Fixture Fits Your Sink:

  • 1 hole faucet: This faucet is the bare minimum of what you need; a single faucet.
  • 2 hole faucet: The 2 hole faucet allows one hole for the spout, and another for an accessory, like a spray head or a soap dispenser.
  • 3 hole faucet:  A 3 hole faucet is the most common kind of faucet in a home and allows for a spout and up to two accessories. It typically comes with the escutcheon to cover the holes, or a deck plate, as it is also known.
  • 4 hole faucet:  The 4 hole faucet is probably the most common in industrial kitchens. As well as having the holes for the spout and the two taps, there’s an additional hole installed for a dispenser or sprayer.

Water Lines

Before commencing on your mission for a new faucet, another thing to investigate is the water line size and shut-off valves. It’s sensible to be conscious of the size of the pipe and the size of the models you’re considering. You should replace the shut-off valves when installing a new faucet.


Don’t underestimate the possibilities of spouts, either. Do you want your kitchen spout to be long or short, or with a high arc? The possibilities are endless. Faucets with high-arcs (raised 8-10 inches above sink) are particularly popular with chefs and people who love to cook, as they allow more workspace around the sink (as well as being stylish).


If your home is modern-looking, but you want to make it more stylish, phase in a new theme subtly. Start with a Venetian bronze faucet, for instance, and then buy matching drawer knobs, light fixtures, and so on.

Little style details go a long way in revamping a living space like the kitchen, and a new faucet is a great starting point (while also practical).

Do You Need a Decorative Plate?

If you’ve got any holes made during installation that need to be covered up, an escutcheon or decorative plate is an elegant solution.

With the higher end models, you’ll usually get a matching plate thrown in for a more seamless aesthetic.


The cartridge on your faucet helps to regulate water flow while also allowing you to control the temperature.

Cartridges are linked to the lever of a faucet and can be easily replaced if worn out.

If your faucet is leaking, it’s highly probable replacing the cartridge will fix the problem.

The top kitchen faucets will come with a robust cartridge capable of giving you years of service. It will also be straightforward to swap out if anything goes amiss.

Cartridge tech has come a long way since the use of compression or ball valves to control water flow. A modern cartridge is made from plastic and/or brass. These will be easier to use than the older style, and they are also capable of lasting much longer.

A quality option is a ceramic disc cartridge which we will explore in more detail in our frequently asked questions.


The height of the faucet is what counts most. This will determine the size of cookware you can maneuver under it without meeting resistance. This can refer to the distance between the base and the highest point. It can also be used to describe how far it is from the base and the point where the water exits the faucet. Check that you’ll get enough height for your requirements.

Do You Need a Secondary Faucet?

You can also find wall-mounted pot-filler faucets. They are worthwhile if you are always cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Articulated spouts give you increased flexibility while more basic variants simply extend directly out of the wall.


While you might be instinctively tempted to install a faucet and sidestep the costs of a plumber, you should not underestimate the job at hand. For the most part, it is an easy installation, but depending on your cabinets, that’s not always the case.

The quality of instructions varies widely, but most faucets should be possible to hook up even if you are not a DIY expert.

If you prefer visual aids, there are always plenty of helpful videos on YouTube and similar platforms to make things more understandable.

You’ll need some pliers and a wrench along with gloves and safety glasses. A towel or two will help in the event of any spillage or leaking during installation.

The most crucial element is to turn off the water at the valve before you get started. You should also drain any surplus water from the faucet itself.

The tough part is removing the old faucet. While doing so, look carefully for any excessive build-up of limescale that could need attending to. Also, check for any leaks. If you notice anything untoward, do not proceed before resolving the issue. You’ll only invite trouble further down the line.

As with any DIY job, familiarize yourself fully with the instructions rather than just launching in unprepared. It also makes sense to lay out everything you need, so you are nicely organized.

Once you’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and everything is tightened up, turn the water back on and check for leaks with your towel to hand.

While plumbers are not particularly cheap, if you don’t feel up to the job, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in professional assistance.


With incorrect installation comes the likelihood of leaks. Most households experience leaks in some form or another, and unfortunately, highly-advanced faucets are not exempt from this eventuality.

In some cases, a leak could indicate that yes, your faucet’s shelf-life has expired, but depending on the type of leak (i.e., a leak around the base of the spout or a drip when it’s switched off), you can often just replace parts, such as the O-rings which generally don’t last as long as the faucet itself. Rather than installing a whole new faucet, refer back to your manual and take a trip to the hardware store – you’ll have the problem fixed in no time and at a small expense.

Loss of Water Pressure

Another common problem homeowners can face regarding their faucets is the loss of water pressure. This can be frustrating, especially if you have high expectations for your faucet, but the problem isn’t as serious as you may suspect.Loss of water pressure may simply be down to a build-up of mineral deposits and lime-scale.

Therefore, it may just be a case of taking the faucet apart (most modern faucets can be taken apart quite easily) and cleaning the inside. In fact, you should do this task monthly or quarterly anyway to avoid this issue from reoccurring.

If the loss of water pressure isn’t because of a build-up of lime-scale, it could be because of a wider problem, in which case you should call your plumber. Regardless, loss of pressure is rarely down to the faucet alone.Keep in mind that improper care and cleaning of your faucet (e.g., it becomes rusty) could void your warranty agreement.


From spot resist stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze to chrome and matte black metal, you can generally find most finishes regardless of price point.

Plastic faucets are cheaper but far less durable. You should avoid these at all costs but especially if you live in a hard water area. Mineral deposits will rapidly wear down plastic components.

Solid brass faucets are built to stay the distance but keep an eye out for brass-plated taps since these have a cheaper metal underneath.

If you’re tempted to add a finish to a faucet, you should perhaps reconsider that idea. Original finishes are normally stain resistant, rust resistant finish and help to stave off corrosion. Applying finish might look good in the short-term, but it’s not a smart strategy for the long-term.

Faucet: Price and Value

If you base your search for a faucet based purely on the cheapest model you can find, you are highly likely to run into problems.

Remember the adage, ”Buy cheap; buy twice.

The good news is that even the more expensive faucets are not so costly when compared to other appliances and components you need in the kitchen.

You should think more about overall value rather than obsessing over the bottom line, and you should also factor the warranty in.

The Benefits of Getting a New Faucet

A faucet is the hub of your kitchen – where your whole family cleans, cooks, rinses and gets water from every day – and your kitchen is the hub of your home. So, you could argue that your kitchen faucet is the most important feature of your entire home. Not convinced? Here are 3 good reasons why your faucet is important and why, if you haven’t already, you should invest in a new one.

  • It’s the Most Important Feature:  As aforementioned, a kitchen faucet is the most-used feature by all the people in your home, so it is crucial that it is in working order. If not, you could run into lots of issues that could cost you money and time later down the line. If yours is a little old, has suffered wear and tear, is faulty or the plumbing could do with a refresh, it’s probably time you get a whole new faucet.
  • A New Faucet Will Transform Your Kitchen:  If you feel like your kitchen could do with a refresh and revamp, the faucet is a good place to start. Want to incorporate a new theme throughout your home? It begins with the faucet. Want to make your kitchen more high-tech and intelligent? An advanced faucet with smart features should be top of the list.
  • It Will Improve Your Life:  It may sound dramatic, but faucets with a sleek design and innovative features will bring more ease into your life. Are you sick and tired of washing stubborn stains off big pots and pans in a small kitchen with weak pressure and a small faucet? Are you fed up with dirtying the faucet handles every time you go to wash your hands? A fancy, intelligent faucet will put a stop to all these problems. Being in the kitchen will be more enjoyable than ever!

The Benefits of Getting a Smart Faucet

Using a touchless faucet is not to everyone’s taste, but if you choose to install one of these smart taps, they come with a range of benefits:

  • Hands free operation: The convenience of hands free operation shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re in the middle of cooking up a storm and your hands are covered with grime, the last thing you want to do is physically turn on a faucet and smear grease everywhere. Simply pop your hands near these sensor-driven faucets, and they’ll come on automatically.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Water is an invaluable resource, but most of us waste considerable amounts of it on a daily basis. A good faucet with water-conserving functionality baked in shuts the water off to minimize wastage. With many of these intelligent faucets boasting advanced temperature adjustment, you won’t be waiting for the water to heat up while watching it sluice down the sink.
  • Help to reduce germs: It goes unsaid that you’ll limit exposure to germs if you don’t need to touch the handle continually. Food can contain bacteria and, in general, your hands can harbor all types of other bacteria.
  • Great for children: Children often struggle to reach regular faucets, making it easy for them to skip washing their hands. Installing smart touchless taps gives them no such excuse while injecting a layer of fun at the same time.

The Right Way To Choose a Water-Conserving Faucet

Water conservation remains a hot topic, and you can do your part in the kitchen by choosing a faucet designed with a lower flow rate.Rather than the standard 2.2 to 2.5 gallons per minute standard on a regular kitchen faucet, look out for water-conserving fixtures with a lower rate of perhaps 1.5 GPM to 1.75 GPM. With a relatively little drop in performance, you can use dramatically less water over the course of a year.The other key method of using less water is to use a touchless faucet.

What About Water Filters?

If you want to improve the quality of the drinking water in your house, but you don’t want the hassle or the expense of whole-house filtration, a water filter is a superb solution.While filtering and purifying are often used interchangeably, a filter does not clean your water.Purifiers featuring reverse osmosis can purify even untreated water.

The type of faucet filtration that is built should only be used to make treated water more palatable.These faucets use a filter cartridge that will need replacing every 2 to 3 months.These multi-stage filters work as follows:

  • Initial screening of larger debris: The first stage of filtration helps to remove sediment and larger, bulkier particles from your water supply. This non-woven screen is wrapped around the cartridge and screens dust, rust and sand.
  • Activated carbon block: The next stage of filtration features an activated carbon block. As water flows through the block, more contaminants are trapped. Since this filter becomes clogged over time, it should be regularly checked and replaced as needed.
  • Removal of chemicals: At this final stage of filtration, chemical contaminants are removed. While chlorine and similar elements will be removed by the activated carbon filter, this won’t work well to remove heavy metals, calcium, or magnesium. At this stage, any unpleasant odor should also be removed.

Why You Might Consider Using a Faucet Water Filter

Filtering your water at the faucet can bring about a number of health benefits rendering it a wise investment.They will help to give you:

  • Healthier water: As we mentioned, you won’t get purified water with a filter, but you’ll undoubtedly enjoy healthier drinking water. With most contaminants and waterborne pollutants removed, you’ll be able to save on the ongoing cost of plastic water bottles and do so without compromising your health.
  • Chlorine-free water: As well as smelling and tasting unpleasant, chlorine has been linked to a number of health issues over the years. With a water filter, you’ll eliminate the vast bulk of this chemical from the water you drink.
  • No harmful microorganisms: Microorganisms like giardia and cryptosporidium will be blocked with efficient filtration. Both of these can lead to severe symptoms lasting for weeks if you end up consuming them in your drinking water.
  • Water without heavy metals: Heavy metals frequently leak into your water supply through contaminated soil. They can also be present in distribution pipes. Kiss goodbye these damaging heavy metals with a water faucet filter.
  • An eco-friendly solution: Since you won’t need to buy a constant supply of drinking water in plastic bottles to enjoy crisp and untainted drinking water, you can do your part for the environment as well as your bank balance

Warranty and Customer Service

Even The Best Kitchen Fixtures Need Repair Occasionally

Although a faucet can be a big investment, most companies offer a long warranty (sometimes a limited lifetime warranty), so long as you look after it properly. This gives peace of mind as you don’t want to fork lots of money on a special, high-tech faucet with all state-of-the-art features included, for it to become faulty a year later.Manufacturers such as Kohler and Delta offer a limited lifetime warranty on their faucets. However, improper cleaning and care will void the warranty. Check your faucet’s warranty agreement before you purchase.

Kitchen Faucet FAQs

Kitchen Faucet Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for the best kitchen faucet, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We’ve collected them all here as your go-to resource.

1) How much does it cost to replace your kitchen faucet?

The overall cost of a faucet for your kitchen sink is contingent on the price of the fixture. Plus, you should consider the installation system and plumbing costs.

As a benchmark, the average models come in at anywhere from $100 through to $500 or more. This depends on the style and finish as well as any extra features. If you’re looking for a tap with hands free operation, this will run you more money.

If you can remove the existing faucet and install the replacement yourself, you’ll save the money required to pay for a plumber. If you’re not practically-inclined, you’ll need to budget for $150 to $300, so factor this into the equation.

2) What exactly is a ceramic disc and it is worth the extra money?

Either a valve or a cartridge controls the temperature and flow of water coming from the faucet. As cartridge seal technology has evolved, there’s no longer any call for a rubber seal. These rubber seals were traditionally one of the common causes of leaky faucets. Cartridges are designed to last much longer, but not all cartridges are created equal.

A ceramic disc cartridge is remarkably hard and rugged. The discs rotate briskly against each other to control the flow of water from the faucet. You can expect many years of use before any kind of adverse wear and tear. While more expensive, if you take the longer view, these cartridges make a smart investment.

3) What constitutes a reasonable flow rate for top rated kitchen faucets?

Most of the highest-rated kitchen faucets have a flow rate of roughly 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM).

Flow rate is regulated to limit the amount of water able to come out of the faucet.

Some areas impose water bans or encourage conservation at all times. You can choose faucets with much lower rates accordingly. Standard flow rates include 1 GPM and 1.5 GPM although they can drop as low as 0.5 GPM.

The lower the flow, the less water you’ll use. And this means you’ll save more while also reducing your eco-footprint.

4) What is an escutcheon, and do you really need one?

An escutcheon is a decorative plate used to mask any ugly holes that occur when you mount a single-handled faucet on the counter or sink. If your installation has left any holes, it makes sense to preserve the clean look of your kitchen by investing in one of these escutcheons.

Some faucets bundle a decorative plate, but this is by no means always the case. If you need to buy an escutcheon separately, carefully check that it’s intended for the faucet you have or the finish might not match.

5) I’ve chosen the right kitchen faucet, but what’s the best way to keep it clean?

As with any maintenance, “little and often” is a sound motto. Use warm water mixed with a little dish soap regularly to keep your faucet pristine. Make sure you dry the fixture thoroughly afterward.

If you have any caked-on grime, use a solution of hot water mixed with white vinegar in roughly equal parts. It’s always wise to do a spot test to make sure your faucet won’t respond poorly to the solution. Although, it’s highly unlikely any damage will come about using this natural method of cleaning.

6) How long do the best-rated kitchen faucets last?

Since most kitchen taps are made from extremely durable materials like stainless steel and brass, the lifespan is lengthy. You can expect anywhere up to 15 years of use or more from a faucet, giving them excellent overall value, even if you treat yourself to a more upscale model.

7) What is a center-set faucet?

This type of faucet comes with two handles and, thus, you’ll need two holes to install it. A dedicated handle for hot and cold water are set on each side of the spout. The spout, along with the controls, is placed into a metal plate mounted onto the center of your counter or the sink itself.

Center-set faucets are a wise bet if you’ve got kids and you don’t want to risk them failing properly to mix the water and burn their hands.

8) How do pull-out and pull-down faucets differ?

Pull-out faucets feature detachable heads on a particular length inch hose. You can pull the head forward as the hose extends outward. If you frequently need a jet of water angled into awkward spots, these faucets are completely flexible.

A pull-down kitchen faucet is similar in core purpose but operates differently. While you can pull the head downward, it doesn’t offer the same freedom of movement since you don’t get the hose. On the upside, less versatility means there’s more control, and you won’t make a mess of the kitchen.

9) How many holes are required when mounting a kitchen faucet?

There’s no fixed answer due to the variety of configurations with faucets. You could need anywhere from 1 to 4 holes in the counter. If you want to save time and money, look for a new faucet with a mounting arrangement similar to the one in place.

If the holes in your counter are covered by an escutcheon (see above), you can check underneath to see how many holes were drilled.

10) What’s the standard size for holes intended for kitchen faucets?

A regular faucet needs a hole 1 3/8 inches in diameter. This information should be listed out by the manufacturer since it can vary slightly.

Sometimes, your kitchen counter might already have pre-drilled holes. In this case, measure them carefully and ensure any faucet you’re considering will fit with these holes.

Find The Right Kitchen Faucet For You!

Whether you want a touch-operated faucet, or think a two handle model will be best for your family’s needs, you’re sure to find your perfect fixture within our kitchen faucet reviews.

Before choosing a model, be sure to research a wide range of models so you know what’s available and which style and function are best suited to your kitchen.