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Pfister Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Pfister offers a huge range of beautiful faucets guaranteed to steal the heart of any homeowner looking to enhance their kitchen. Their line spans from stunning gold models with high arches to teapot-style curved neck faucets, all of which will be an interesting addition to any kitchen interior.

They provide a broad spectrum of color options too, including but not limited to matte black, polished bronze, white gold and mirror chrome - there is a Pfister kitchen faucet to complement any household.

The brand has built its infallible reputation over 100 years in business, supplying professional grade products to customers around the globe. They became a household name in 1950 when they released their Crown Jewel line, which transformed the industry with easy self-installation, plus more controls and hose nozzles. In 1970, they were responsible for introducing the trendy translucent faucet handles that can still be found in homes to this day.  Pfister has become a worldwide name and now ships products within the US, to Canada, and to many international destinations.

They aim to offer all the latest advances in eco-friendly systems and technological breakthroughs while keeping up with design trends and making sure their products are easy to use and install. They were also the first manufacturer in the industry to introduce the lifetime warranty, guaranteeing their faucets’ finish and function for life.

In this guide, we share our Pfister kitchen faucet reviews as well as a summary of the brand’s groundbreaking innovations in the kitchen industry.

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Leading Technology

  • Pfister has launched an exciting new development in the world of kitchen faucets: they have unveiled Xtract™, a function built into faucets that filters water before it leaves the tap. It does this twice as fast a typical faucet water filter, providing your family with great-tasting fresh tap water free from chlorine and other contaminants. 
  • Their React feature uses sensors so that you can turn on your tap’s flow by waving your hand within 3 inches of the faucet. This works with a battery, and your faucet will let you know when the battery is low on power by flashing a red light during use, reminding you it’s time for a replacement.
  • The React sensor also uses SmartStop™ technology, automatically switching off the water after 3 minutes of inactivity, ensuring water wastage is kept to a minimum. Choose a Pfister touchless faucet for less splash and mess around your kitchen worktop plus greater water conservation.
  • Pfister kitchen faucets all meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), meaning they are certifiably accessible for people with limited mobility.
  • Look for the AccuDock logo for products that use an advanced docking system to lock your faucet’s spray head tightly back into place after using the extendable hose.
  • Choose the SpotDefense™ finish option for your faucet. This is an attractive polished silver that will complement a variety of interiors while repelling dirt, fingerprints, and watermarks without the need to wash or wipe. Speed up your cleaning routine with this handy invention specially developed to save you time. 

Pfister’s Value for Money

The price of a Pfister pull-down kitchen faucet is around $300 - a very reasonable mid-range price for a faucet of this caliber. They come with a no-leak guarantee, a 360-degree swivel spout for maximum flexibility and the brand’s Pfister Pforever Warranty® which covers the function and finish of your faucet for life.

Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet prices begin at just $150, which come in a range of finishes and generously include a matching side spray. The side spray pulls out of its bracket and is attached to a long hose, allowing excellent maneuverability during cleaning.

Pfister’s price range extends up to $800 for its premium products. These models are intricate in design – like their ‘vintage’ styles and contemporary models - and feature the best-advanced attributes. Enjoy pull-out hoses, adjustable water flow and spray volume control with Pfister’s high-end products.

Customers are sure to find a Pfister kitchen faucet that matches any budget. As well as the latest functions the brand often throws in a complementary matching soap dispenser included in the price.

Finding the Best Product for You

Pfister’s website offers clear navigation and filters helping you to find the perfect product for your home. You’ll see a vast array of finishes including white (which is rare among kitchen faucets), brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

Filter your options with the drop-down menu and select your faucet based on 1 handle, 2 handle, pull-down, pull-out and pot filler varieties.

You can also search by collection names and style – which includes traditional, contemporary, and ‘transitional’ (which shows in-between and unusual styles). There truly is a Pfister kitchen faucet compatible with any trend or taste.

Why Choose Pfister?

We recommend Pfister kitchen faucets to anyone in the market for a new kitchen for these reasons:

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    The inclusion of filtration systems inside faucets, producing clean and safe tap water in an instant
  • check
    Premium touchless sensor functions for minimizing mess
  • check
    Automatic shut off feature to help conserve water
  • check
    A broad spectrum of gorgeous color options to suit any home
  • check
    Very reasonable pricing for luxury products
  • check
    Original designs that won’t be found anywhere else
  • check
    Lifetime product warranty, reflecting quality standards and reassuring customers that a replacement is always available should anything go wrong
  • check
    Ease of installation with simple how-to videos for each product online
  • check
    A lifetime record of excellent customer reviews 

Plus much more!

See why Pfister is the one of the most reliable kitchen faucet brands by comparing it to our brands on our website.

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