Delta In2ition Shower Head Troubleshooting Tips

Delta’s In2ition showerhead provides dual functionality for the optimal showering experience. Whether you want to unwind after a long day in the hot spray of water or need a stress-free way to wash the dog, this shower head has you covered. 

Delta is known for its innovation, and this showerhead exemplifies this. However, although the design is creative and handy, issues may arise every now and again. If you had your heart set on a toasty, soothing shower, a malfunctioning shower head is another roadblock you’ll have to contend with before you can unwind. 

To help speed up the repair process, we compiled a few tips for troubleshooting Delta In2ition showerhead issues. Before you call a plumber to handle the process for you, glance through this guide, as the fix might be more straightforward than you think!

How Do You Fix A Delta Shower Head?

Delta Faucet 4-Spray Touch Clean In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Stainless 75486CSN

A two-in-one showerhead is incredibly handy for a variety of tasks aside from showering (cleaning rugs, rinsing the bathtub, washing the dog, etc.). However, when something malfunctions, it can be quite the process of diagnosing the issue, as you’re not dealing with a straightforward standard showerhead. 

That said, many repairs are easily doable with a few tools and a bit of know-how. Of course, the specific repair depends on the part that’s malfunctioning. Below is a list of the most common hiccups that occur with these shower heads, along with a fix to get the showerhead back up and running. 

Poor Water Pressure

Perhaps your showerhead suddenly isn’t providing solid water pressure, and maybe it is simply trickling out of the showerhead. Before you start worrying about major problems, check the controls. 

Many of these showerheads feature “Pause” buttons, which allow you to slow the flow down to a trickle while you do tasks that require less water, like shaving or lathering up. It reduces the flow of water to a trickle, which can be disconcerting if you don’t intentionally switch to this function. 

Check the sprayer settings to ensure the button isn’t stuck in the “On” position. If it seems to be stuck down, try pressing it firmly to get it to release. If you can’t get the button to release, try soaking the area in a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. This might help the button release, especially if the problem is mineral deposits. 

Once you release the pause button, the water flow should return to regular shower mode. 

Leaky Spray Hose

Some folks have mentioned issues with their Delta In2ition’s spray hose leaking profusely. While these reviews tend to be few and far between, it’s a notable mention. Generally, the leaking spray hose is the result of a missing washer or gasket. 

Of course, if you see visible damage to the hose itself, that’s the obvious culprit. But if there aren’t any clear indicators of why the hose is leaking, it’s probably a faulty/missing washer or gasket at the end of the hose. In some cases, you might be able to use some tape to create a seal, which should stop the leak. 

If you notice the issue immediately, the hose might be missing this piece entirely. If the problem started a while after you purchased the unit, it might be a damaged part. You can always take a peek at the end of the hose to visually examine for damage. Luckily, Delta offers a solid warranty on its products, including the In2ition shower head. 

So, give Delta’s warranty team a call for assistance, as they might be able to send you a replacement washer or hose. This should help correct the issue. You’ll probably need information about your product, including the model number, receipt, and when/where you bought the product. 

Handheld Sprayer Isn’t Working

Delta Faucet 4-Spray Touch Clean In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Stainless 75486CSN

The handheld sprayer is a handy addition to the In2ition setup. It allows you to do all sorts of otherwise complex tasks, like washing the dog, large or bulky rugs, or even basic cleaning. When it stops working, these tasks return to their original difficult state of nearly impossible using the main showerhead. 

There are a few reasons why the handheld sprayer isn’t working. First things first, check the lever on the right side of the base head. There are three selections that allow you to switch from the main shower head to the sprayer or both. Ensure the selection is set to the right setting for the hand shower. 

Alternatively, if the settings seem okay, there might be an issue with the shower’s diverter. This is what tells the water where to go. For instance, when you change your selection from the dual-function back to the main shower head, the diverter adjusts to make this change. 

If the diverter is broken, the handheld sprayer might not work. You’ll probably need to replace the diverter to restore the sprayer’s function. Contact Delta for warranty assistance, as certain things are covered under warranty, although there are several stipulations. 

Shower Head Won’t Swivel

The shower head features a ball joint, allowing it to swivel about 15 degrees, enabling you to adjust it to accommodate your needs. This is especially handy if your bathroom features a low-set shower arm. However, in some cases, the showerhead may seem stuck in place, and won’t move, even when you try to force it. 

Most of these showerheads boast easy installation with a tool-free (or almost tool-free) process. This means that each connection should be hand-tightened, which is enough to create a watertight seal. So, if you used a tool to tighten the nuts holding the shower head in place, there’s a good chance it’s too tight. 

So, loosen the connection with the tool, then tighten it using your hands. Don’t overtighten the connection, as this will freeze the showerhead in place again. 

Handheld Spray Head Seems Stuck Or Too Loose

Shower Head

Some customers have mentioned issues with the spray head feeling stiff or stuck in its docking position. Removing and reinserting the spray head can be awkward if the showerhead isn’t installed yet. However, once the showerhead is in place, it’s somewhat more straightforward once you figure out the locking mechanism.

There’s a tab at the top of the hand shower, which inserts into the slot in the body of the shower head. This holds the handheld head in place while you’re not using it separately. So, when you put it back, make sure you insert the tab into the slot, then press it back into the base of the shower head, where additional tabs hold it in place. 

If you skip the slot/tab mechanism and only secure the spray head via the tabs at the base of the spray head, it may feel loosely attached. Some folks have mentioned this in reviews but then said they realized they weren’t inserting the tab into the slot, which helps further secure the sprayer. 

When you remove the handheld spray head, start from the bottom, pulling the sprayer’s handle from the tabs at the bottom of the showerhead first. Then, lift the sprayer up to release the tab from the slot in the showerhead. 

If you try to pull the sprayer directly out from the showerhead, you might feel like you’re going to break it. If you pull hard enough, you might snap the tab from the back of the spray head, which will prevent it from securely docking. 

So, for the first few tries removing or replacing the sprayer, make sure you take a minute to look at the tabs and where they go. This should help simplify the process, ensuring you don’t break anything and that the spray head is easily removable. 

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  1. Whenever I buy a shower head with adjustable spray patterns, they work fine at first, and then after a time, the positions of the spray lever no longer provide the same spray patterns. For example, recently I could get the massage spray by fiddling with the lever (which I didn’t have to do at first; it was always at the 4 o’clock position). Right now I can’t access a massage spray at all. What causes this, and is there a solution besides getting a new shower head? Would soaking the head in white vinegar and water fix it? This is the hand-held portion of the two-way shower head. There’s plenty of water pressure. I just can’t get the individual settings to work.

  2. Spray wand will not stay in the main shower head. We never removed it in the 3 months we’ve had it and it suddenly started falling hard onto the floor. It even clocked me in the head a couple times. I just leave it on the floor turned off. Now I know why it was on sale at Home Depot. Piece of garbage!


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