Is Hansgrohe A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

German brand Hansgrohe has expertly combined innovative engineering with beautiful design for over a century. Having been in business since 1901, they seek to blend tradition with innovation and do so with their own unique flair.

The Best Hansgrohe Faucets

They’ve been operating for almost 120 years and have grown their business by being the best producers of stunning kitchens and bathrooms. The company’s focus was originally the creation and design of bathrooms, but have since expanded their knowledge and expertise in water systems to include kitchen faucets too.

Your kitchen is in capable hands with Hansgrohe. The company insists on keeping its production base in the Black Forest in Germany, where their original high standards of production are maintained and have led to the brand becoming internationally recognized for the magnificent quality of its goods.

Slick, modern designs are contrasted by simple traditional taps across Hansgrohe’s range so that consumers are sure to find a style that suits them, whatever their taste. The models are usually built in one color, but there are color variations throughout the products: choose from shiny chrome to muted bronze. However your home is decorated, Hansgrohe has a faucet that will perfectly accent your kitchen interior.

Read on for more information about the brand, the ingenious technology incorporated into their products, and our Hansgrohe faucet reviews to help you pick the perfect model for your home.


Hansgrohe takes pride in producing high quality, multi-functional kitchen faucets that enhance the cooking experience, are simple to use for all age groups and are extremely durable. They believe that their use of the best materials means that over the years your faucet will continue to deliver the same level of functionality akin to the first day it was installed.

  • AirPower shower heads: AirPower faucets mix water with air for a fluffy, shower-like flow from your tap. This ingenious system results in a water stream that is pleasurable to the touch – feeling light and soft on the hands – while helping to conserve water supply.
  • QuickClean rubber jet nozzles: remove limescale and dirt quickly and easily with QuickClean. The rubber nozzles mean that build-up doesn’t stubbornly stick to your water jets and comes off with a swipe of a cloth. This cuts your cleaning time in half and means your faucet continues to work with the best functionality.
  • MagFit magnetic hand spray: some Hansgrohe faucets come with detachable, extendable hand sprays. Pull out the hand spray from its bracket for greater flexibility when washing up – point the hose in any direction you wish. Then, the MagFit magnetic bracket fixes your spray nozzle back into its original place and holds it there with super-strength magnets that won’t weaken over time.
  • EcoSmart: Hansgrohe considers water to be a precious resource and is constantly researching new ways to reduce water waste and negative impacts on the environment. That’s why they developed EcoSmart – a function that reduces both water and energy consumption. EcoSmart is available throughout the company’s range of bathroom and kitchen faucets plus their showers.
  • ‘Select’ button: the unique Select button allows users to adjust the jet stream of their product with a simple touch. Switch between different settings depending on your mood: use the power stream for a blast of freshness or the rain setting for a lighter spray.

Value & Price

Of course, value for money and the price of each product is going to be a big factor in your decision to purchase a new faucet. Hansgrohe’s product range prices extend from $160 to around $1000, depending on whether you want a simple faucet with no frills or one that benefits from the brand’s advanced technological innovations.

Whatever your main priorities in the kitchen, Hansgrohe has a faucet for you. Even the brand’s most budget-friendly models benefit from a range of their useful inventions: the ‘Focus’ model is priced at just $195 yet features the amazing AirFlow water conservation function and QuickClean anti-scale nozzles; meaning you can enjoy the latest technology at bargain prices.

Their more expensive models like the ‘AXOR Citterio’ and the ‘AXOR Montreux’ are more intricate and sophisticated in looks and are priced upwards of $950 each.

For the steeper price, you’re rewarded with a faucet that looks and functions with the utmost luxury. As well as doing everything that the cheaper models can, these high-end products utilize features like adjustable jet power, 360° swivel spouts, removable hoses with MagFit and a host of other pioneering devices to aid any task in the kitchen.

There is a Hansgrohe kitchen sink faucet available for all budgets, and this brand is exceptionally generous with the features they install in their lower priced models. Go to to see our complete list of guides, where you can compare value for money across the ranges offered by other popular kitchen faucet brands.

Are Hansgrohe Faucets Right for You?

Hansgrohe is an incredibly trusted brand that has designed and developed bathroom and kitchen facilities for over a century. They continue the brand to this day with the same dedication to quality that has ensured their company’s longevity and has allowed them to expand their business worldwide. Customers are guaranteed to receive a faucet built to the highest standards when they purchase from Hansgrohe.

The company receives a top rating from us for their eco products. They are your brand of choice if you are environmentally conscious and actively seeking new ways to reduce your impact on the ecosystem.

Their faucets are produced not only to look beautiful as a stand-out feature of designer kitchens, but they reduce water waste by up to 60% using AirFlow and EcoSmart technologies as opposed to other commercial products.

Be assured that the facilities you choose for your kitchen are helping to conserve water and energy-saving money and the earth’s resources – by purchasing a Hansgrohe faucet.

We hope our Hansgrohe faucet reviews will help you choose the best product with functions that exactly fit your needs and enhance your lifestyle!

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