Is Project Source a Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

As you peruse the aisles of your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store, you’ll see dozens of brands. In the mix, you’ll find Project Source, one of the store’s in-house brands. It pops up in various sections, from storage and organization to plumbing.

Products from this brand are usually shockingly cheap compared to competitors, especially when considering its plumbing fixtures. But is Project Source a good brand? This article explores the brand and whether it’s a good fit for your home, so continue reading to learn more!

About Project Source

Project Source is a plumbing fixture brand operating under Lowe’s, a well–known and widespread home improvement company. It is one of Lowe’s in-house brands, alongside Aquasource and Allen + Roth.

Unlike many mainstream brands, like Moen, Kohler, and Delta, Project Source doesn’t have its own website. Instead, the brand operates under the umbrella of Lowe’s, only securing part of its parent company’s website.

Project Source is known for its extremely affordable offerings, which are popular builder-grade options. While the brand doesn’t offer the most luxurious products, its products come at excellent value.

Product Lineup

Project Source offers an extensive range of products that go far beyond basic kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. Its product lineup includes:

  • Storage and organization
  • Lighting and ceiling fans
  • Cabinets and vanities
  • Shelving units
  • Windows
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads and shower setups
  • Paint
  • Building supplies
  • Tools
  • Lawn and garden supplies
  • Appliances
  • Hardware
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Home decor

Where Can You Buy Project Source Faucets?

Since Project Source is one of Lowe’s in-house brands, its faucets are primarily sold through Lowe’s. However, you can find miscellaneous Project Source faucets and products through other retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Poshmark. It’s important to note that most of the products available through Poshmark and eBay are pre-owned.

Where Are Project Source Faucets Made?

Like most brands, Project Source doesn’t manufacture its own products. Lowe’s, its parent company, sources products found in its in-house lineup from various overseas manufacturers. Most of its products come from China, but several come from Taiwan and Malaysia.

This practice is surprisingly standard in the industry today, as many brands have chosen to outsource manufacturing to pad the bottom line and cut labor costs. Since labor costs tend to be lower in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia than in the United States or Canada, many North American companies have turned to manufacturing facilities in these countries.

Who Makes Them?

Lowes Logo

Lowe’s has a few manufacturing partners that handle the production of its products for in-house brands. There are a couple of well-known manufacturers that provide products for Lowe’s, including Globe Union Industrial Group and American Standard Brands.

Globe Union Industrial Group is a significant faucet manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan and manufacturing facilities in China. This manufacturer is the parent company of several faucet brands, including Gerber, Danze, and Eurostream.

American Standard Brands is another familiar name. It is a Japanese-owned faucet company (owned by LIXIL) that manufactures products in Mexico and China. American Standard, the well-known plumbing fixture brand, operates under American Standard Brands.

In addition to these manufacturers, Lowe’s also purchases faucets and other products from various manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, but those two are the more familiar names in the bunch.

Are Project Source Faucets Any Good?

With prices starting at less than $20 apiece, Project Source Faucets are hard to beat in terms of pricing. But are they any good? Let’s find out.


Regarding quality, Project Source faucets aren’t the greatest on the market. These faucets are considered builder-grade, so they’re far from the long-lasting, luxurious models you might find from more mainstream brands.

The quality of these faucets varies based on the tap, as some models feature rust-resistant finishes and ceramic cartridges, while others feature less-than-stellar components. On top of that, quality reports from customers vary drastically based on the product, as some customers are satisfied, whereas others are disappointed.

Since feedback and quality vary based on the model, we recommend sifting through the product specifications and reviews before purchase.


Bathroom Faucet

The designs of Project Source faucets vary drastically, as the lineup includes traditional, transitional, and modern options. Its modern, particularly trendy offerings feature spring spouts, high-arc faucet bodies, and single-handle configurations. Several come with pull-down spray heads for easy cleaning and use.

The bathroom faucet lineup is much the same, with quite a bit of variation in designs. Some models feature designs popular in years gone by, like faucets with clear acrylic handles. Others feature more modern styles, like the sleek, widespread faucets with minimalistic silhouettes.

The faucets come in numerous finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, and matte black.


Project Source faucets are shockingly cheap, with models starting at less than $20 apiece. While some models climb over $100, most Project Source faucets cost less than $100, making them incredibly budget-friendly.

Of course, they’re not the most durable option available, so the price makes sense. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive faucet to replace an old faucet, Project Source might have the perfect option for you.


Unfortunately, the tech lineup from Project Source is subpar. While the brand has a couple of commercial-style touchless bathroom faucets, it doesn’t offer any touch-on or voice-activated faucets. Plus, touchless bathroom faucets aren’t particularly common in residential homes. Instead, touchless kitchen faucets are more typical.

If you’re looking for a fancy, tech-packed faucet, you’ll have better luck looking elsewhere.


Surprisingly enough, Project Source offers a solid warranty on its products. Considering the price, we wouldn’t have been surprised if these faucets had a less-than-stellar warranty, but they actually come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The terms of the warranty are standard for a faucet warranty, complete with typical exclusions and inclusions. If you have a valid warranty claim, you simply need to bring it to customer service, which can help remedy the situation.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on Project Source faucets varies based on the model in question. Many satisfied reviewers applaud these faucets for their seamless functionality, affordable prices, and classy designs.

However, unhappy reviewers cite issues with cheap and clunky components, premature failure, and missing parts. Given the differences in reviews based on the product, we recommend consulting customer reviews before purchasing the product you like.

Customer Service

Most of the reviews on Project Source faucets are on Lowe’s website, and many of the negative reviews feature a response from the store’s customer service team. The customer service reps offer contact information for more assistance, which is typical in these situations.

Customers can find assistance for their Project Source faucets through one of the following methods:

  • For repairs, warranties, and protection plans: 1-888-775-6937
  • For customer care: 1-800-445-6937
  • For the Pro Service desk: 1-844-569-4776
  • For sales support: 1-877-6937
  • Online chat and FAQs page: For customer service via chat, click the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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  1. Our Project Source Flynt Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet Spray nozzle failed in about 6 months. The buttons that switch for spray to stream will not switch the spray pattern. I only need the head replacement and can’t find it.


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