Is Randolph Morris a Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

If you appreciate traditional faucet designs with bridged handles and vintage oil-rubbed bronze finishes, there’s a good chance you’ll come across Randolph Morris faucets. While many faucet brands offer a couple of antique designs, Randolph Morris has made vintage styles its focal point.

After all, it operates under a company called Vintage Tub & Bath, so that’s to be expected.

But looks aren’t everything, so you might consider the brand for what it brings to the table. Are its products actually good-quality? This article explores Randolph Morris and its offerings, so stick around to learn more!

About Randolph Morris

Randolph Morris is a faucet brand that operates under Vintage Tub & Bath, an importer of various kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories. The company has offered its vintage-inspired products for more than 25 years, and despite being a lesser-known company with lesser-known brands, it remains a solid option for select homeowners.

Product Lineup

Vintage Tub & Bath’s Randolph Morris lineup features a range of products, including the following:

  • Bathtubs
  • Vanities
  • Showers
  • Clawfoot tub showers
  • Tub faucets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Toilets and bidets
  • Drains and supply lines
  • Laundry and utility sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bar and prep sinks
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen accessories

Where Can You Buy Randolph Morris Products?

Randolph Morris products are primarily sold through the Vintage Tub & Bath website. While its parent company website has the best selection, you can also find a handful of these products on other sites, including Amazon and eBay. However, options on other sites are few and far between.

Where Are Randolph Morris Faucets Made?

Vintage Tub & Bath’s website has very selective wording that could lead one to believe its products are made domestically. The website states that its “hand-crafted” products are “stocked on-site” in its PA-based warehouse. While it doesn’t directly claim the products are made here, some may deduce such.

However, like many faucets on the market today, Randolph Morris faucets aren’t made in the United States or any European countries. Instead, these faucets are produced in Taiwan. This is fairly standard in the industry, as labor costs are substantially lower in Taiwan, China, and Indonesia than in the United States or many European countries.

Who Makes Them?

Taiwanese OEM/ODM faucet manufacturer Rin Shing Metal Co., Ltd. makes Randolph Morris faucets. This same company makes faucets for various notable companies, including Kingston Brass, Huntington Brass, and Signature Hardware.

Are Randolph Morris Faucets Any Good?

The antique theme across Randolph Morris faucets is enough to tempt any enthusiast of traditional designs. But before you jump in head first and buy one, you might wonder if they’re any good. Let’s find out!


Without testing a faucet for several months in a regular residential setting, it’s tricky to evaluate the long-term quality of a faucet. After all, looking at pictures of products online can be surprisingly deceiving. So, to give you an informed opinion on the quality of these faucets, we turned to the product descriptions and customer reviews.

As we sifted through the product descriptions, we found several green flags. These faucets feature a solid brass construction, which bodes well for durability and reliability. Plus, they come with ceramic quarter-turn valves, which promote a smooth, drip-free operation.

After reviewing the product descriptions, we meandered down to the customer reviews. While there’s a smattering of dissatisfied feedback, most of the reviews are positive. Numerous customers mentioned the quality of these faucets. Several stated the taps feel hefty and durable, while others applauded the high-quality feel.

So, between the product descriptions and customer feedback, it sounds like these faucets feature quality materials.


As its parent company’s name implies, Randolph Morris faucets feature vintage styles. Most models boast an antique bridge-style design that was popular in years gone by. If you like sleek, modern designs that steal the spotlight in current design trends, this brand might not have something to match your preferences.

The finishes match the antique theme with oil-rubbed bronze available for nearly every model. Of course, there are other finish options, including brushed nickel and chrome, but bronze seems to be particularly popular.


Bathroom faucets from Randolph Morris start at around $150 and climb to well over $300. Its kitchen faucets begin at about $250 and cap out at over $400. These prices align with brands like Moen, Kohler, and Delta, as many faucets through these companies start at about $150.

The models in Randolph Morris’s lineup aren’t particularly budget-friendly, so if you’re searching for an inexpensive option, you may want to look elsewhere.


Given the antique theme of Randolph Morris faucets, the lack of modern technology is unsurprising. While many brands offer touch-on, touchless, and voice-activated faucets, Randolph Morris faucets feature an entirely manual operation.

So, if you prefer the convenience of modern luxuries, you’ll have better luck looking elsewhere.


Randolph Morris faucets come with a five-year warranty that guarantees the faucet will be free from manufacturing and mechanical defects. This warranty is shorter than many industry-leading brands, like Kohler and Moen, which offer lengthier warranties lasting up to a lifetime.

However, all things considered, the coverage isn’t terrible. If you have a valid warranty claim, the company will provide a replacement part or product or make the appropriate adjustment. Damage due to wear and tear during normal use isn’t covered by the warranty. Other exclusions apply, so if you decide to purchase one of these faucets, be sure to glance through them!

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on Randolph Morris faucets is overwhelmingly positive. While some faucets have negative reviews, the majority feature positive feedback. Many satisfied reviewers mention the hefty quality, stunning designs, and unique lineup.

However, the handful of negative reviewers cite issues with installation complications, loose handles, and missing hardware. Given the variation from one product to the next, we recommend consulting the reviews on the product you like before purchasing it.

Customer Service

The customer service team at Vintage Tub & Bath responds to many of the negative reviews on Randolph Morris faucets, but there are a few stragglers without a response. If you have an issue or concern with your Randolph Morris faucet, you can reach the Vintage Tub & Bath customer service team via:

  • Email:
  • Online chat: Click the blue-gray bubble in the lower right corner of the screen to initiate a conversation.
  • Phone: 877-868-1369 extension 2

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