Is Elements Of Design A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

With captivatingly shiny finishes and out-of-the-box designs, Elements of Design has plenty to offer to folks searching for a visually stunning faucet.

Key Points:

  • Elements of Design is a plumbing fixture brand specializing in kitchen and bathroom supply products.
  • The brand offers thousands of faucet models and an array of other kitchen and bathroom products.
  • Elements of Design faucets are made in Taiwan, but some models may be manufactured in China by Kingston Brass. The specific manufacturers of the faucets are not disclosed.

Whether you’re looking for a new model to complete your kitchen or one to finish your bathroom setup, Elements of Design has you covered.

But it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the brand before you purchase one of its products. So, if you’re considering an Elements of Design faucet, stick around to learn more!

About Elements Of Design

Elements of Design EB602B Elizabeth 4" Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Retail Pop-Up, 4-1/2" in Spout Reach, Polished Brass

Established in 1998, Elements of Design is a plumbing fixture brand specializing in kitchen and bathroom supply products. Although the company has been in the industry for 25 years, its an unfamiliar name for many individuals, overshadowed by household names like Moen, Kohler, and Delta.

The company is a trading name of Kingston Brass, a better-known name in the industry. Kingston Brass initially registered the trade name in 2005. As you sift through some of Element of Design’s faucets, you might see the manufacturer listed as Kingston Brass while others list Elements of Design.

The company offers an excessive range of specialty fixtures that feature unique designs, giving customers an alternative option to mainstream design trends. However, the brand offers thousands of faucet models, so there’s something to meet almost any aesthetic preference.

Product Lineup

Like many faucet brands, Element of Design offers more than kitchen and bathroom faucets. Its lineup encompasses an array of kitchen and bathroom products, including the following:

  • Console sink sets
  • Shower accessories
  • Showerheads
  • Tub accessories
  • Tub faucets
  • Bathtubs
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Bathroom sinks

Where Can You Buy Elements Of Design Faucets?

Elements of Design products, including its faucets, are available from a few sites and locations. The company has a website where customers can purchase products directly from them, but if you prefer to shop at more familiar stores, you can find these products elsewhere.

The brand’s authorized online retailers include various familiar names, including the following:

  • Wayfair
  • Lowe’s
  • Amazon
  • Menards
  • Overstock

Here are some best sellers on Amazon:

Elements of Design Nuvo ES1761ALLS Elements of Design Vintage 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet Without...
Elements of Design Nuvo ES1761ALLS Elements of Design Vintage 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet Without…
1/4 Turn Hardisc Cartridge; Metal Lever Handle; 8″ Spout Projection with a 10″ spout clearance
Amazon Prime
Elements of Design St. Charles EB2624 Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Retail Pop-Up, 4-Inch, Polished...
Elements of Design St. Charles EB2624 Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Retail Pop-Up, 4-Inch, Polished…
Drip-free washerless cartridge system; Matching pop-up drain included; 4-1/16″ spout height
Amazon Prime
Kingston Brass Elements of Design EF112 2-Handle Tub & Shower Faucet, 5', Polished Chrome
Kingston Brass Elements of Design EF112 2-Handle Tub & Shower Faucet, 5′, Polished Chrome
Beautiful premier finish; Designed for a long-lasting performance; Fine artistic craftsmanship
Amazon Prime
Kingston Brass Elements of Design ES2798ALBS Governor 8' to 16' Widespread Kitchen Faucet with Brass...
Kingston Brass Elements of Design ES2798ALBS Governor 8′ to 16′ Widespread Kitchen Faucet with Brass…
Solid Brass Construction; Drip-Free Ceramic Disc Cartridge; Deck Mount 8″ to 16″ Widespread 4-Hole Installation
Amazon Prime
Elements of Design EB602B Elizabeth 4' Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Retail Pop-Up, 4-1/2' in Spout...
Elements of Design EB602B Elizabeth 4″ Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Retail Pop-Up, 4-1/2″ in Spout…
Constructed from solid brass for durability and reliability; Our corrosion and tarnish-resistant finishes provides long-lasting use
Amazon Prime

Where Are Elements Of Design Faucets Made?

Unlike many faucet brands offering products on the market today, Elements of Design doesn’t conceal where its products are made. Instead, you can find the country of origin in the product listing on various sites (like Amazon).

In the products we viewed, Taiwan was consistently listed as the country of origin. This is pretty standard for faucet brands, as countries like China, Indonesia, and Taiwan have lower labor costs (compared to the U.S.). So, brands opt to cut costs and pad their bottom lines by purchasing products from overseas manufacturers.

As mentioned, some faucets from this brand have Kingston Brass listed as the manufacturer. Technically, Kingston Brass is an entirely different brand, so we won’t dive too much into its specifics.

However, Kingston Brass manufactures some of its products in China, so it’s possible some of the models in the Elements of Design lineup are from China.

Who Makes Elements Of Design Faucets?

Although Elements of Design doesn’t hide the origin of its faucets, it doesn’t offer specific information about its manufacturers. So, while we can’t provide specific names of the manufacturers that produce these faucets, we can offer insight based on industry trends.

In many cases, faucet brands have one or more manufacturing facilities overseas that produce their products. Sometimes, the facilities are contracted to produce products solely for that manufacturer, but in others, they produce faucets for an array of faucet brands.

Due to this practice, you might find identical faucets bearing different brand names. When this happens, it’s usually because the brand selected faucets from the manufacturer’s catalog imported them, and rebranded them.

It’s tricky to say what path Elements of Design follows when it comes to its product manufacturers, but it likely sources its products from one or more Taiwanese or Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Are Elements Of Design Faucets Any Good?

Elements of Design Daytona EB6964LL Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Brass Pop-Up, 8-Inch to 16-Inch, Polished Chrome/Brass

After glancing through the product listings on Elements of Design’s website, you might be sold. After all, the designs are beautiful, complete with sleek lines and glossy finishes to complete your kitchen or bathroom.

But are they any good? We evaluated Element of Design’s faucet lineup in several different aspects, including the following:


To truly evaluate a faucet’s quality, hands-on testing is essential. Since testing half a dozen taps over a few years of regular residential use isn’t feasible, as you’re looking for an answer now, we took a different route. Instead of hands-on testing, we evaluated the product quality by examining the components and customer reviews.

Most high-quality faucets feature a durable brass base and ceramic cartridges. Element of Design’s faucets tick off the box for durability, as they feature solid brass. In addition, they feature Duraseal washerless cartridges, which offer decent durability.

However, they don’t mention what material the cartridge is made of, so there’s a bit of room for questioning there.

Aside from the product components, we combed through dozens of customer reviews looking for feedback specific to product quality. Feedback was mixed, with some customers raving over the quality and others less than satisfied.

Given the disparity, we recommend reviewing customer feedback on the model you like before purchasing it.


For the most part, Element of Design seems to prioritize design trends of years past over current trends. Many of its kitchen and bathroom faucets feature the silhouettes of yesteryear, with bridged spouts, gently-arced spouts, and more shape to the handles and faucet body.

However, a few models feature trending modern designs with sleek, sharp lines and clean silhouettes. Many modern faucets feature a more minimalistic design without much excess, and there are a few models that match these specifications.

That said, most of these faucets feature traditional designs, so if you’re looking for a minimalistic modern faucet, you might not find it in Element of Design’s lineup.


The price range of Element of Design’s faucets places it well within the middle ground of general faucet pricing. Most of its faucets cost between $75 and $250, so while these faucets aren’t the cheapest options available, they fall short of holding 1st place for the most expensive.


Most faucet brands offer at least a few touch-on, touchless, or voice-activated models, and Elements of Design is no different. The brand provides a few touchless models, but we didn’t come across any touch-on or voice-activated models.

The options are pretty limited for techy features, so if you’re looking for a luxurious kitchen faucet that places convenience at the forefront of its design, you might not find it in Element of Design’s lineup.


When purchasing a faucet, you usually receive a solid warranty from the manufacturer. Generally, faucets come with a warranty lasting at least a few years, but the industry leaders offer limited lifetime warranties.

Unfortunately, Element of Design’s website doesn’t outline any information about a warranty. The company has a return policy, but we didn’t find a commercial warranty as we sifted through product listings on various sites.

If you want to return a faucet, you must request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from the company’s return department within 30 days of receiving the order. Some products are non-returnable, and there are specific guidelines for returns, including requiring the unit to be uninstalled and 100% resalable.

Considering the warranty offered by nearly every industry-leading brand in the industry, this return policy and lack of a warranty are disheartening.

Customer Reviews

Elements of Design faucets feature hundreds of reviews across several websites, including Amazon, Lowe’s, and Wayfair. As we sifted through these reviews, we found mixed feedback. While some faucets had overwhelmingly positive feedback, others had a disproportionate amount of negative feedback.

Happy customers mentioned satisfaction with the quality, design, and ease of installation. Conversely, unhappy customers mentioned issues with poor-quality construction, premature failure, and reduced water pressure.

Given the variety in feedback, we recommend sifting through the product reviews on the model you like before purchasing.

Customer Service

Most brands have a dedicated customer service team that responds to customer complaints and feedback. Sometimes, customer service representatives respond to positive and negative feedback, while others stick to negative feedback.

Generally, they’ll offer contact information or a solution to dissatisfied customers to remedy the situation.

As we browsed through dozens of product reviews, we didn’t come across a response to negative feedback from Element of Design’s customer service team. However, the brand does have a customer service contact line, so unhappy customers can seek assistance that way.

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