Modern Kitchen Faucets

Modern kitchen faucets are categorized by their contemporary looks and inclusion of advanced technologies developed to revolutionize cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Research and development teams are constantly on the lookout for new ways to save time, money and waste in the kitchen; and modern faucets are designed with these stipulations in mind.

At the forefront of modern kitchen faucet technology is:

  • in-built water filtration systems
  • sensor switches
  • touch-operated taps
  • aerated water streams
  • pull-out maneuverable hoses

And much more, which we’ll discuss in greater detail within this guide. We’ll be listing all the buzzwords you need to look for when purchasing new additions for your kitchen, that will bring you the best kitchen tap experience possible.

Here is my list of the top kitchen faucets for your modern home.

Best Selling Modern Faucets

Modern Kitchen Faucet Aesthetics 

A modern kitchen isn’t just contemporary for its gadgets and devices, but for its looks. There is contention within the ‘modern’ design field, in which both minimalism and high-tech are simultaneously in fashion, and marriage between the two doesn’t really fit.

So – whether you’re on the sophisticated minimalist or flashing-lights-and-novelty-gadget side of contemporary, kitchen faucet brands are out there catering to both.

Minimalism in The Kitchen 

Sleek, simple yet striking designs are all the rage, popularly available in chrome or matte black colorways. Modern kitchen faucets often come in stainless steel with a stain-repellent high-shine coating, but in recent years companies have started to expand their color options. Modern kitchen faucets now come in unusual finishes like brushed nickel, tarnished bronze, and white gold. Brands like Vigo are mixing this up and leading the way with two-tone models to catch the eye of those who like their interior design with an edge.


On the other end of the modernity spectrum, some more unusual styles now feature open spouts, which simulate the striking splendor of a water feature, turning your kitchen or bathroom into a relaxing haven. Other kinds feature LED bulbs that change color from blue to red with the water temperature – never get caught out by a freezing cold or scalding tap again!

Eco Developments 

Companies and individuals around the world are developing devices as we speak to combat water scarcity – a great example is this eco-friendly faucet that was recognized by the James Dyson Foundation for reducing water use by up to 95% compared to conventional taps.

Check out how modern manufacturers are innovating their fixtures to be more ‘green’.

Water Conservation

Aerated streams mix water with air to produce soft, gentle water flows and save water at the same time. This wastes much less water when you’re simply washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Faucets with this function usually have adjustable water streams, so that you can switch it back to full jet for washing dishes or filling pots.

Another conservation function present in modern faucets is automatic shut off, whereby water flow ceases when sensors detect that the tap has not been in use for 3-4 minutes.


Some modern Hansgrohe faucets are equipped with EcoSmart technology, which includes their AirFlow aerated stream and CoolStart function which uses less hot water. They say, ‘Lower hot water consumption means a lower energy requirement. That means fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs.


Touchless Sensors


Modern kitchen sink faucet manufacturers are doing away with cumbersome handles to turn water on and off. We all know the frustration of being unable to turn on a tap due to slippery soapy hands losing grip on stubborn knobs. Kitchen and bathroom companies are increasingly offering faucets equipped with sensors so that a simple wave of the hand in front of the device will switch on the water stream and you can start washing without twisting handles or pulling levers.


Sensors sometimes cause the problem of phantom faucets turning on without anyone there – sometimes objects, flies, pets and children can accidentally set off the stream without meaning to. Luckily both touchless and touch-operated faucets have an automatic shut off feature that prevents too much water loss in this instance.



These modern faucets contain sensors too, but this time inside the metal. Water begins flowing with a touch anywhere on the spout, which also removes the need for handles. This reduces the problem of activating motion sensors by accident and eliminates the problem of stiff handles.


This kind gets messier than sensor faucets, due to having to touch the spout to turn on. To counteract this, modern manufacturers offer their own brands of stain-repellent coating on their faucets which don’t show fingerprints or watermarks.

Water Filtration Systems

Companies like Pfister have introduced water filtration systems inside their modern kitchen faucets, meaning you don’t have to buy a separate one. If you’ve ever owned a filter jug, you’ll know how slow they can be – Pfister say that their filtration system works twice as fast, providing you and your family with fresh water free from contaminants and chemicals straight from the faucet.

This is one of the great modern innovations for those concerned about what their water contains and love the clean taste of filtered water.

Pull-Out & Pull-Down Hoses 

Both of these options feature extendable hoses that you can remove from the frame of your faucet to improve your reach when washing. Especially if you have a large sink, these detachable hoses mean you can easily reach all corners and can concentrate powerful jet stream on stubborn dirty dishes.

Pull-down faucets are often composed of a normal tap and a larger extended faucet perfect for filling large pans. Similar to this arrangement, smaller modern kitchen faucets sometimes come with a sprayer adjacent to the main tap, which works by pulling out the head for greater reach while washing up.

Jet Stream Controls

Many modern faucets for kitchens as well as bathrooms now feature jet stream controls – choose a powerful blast, an aerated foamy flow, or a rain-like sprinkle among other settings. These help you to conserve water (e.g., use full-blast to fill up a pot, but sprinkle to wash hands) and provide a gentle hand wash rather than a harsh spray.

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