Is Delta A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

Delta is one of the industry-leading brands of kitchen faucets that excels in both design and innovation, making them a highly trusted brand. Their beautifully-designed faucets come equipped with minimal arches or with extravagant spouts and fixtures, depending on your style, taste, and interior design.

They offer a wide range of color options to suit all homes, from gorgeous tarnished bronze to mirror-shine chrome, to sophisticated matte black. A faucet is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen – perhaps even the most used – so choosing one with the best functionality and aesthetic appeal is of the utmost importance.

Delta is revolutionizing the kitchen appliance market with their unique technology, aimed at improving your kitchen, cleaning, and cooking experience.

Best Selling & Highest Rated Delta Kitchen Faucets

The company has introduced touch-operated faucets, allowing owners to simply touch anywhere on their faucet to turn their water on and off. This eliminates dirty hands touching the handles and reduces excess splash around the sink area. Delta’s designs are equipped with flexible long-necked hoses that can be pulled out and used for greater precision and reach when washing.

The spray head is held in place with specially-developed MagnaTite® Docking stations – super-strength magnets snap and hold the head back into place when you’ve finished using your extended hose. These magnets are highly durable and keep the hose from drooping out of the faucet.

We have compiled this guide on the best quality kitchen faucets available from Delta to help you choose one that best suits your kitchen and family’s needs. The guide provides you with information on the top-rated Delta kitchen sink faucets, featured colors, and tips on handle or touch-operated faucets to help you find the best Delta kitchen faucet for you.


There is a wide range of colors in which most of the Delta kitchen faucet models are available.

Choose from:

  • Arctic Stainless – sleek silver
  • Matte Black – stylish black
  • Chrome – high-shine silver
  • Venetian Bronze – matte, dark tarnished bronze
  • Spotshield Stainless – tarnished silver-gold (with added benefit of protection against smears, stains, and germs)
  • Champagne Bronze – eye-catching gold

Delta bronze kitchen faucets are a distinctive alternative to the mirror high-shine of chrome or silver finishes on the Delta chrome faucets. There are two distinct options of bronze: dark Venetian Bronze or yellow-gold Champagne Bronze, to add a touch of class and luxury to your kitchen. Venetian Bronze is also a close match for a brass color if you’re looking for a Delta brass kitchen faucet to match your home’s interior.

Matte black is a bold choice for those with an alternative yet on-trend tastes in interior décor. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t seem to offer white kitchen faucet models at this time – but you are guaranteed to find a color finish in their extensive range that suits you. Not all the colors stated above are available on all the brand’s models – visit their website to find out which color options come with your desired design.

Value and Price

Delta produces top-of-the-range kitchen fixtures and equipment, and the pricing reflects this. Customers pay a fair price for having the latest technology featured in their kitchens, and Delta offers excellent value for money for this service. Their products are highly durable, stylish, and will remain functional for years to come.

The magnetic technology built into Delta faucets prevents their removable hoses from drooping after years of use. Customers can choose the ‘Spotshield Stainless’ finish on their faucets and matching products from the company, which ensures the fixtures stay shiny, rust-free, and look new years after purchase. Delta faucet models range in price, starting from as low as $79 for a simple, minimalistic model with no frills – just two handles and a spout.

The Delta Leland kitchen faucet (model: Delta 9178-ar-dst) is an excellent mid-way choice at around $500. The Delta Essa faucet (model: delta 9113 ar dst) will be approximately the same amount. Both these models are equipped with Delta’s ingenious Touch2O® technology, removing the need for handles to turn on your faucet’s water stream. Owners can simply tap their faucets to start and turn off the water flow.

We very much recommend that customers invest money in durable kitchen equipment that will stand the test of time and save money in the long run – and Delta faucets do just that. Pricing goes up to $700 at their most expensive model, which is the Delta Trinsic faucet. The priciest models contain the newest features and most advanced tech, explaining the hefty price tag. Remember, you get what you pay for, and if you want a hi-tech faucet to help you out in the kitchen, it’s well worth the investment.

Compared to other brands, Delta’s range is very reasonably priced. Other similar brands carry a full spectrum of more expensive faucets but offer fewer options for those on a tighter budget. Delta’s combination of innovative technology and value for money is almost unbeaten in the faucet market.

Many brands offer cheaper models but don’t provide Delta’s great features and durability. Choose Delta to complete your kitchen with a classy and practical faucet. 

Handles or Touch-Operated: Which Faucet Function Is Best for You?

Delta has challenged the appliance market with their Touch2O® Technology, enabling customers to switch their faucet stream on and off with a simple tap at any point on the spout.

Customers are overjoyed with their Delta touch faucets, remarking that they significantly improve the cleanliness of their kitchens and remove the issue of getting excess water around the sink and countertop area. Many say that they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend. Compared to the Delta touchless kitchen faucets, the Touch2O® models have a greater advantage, and their high sales prove they’re a hit with customers.

Regardless of touch functions or handles, all Delta faucets currently come in single handle styles that fit into sinks equipped with a single hole, rather than two handle varieties – this handle controls the temperature and can be used to turn the device on or off where Touch2O® is not included.

Choosing a touch-operated system has many benefits. Without the need to twist handles when turning on faucets, you avoid getting dirty hands all over handles and having to wash them later. Touch handles also prevent splashing water around the faucet when you are turning off the stream – perfect for when you have little ones in the house who tend to make a mess. Ensure your kitchen always stays sleek, presentable, and clean with a touch-operated model.

Here is a run-down of pros and cons to each function.



The Delta pull out kitchen faucet handles are sleek and easy to clean (especially in the ‘Spotshield Stainless’ finish, which repels water marks and dirt even before cleaning). They make it super easy to adjust steam flow and temperature.


Makes it slightly less quick to complete your cleaning routine.



Turn on your faucet stream with a slight touch anywhere on the spout. This means that when you have dirty hands, you won’t transfer that dirt onto your faucet handles before washing your hands. You can simply touch the spout with a clean part of your body, like the wrist.


In a few cases, customers have reported their Touch2O® ceasing to work or become significantly ‘weaker’. However, these are isolated issues, and the company’s customer service department is more than happy to assist with and eager to resolve.

Are Delta Faucets Right for You?

Delta is renowned for producing industry-leading faucets equipped with the latest technological innovations, bringing the height of functionality and style to your kitchen. Not only do their products help you speed up cleaning and food prepping tasks, they look stunning and will be an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen countertops.

A Delta faucet is guaranteed to elicit compliments from all your guests. Delta offers faucet models to suit all tastes, from contemporary chic to timeless vintage styles. Some even feature LED lights, which turn from blue to magenta to signal the temperature of the faucet flow.

Good looks combined with advanced features and functions equals an excellent choice for any home. Most models come with matching soap dispensers and other sink accessories in your chosen color scheme, ensuring your kitchen décor beautifully harmonizes throughout. Delta faucets help streamline activities in the kitchen for all the family.

The sensor faucets with embedded Touch2O® can be turned on and off at a touch, to save time and make things easy for busy parents. Many Delta models automatically switch off after 4 minutes when left unattended, conserving water and reducing accidents. The Delta pull-down faucets feature long hoses that can be pulled down to help children reach the faucet. Avoid leaks, dirty handles, and weak water streams by choosing a Delta faucet for your kitchen.

Before you choose the right Delta faucet for you, read our in-depth guides to ensure you pick the perfect model and design for your home. It may also be helpful to read the reviews of other brands featured on our website.

We’ve written a wide range of product reviews, so you can compare what’s available on the market and be completely confident in your purchase.